Grace from the Cheon Shim Won prayer vigils cannot be measured

A special training workshop for Japanese members was held at HJ Heaven and Earth Cheonbo Training Center in Cheongpyeong, Korea. On July 19, Mr. and Mrs. Bang Sang-il, Regional Group President of the Heavenly Japan for the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community were welcomed on July 19, where Mr. Bang gave a lecture to the participants of the 5th Special Training Workshop. He emphasized the importance of offering sincere prayers before Heaven, and called on the participants to “offer the best prayers of your lives at Cheon Shim Won.” We bring you the contents of his speech and the testimony of his wife, Mrs. Kazuyo Fujinohara.

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Living with True Parents is the “miracle of miracles” in human history

The special training workshops have been held several times, and this time, 744 people have gathered for the fifth workshop. The vibe is good, and I feel that the spirit is reviving. True Mother took a commemorative photo with all of us this morning, and Moon Yeon-ah nim also took a commemorative photo with us. I am sure that this was an unforgettable moment for all of us for the rest of our lives. Let us send a round of applause to Mother and Yeon-ah nim. (Applause)

On July 19, 2008, fifteen years ago today, an accident occurred that no one could have imagined. The helicopter, in which True Parents were flying, crashed. A group of 16 people was flying from Seoul to the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum by helicopter. It is said that if a helicopter crashes, almost all of the passengers on board will die, but they were all able to survive, completely united with True Parents. Immediately after they were taken to safety, the helicopter exploded.

I feel it was deeply meaningful that True Mother took the photo with us to coincide with this special occasion. Just as that group (of 16 people) miraculously survived the helicopter crash, I believe that all of you will be completely united with Mother and be resurrected at the prayer vigils at Cheon Shim Won (Cheon Shim Won Special Vigil Dedication).

The Heavenly Parent (God) is omniscient and omnipotent and has unlimited power. Yet, it took 6,000 years for God to be able to send True Parents to the earth. When you think about this, you can realize how precious and great True Parents are. It is the “miracle of miracles” in human history that we are able to live with True Parents.

Satan came to rule the world due to the fall of Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors. However, with the coming of True Parents on Earth, Satan’s dominion came to an end. The blessed families were born, and the path was opened for Heaven and Earth, the New Heaven and New Earth, to begin. Each one of you is a living witness to this.

The Heavenly Parent’s desire was to establish the True Parents of humankind on Earth. That hope was achieved in 1960. Then, what is True Parents’ hope? (It is) to save all humankind from Satan’s world. For this purpose, they multiplied the blessed families to the whole world: from three couples, 36 couples, 72 couples, 124 couples, and 430 couples, etc…They completely invested in creating the ideal world that Heaven had originally intended, and they were victorious in all of them.

This is not the Old or New Testament Age. It is not the Completed Testament Age. It is the Age of Cheon Il Guk. We have been called for this age and have been entrusted with (heaven’s) hope of becoming victorious heavenly tribal messiahs. Just as True Parents were victorious as the only begotten Son and Daughter of Heaven, we must fulfill our responsibility and stand as Cheonbo families.

True Mother is always concerned about the situation surrounding the Family Federation in Japan

When True Mother looks at us, do you think she feels united? When you feel that you are not in touch with your children, you may feel sadness and heartache. If Mother does not feel one in heart with us, she will also feel pain in her heart. Please understand this well.

According to Yeon-ah nim, True Mother sometimes cannot sleep until two or three in the morning, and other times she does not sleep until dawn. I believe that you do the same when you have worries in your own life. Mother is not only thinking about Korea. She is thinking about Japan, America, and the rest of the world, which is why she is so restless.

Over the past year, I have been reporting to True Mother in detail about the situation of the Family Federation in Japan. She is well aware of the biased news reports. Whenever a Korean news program mentions a similar topic, she watches it intently and is filled with worry. She spends sleepless nights in this way.

