Answering True Parents’ call to bring victory to witnessing

At 7:00 a.m. on September 1, the “Pledge Service to Commemorate the 11th Anniversary of the Cosmic Seonghwa for Sun Myung Moon, the Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind” was held at the Shoto Headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo, where Mr. and Mrs. Bang Sang-il, Regional Group President of the Heavenly Japan for the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community were welcomed. In his commemorative speech, he reflected on True Parents’ life course and called on the participants to “join hands and push forward in witnessing to bring victory in heavenly tribal messiahship, which is True Father’s legacy and True Mother’s earnest desire.”

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True Father dedicated his life to liberating God

We are celebrating the 11th anniversary of True Father’s seonghwa. Congratulations to all of you.

True Father was someone who devoted ninety-three years of his life to the Heavenly Parent (God). He was born in 1920 and had the holy wedding with True Mother 40 years later in 1960. For the first time in history, the providence of Heaven began to progress in earnest with the reception of the True Parents of humankind on earth.

After another 40 years as True Parents, the Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship (currently, the Coronation Ceremony of the Heavenly Parent’s Kingship) was held on January 13, 2001. This marked the beginning of the age wherein God’s kingship could be fully established on earth. Father also designated January 13, 2011 of the Heavenly Calendar, as “D-Day,” and devoted himself to welcoming the substantial Cheon Il Guk.

However, his seonghwa came before that day could arrive. How can we ever fathom True Father or True Mother’s hearts?

On August 15, 1945, the Korean Peninsula was liberated from Japanese rule, and True Father began to take steps to restore Christian leaders. That was the seven-year course until 1952. God had prepared a foundation based on Christianity, and if they had been able to become one with the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent, they could have been united within seven years.

However, the Christian leaders failed to accept True Father, and the foundation crumbled. Therefore, Father founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity on May 1, 1954. Then, in the next seven-year course, he sought out for the True Mother of humankind, and was wed in the Holy Wedding in 1960, which marked a new beginning for human history. After bringing victory in another seven-year course, God’s Day (now, Heavenly Parent’s Day) was proclaimed on January 1, 1968.

All brothers and sisters become one centered on True Parents

Forty years after 1945 is 1985. The year before this, True Father was imprisoned in Danbury Prison (Connecticut) in America after Heung-jin nim’s ascension. A condition of indemnity had to be made to conclude this 40-year course.

In August 1985, True Father was released from Danbury and received a great welcome from Christian leaders in America who have longed for religious freedom. In addition, “Day of Total Victory” (August 16) was proclaimed because of Hyon-jin nim’s victory. And so the seven-year course from 1985 to 1992 began in order to make up for the (failed) seven-year course from 1945 to 1952.

The Summer Olympics were held in Seoul, Korea in 1988 (September 17 – October 2). October 3 of the same year was Gaecheonjeol (National Foundation Day), which would have been the year 4321 of the Korean Dan-gun era, and this was a day where Korean history was completely restored through indemnity. True Father was able to restore Gaecheonjeol providentially and proclaimed the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World (now, the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified Cosmos). In order to welcome in Cheon Il Guk, a heavenly nation called the Unified Nation, was established prior to it.

A year later, on August 20, True Father proclaimed the Era of the Dispensation of Love. The providence of salvation, where blood had to be shed for works of indemnity, had concluded, allowing us to enter an age of love. Then, on August 31, the Settlement of Eight Stages were proclaimed. True Parents completely brought victory in the eight vertical stages from servant of servants to God, and the eight horizontal stages from individual to God. This helped restore elder-sonship. Through these proclamations, humankind entered an era in which there is no need for indemnity.

On September 1, The Age of Heavenly Fatherism was announced. Heavenly Fatherism refers to principles centered on God and True Parents. We have entered a time when heaven and earth are united centering on true love, and all brothers and sisters are united centering on True Parents. On this foundation, True Parents were able to hold a historic meeting with President Gorbachev at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow, (former) Soviet Union on April 11, 1990; and on December 6, 1991, they met with President Kim Il Sung of North Korea at Majeon Presidential Residence in Hamhung, Hamgyeongnam-do to discuss pending issues between the North and South.

Thus, the two men, who once attempted to take True Father’s life, naturally submitted to True Parents’ true love, which (is a love that) even forgives its enemies.

On the 31st True Parents’ Day (March 27, 1990), True Father proclaimed the “The Realm of Women’s Liberation” and stated that True Mother is the Second Head of the Church. Then, on June 15, 1991, he called some leaders and four female representatives from Japan to Clairstone, Canada, and made the “Declaration of Gomyeong.” The term “gomyeong” means “the king’s testament.” Father was over 70 years old and was preparing to leave for North Korea. He hoped that if something happened to him, he and Mother would be united to fulfill the heavenly mission.

On April 10, 1992, True Mother was appointed as the president of the Women’s Federation for World Peace. She took a lead in heaven’s providence as she toured the world and held conventions. Then, on the 37th True Day of All Things (June 14, 1999), she received an award from True Father.

The King of Cosmic Peace stands, and the Year of Jubilee arrives for God and humankind.

On May 1, 1994, True Parents announced that the name “Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity” would be changed to “Family Federation for World Peace and Unification” and established the Family Pledge, a guideline to be followed by blessed families. