Uneasiness over “anti-Japan” label

“He cannot strike the evil Satan first. In the realm of God, who is good and whose essence is love, there can be no cause or motive for striking first. God must live even for that enemy.”


Cheon Seong Gyeong, CIG Holy Scripture. p. 119.



Since the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the Family Federation have been slandered by the mainstream media, but to call the Family Federation “anti-Japan” must have made everyone in our congregation feel uncomfortable. This is because it is a point of contention that is far removed from reality.


True Father’s autobiography is titled As a Peace-loving Global Citizen and True Mother’s is titled

Memoirs of Peace: And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Their Eyes. God’s providence has been pursuing a world of peace, and in it, there must not be the word “enmity”.


Since the fall of the first human ancestors, the history of God’s providence of salvation has been one of love and sacrifice, in which as a parent, He has not left a trace of enmity in order to restore humanity, as His children, from the enemy’s lineage. True Parents have taught us throughout their lives that God is truly the “Heavenly Parent” who wants every single human being to come back to Him.



“The capacity to forgive your enemy and save his or her life does not appear overnight. It requires that we eliminate the resentment and anger in our hearts and see the countenance of God in the face of our enemy. Father Moon could do so because he did not think of Mr. Hara as his enemy. Even while being tortured, he prayed for him and forgave him. This is only possible when you lead a selfless life.”


Mother of Peace. p. 256


The core of True Parents’ teaching is to love the enemy and live for the sake of others. The first word that must be erased from the dictionary of those who welcome and live with the Heavenly Parent (God) is “enmity.” This is because there is nothing that brings more sorrow to the parents than to see their children holding on to resentment and hating each other. Where there are tears of sorrow shed by parents, there will never be “peace.”


True Father speaks of the following, even to the Korean people who have gone through a tragic history.


“In the past, everything we loved was taken away from us. During Japan’s forced occupation, our country was taken away. Our country was split in two, and we were forcibly separated from our loving parents and siblings. So Korea became a land of tears. Now, however, we must cry for the world. From now on, rather than shedding tears for ourselves, we must shed tears more sincerely and more desperately for the sake of the world.”


As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen. p. 285


True Mother has been ridiculed as the “the head of anti-Japanese ideological education”. Yet, she has stated the following.


“As the Last Supper approached, Jesus comforted his disciples, saying, “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” This passage condenses into a few words the path I have walked.”


Mother of Peace. p. 146


“It would have been much easier with an interpreter, but I delivered my speech written in Japanese, perfectly digested from beginning to end. I prepared thoroughly so as not to leave the Japanese people as orphans.”*


Mother of Peace. p. 149.


*English version was lacking, so this is a translation from the Japanese version.


When True Mother spoke in Japan in 1992, everyone was amazed at how well she spoke Japanese throughout her speech. Even though Japan had been Korea’s enemy in the past, she trained herself for a month to be able to speak proper Japanese that could penetrate the souls of every Japanese person, and gave her speech filled with love.


No matter how much you dissect True Parents’ lives, you will not find words or actions motivated by enmity. Rather, they have put everything into releasing the enmity and restoring a relationship of love (between the two countries). Those who have witnessed the truth throughout their lives of love and sacrifice have chosen the path of faith, wanting to be like them, and were convinced that that is where true happiness lies.


Anyone who has actually come into contact with the Family Federation will know that there is not even the slightest sliver of anti-Japanese sentiment there.


Why, then, is the Family Federation labeled as “anti-Japan”?


It can only be because the opposing forces, who want to dissolve the Family Federation, see this as a golden opportunity and are making the best use of the media to spread disinformation.


Or perhaps it is because they have enmity deep in their hearts, unable to escape from its stench, and are controlled by a strong distrust of Parents’ love.


The time has already come for the Heavenly Parent to be at peace. As sons and daughters who live in Parents’ love, let us proudly love our families, love Japan, and love the world; and press on to become peace-loving people of the world.