I think that all of the group leaders participating in this event are probably in the mother position to the members. Therefore, they are likely in a position to easily empathize with True Mother.

In order not to cause True Mother to worry, the Family Federation in Japan will further promote church reform. Both at headquarters and in local areas, if there is anything that needs to be reflected upon, we will take things seriously and make efforts to move closer to the ideal as we look towards making improvements.

A time of hope where the Heavenly Parent performs Works directly

True Mother has dedicated the Cheon Won Gung and Cheon Il Sanctum before Heaven. The structures were built to welcome the Heavenly Parent on earth.

The time has come when you cry out, “Aboji” (Father) and “Omoni” (Mother), the Heavenly Parent hears your voice and will come to you. You must have heard many testimonies of the prayer vigils at Cheon Shim Won. The time of hope is coming when the Heavenly Parent will directly perform Works.

On January 13, 2001, Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship was held. Two thousand years have passed since Jesus came to earth, or more specifically, six thousand years have passed since the birth of Adam and Eve, before God’s kingship was established on earth. The created world was supposed to be God’s “home,” but He could not act freely. Satan ruled over it. However, through the Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship, God was liberated and was able to exercise His omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience in entirety.

True Father said, “Throughout my life, I have been doing my very best to dissolve God’s pain and sorrow and bring liberation and total freedom to His heart. Finally, on January 13, 2001, through the Enthronement Ceremony for God’s Kingship, I was able to restore His throne of glory and power and offer it to Him.” (Cheon Seong Gyeong, CIG Holy Scripture)

The dark world that Satan has ruled over for six thousand years has come to an end, and the time has come when God can work directly. For this reason, True Father expressed that God had finally turned one years old (at the coronation ceremony). In this light, God is now a young man of twenty-three years old, full of youth and energy. He can do His work to the fullest in the new heaven and new earth unlocked by True Parents.

Currently, the best way to relish this grace is through the cheongseong prayers at Cheon Shim Won. We invite you to experience the works of the spirit during the training period (4 days and 3 nights). If you cannot experience it during this time, you may voluntarily extend your stay for three more days. If it is still too difficult, a week or a month would be fine. Considering a life span of 80 or 90 years, a week or a month is not a long time. How grateful we would be if we could have a life-changing experience during this time.

After the closing ceremony, there will be a prayer vigil with plenty of free time. Please pray with all your heart and soul, determined to “have a heartistic fellowship with heaven!” Invest yourself with the determination that “I will change for the sake of my family and clan, for my ancestors supporting me, and for the church and community!”

As a leader, I am required to make a decision to stand in front of the members and blessed families

My wife shared her testimony earlier today. Seeing my beloved wife wince in pain and scream made my whole body tremble and my heart burst.

Instead of just watching, I underwent the same laying on of hands. After about ten minutes, I saw the bottom of her left breast flash beautifully like a sparkle. It was followed by a second flash in the center of her chest. The painful sensation subsided before I knew it.

After receiving the laying on of hands all over her body, I was told that “forty central spirits had left.” Carrying so many spirits may not only be a matter of personal or family lineage. Once again, as the head of the Family Federation in Japan, I feel as if I am being forced to make a decision to stand before the members and the blessed families.

Cheongpyeong is said to be the “restored Garden of Eden.” It is a holy place within the Holy Land of the Family Federation. From the pioneering days of the early 1970s to the present, True Parents have continued to work with cheongseong in these lands. We should not stop at just praising and thanking them for that. We must inherit the tradition of True Parents, who love and serve heaven, and become those who can firmly accept and spread heaven’s grace.

Today is the third day of training for all of you. Some of you may feel tired. On the other hand, for the staff members, including Mr. Lee Ki-seong, the director of Cheon Shim Won, this is the 813th night they’ve held the prayer vigil. They have been holding the all-night prayer vigils while holding the two-day workshops, the Great Works, and other events. Whenever I see the staff’s faces, I have a sense of respect for them. Let us give a round of applause to Mr. Lee Ki-seong and all the staff members. (Applause)

Heaven will surely answer our earnest calls!

I will say it again. Cheongpyeong is a place of prayer. It is not a place to buy snacks and chit chat. (Laughter) This is a place where everyone prays putting their lives on the line.

However, prayers will vary. It may vary depending on your age and position. What kind of prayer do you offer every day? As a central leader in the your areas, do you pray with tears in your eyes for the brothers and sisters around you?

True Mother stresses the grace from Cheon Shim Won prayers, saying, “Prayer carries the greatest power.” If we pray earnestly, Heaven will surely hear us and our dreams will be accomplished.

True Parents created a missionary foundation in all the nations of the world. The power of prayer was behind this. No one in the history of humankind has prayed more than True Parents. If you unite with Heaven through prayer, you too can accomplish great things.

Parents want their children to be better than they are. Since True Parents are our parents, they do not doubt our potential and encourage us by saying, “We are counting on you.” When you receive such words of encouragement, how would you accept it? (Would you say) “I don’t have the strength. It’s impossible for me to become greater than True Parents.”

Let us return to the unconditional love that True Parents has poured out to us. And let us awaken our true desire to respond to True Parents’s hopes. When you make daily efforts to “pray more than yesterday,” and “do more than before,” you will be able to accomplish unprecedented achievements. When True Parents hear your reports, they will praise you. (They will say) “Well done, my child! My wonderful child!”

At the prayer vigils at Cheon Shim Won, there are those who shout “Aboji” and “Omoni” loudly, while others may be shy or reserved and call out (for True Parents) in a whisper. Which do you think will attract the Heavenly Parent and True Father in the spirit world more strongly?

If you are somewhat familiar with child rearing, you have probably experienced this before. If a baby only whimpers, you probably wouldn’t worry too much. However, if the baby suddenly cries as if on fire, you are bound to run to it as fast as you can. (In these moments) you’d run faster than Carl Lewis. (American track and field athlete and winner of nine Olympic gold medals.) (Laughter)

When you pray at Cheon Whim Won, you must shout loudly to the Heavenly Parent and True Parents, “Aboji” and “Omoni”. Perhaps, True Mother may come down from Cheon Jeong Gung Museum by chance. If not, that means that your voices are still too small.

Moses prayed to heaven while fasting for 40 days on Mount Sinai. He truly risked his life. When Jesus prayed in Gethsemane, he prayed with sweat that dropped like blood. How serious was His heart? Just as the righteous and the saints in history prayed desperately, seeking the will of Heaven, I ask that you also, in today’s prayer vigil, seek out heaven’s state of affairs and heart while shedding tears and blood.

Share the grace from Cheongpyeong and bring victory in witnessing

What True Mother is hoping for the most is victory through witnessing. You have all received many blessings in Cheongpyeong. So, how will you move forward from now on? If you only think of coming to Cheongpyeong to receive grace, you are not in line with Heaven’s hope. Please testify about the grace (you’ve received) to your family members, tribe, and members that have grown distant to the church, and bring them with you.

The brothers and sisters who have distanced themselves from the church because they stumbled or were hurt in some way are also those who were once moved by the Principle and True Parents’ words and contributed to Heaven’s providence. They are probably feeling lonely in their hearts. If they come into contact with the love of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents in Cheongpyeong, I have no doubt that they will be more committed to the Will of God than all of you.

True Mother emphasizes that this is the Golden Age. She has blessed us where we can accomplish greater achievements, more than you can imagine. If you unite with True Parents and do your best, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Please believe that when you go through birth pains, you will give birth to the loveliest child.

Does religion develop the more it is persecuted, or does it regress? (Develops!) There are many religious groups in Japan, but the one that is being persecuted the most right now is the former Unification Church (Family Federation). Therefore, I am sure that it will develop the most.

We have Heavenly Parent and True Parents behind us, and Satan has already surrendered naturally to True Parents. We do not need to fear anything. History has proven that numbers (of membership) do not matter when it comes to winning the battle.

Pray the best prayer of your life at Cheon Shim Won. Please bring inspiration back to Japan and share the grace to your communities. Let us unite with the Heavenly Parent and True Parents and be sure to bring victory in witnessing.

Mrs. Kazuyo Fujinohara’s message, wife of Regional Group President

Prayer for Japan and Korea to become one

Becoming one in heart with True Mother who desires us to become the real Mother Nation

I have heard that there are many group leaders here. I’m sure many of you have taken the initiative in church activities and have passed through many difficulties. When I think of all of you who have overcome these trials while adoring heaven, tears come to my eyes. Thanks to all of you, we have been fulfilling the mission of the Mother Nation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

At my husband’s request, I am going to share the testimony of my experience at the prayer vigil.

When I heard about the special workshops, I thought I absolutely had to participate. That is because I felt that I had to be reborn through the spirit and truth in order to be completely one with Mother’s determination and heart of bringing a tenfold increase through witnessing.

On the first day of the first special workshop (June 22 to 29), the emcee during the prayer vigil said that it was the 791st prayer vigil. At that moment, I oddly felt that I had to attend the 800th prayer vigil.

I listened to many lectures, toured the Cheon Won complex, and felt spiritually drawn to the prayer vigils and Works. And on the sixth day (of the workshop), our third son set out for mandatory duty in the Korean army.

It is customary for parents, siblings, and friends, to send the men off to the army; and as a parent, I was filled with the desire to send him off. I wanted to tell him to take care of himself. However, my husband and I were participating in the workshop as representatives of Japan, so we couldn’t take leave. All we could do was to pray that the workshops (at Cheongpyeong) could be revived and that we would fully commit publicly.”

Furthermore, our third son’s spouse is a public worker of the church and was not able to visit Korea to see him off because she had to remain in Japan where she was participating in the “40-day Training for Strengthening Comprehensive Education Skill Centre on the Principle.” Under such circumstances, her mother graciously agreed to come to Korea, saying she was glad to come. Our son is also a public worker, so he was well aware of our situation, as well as that of his wife, but I think he was still very happy (that someone was there to send him off).

We were able to get through that day by Heaven’s arrangement, which pertained to the number six.

On the seventh day, a gathering was held to welcome True Mother. Mother was very pleased when the participants of the second group joined her and second generation leaders of the seonghwa department gave a performance. Afterwards, we received powerful words of encouragement, and we strongly felt that in order to become the real Mother Nation, we must be completely united with Mother’s heart.

Spiritual arrows pierce my back causing severe pain

The day after the first special workshop ended, the workshop for itinerant lecturers began (2-day workshop). While my husband was giving a talk, something unusual happened to me as I was sitting in. I felt something pierce my back. Two or three more followed, and I writhed in pain. Unable to sit down, I went out into the hallway and held on for a while. A female staff member rubbed my back, but the pain only worsened. Lee Beom-seok, the director of education of the Heavenly Japan Branch performed the laying of hands on me and the pain finally subsided a little.

With tears streaming down my face, I realized that it was several spirits of Japanese people who had shot the arrows in my back. They said, “Why is he (your husband) talking like that? Get him off the stage and make him stop!” These Japanese spirits could not agree with what my husband was saying. They were doing this out of patriotism since they had risked their lives to fight for their families and their country. But they were put in the position of being blamed, and their resentment must have been overflowing.

I shared this experience and my heart with the itinerant lecturers, believing that both the earthly and spiritual worlds must be organized in order for Japan and Korea to become one.

We, Japanese and Korean couples, live with the hope for the unification of our two nations. It is very difficult for married couples to forgive and love each other one hundred percent, partly because of their spiritual backgrounds. I believe that the only way to solve problems that cannot be solved on a human level is to hold the Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ hands, pray earnestly, and receive their works.

Now is the time for Japan to become fully united with True Mother’s words and heart so that Japan doesn’t lose its heavenly fortune. Please look into your own heart. Are you one hundred percent united with Mother? Are you being swayed by the mainstream media? It is not easy to get rid of doubt and rebelliousness by yourself. Please take hold of the Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ hands and sincerely pray, “Please do your works on me. I want to be one with Mother.”

Let me go back to my testimony.

(After my husband’s talk) I had returned to my room to rest. My husband happened to meet Director Kim Myeong-Ok and told him about my condition. He said, “I am worried about her, so please bring her to me right away.” So we visited the consultation room, and the director laid hands on me.

He told me I needn’t worry and to take deep breaths. As I endured the pain, I sobbed and squeezed out my breaths, and these spirits started leaving me. I could feel it clearly. After repeating this over and over again, I was exhausted. I was so weak that I could not hold up a spoon when I went out to eat.

I hope that Japanese spirits become absolute good spirits and walk in the will of God

The next day, when I received the laying on of hands once again from the director, he recommended that I should do a special liberation for the thirteen central spirits. There was a two-day workshop being held at that moment, so I immediately filled out my application and attended.

It must have been a very strong central spirit that released the arrow. Because it did not come out when I had invested in the Chanyang Session. Just when I thought the pain had subsided, it would come back.

Then came the 799th prayer vigil. Not knowing what to expect, the director sat next to me and let me hold onto the Cheon Shim rod. Strangely enough, the pain and the spirit’s movement suddenly stopped, and I felt relieved.

However, in the middle of listening to Director Lee Ki-seong’s sermon, an arrow pierced my back with great force again. Immediately, the director began laying hands on me, and other staff members joined in. As they laid hands on me, they concentrated their efforts from my shoulders to my chest, I clutched the Cheon Shim rod and prayed desperately with gratitude as I could feel their love for me.

(I prayed) “I will take the responsibility, Heavenly Parent, so that all Japanese people can unite their hearts and minds with True Mother from the bottom of their hearts! I believe that many Japanese spirits here are still not convinced. Please guide them to become absolute good spirits through the love and forgiveness of the Heavenly Parent!”

I prayed for the Japanese spirits to become absolute good spirits and to walk in the will of God together with us. I also appealed to all Japanese to embrace genuine patriotism and contribute to the world and humanity.

When the pain reached its peak, I heard a voice telling me to shout out, “Aboji,” and “Omoni.” I shouted loudly, and I could see many spirits leaving the room as if they were coughing at the sound of my voice.

No matter how much I received the laying on of hands, it didn’t hurt anymore. I really thought it came out of me, and tears just wouldn’t stop flowing. I had no strength left to move, and with the support of my husband and the staff, I managed to stand up and do og-manseis. I received an IV drip at the hospital afterwards.

If you grasp the Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ hands, Works will surely occur

I have given birth to six children. This experience I had was way more painful than any of the childbirths. Looking back on it now, I think it was a blessing that Heaven had prepared for me on the occasion of the 800th prayer vigil. My husband shared this testimony with the world online during that vigil.

When I visit the churches, I’m sure there will be difficult times emotionally and mentally that may be beyond my strength or human strength. With the remaining time here at the workshop, please pray that you can resolve such problems, and cry out, “Aboji, Omoni!” If you feel that you are not completely united with True Mother a hundred percent, please open up and pray. If you grasp the Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ hands, Works will surely occur.

Criticism towards the Family Federation continues in Japan. The mainstream media has cut out and misrepresented some of the words True Mother, and are calling it anti-Japanese. Mother loves the Japanese and is working for their salvation, but her true intentions do not come across. We are responsible for that, too. That is because prayers have not completely cleared up the hidden feelings in our hearts—the parts that we find difficult to accept or be grateful for as Japanese.

Cheon Shim Won’s prayer vigil is very powerful. You can become one with True Mother. Pray with such conviction and be fully committed to the very end. I hope this testimony can be a gift to all of you.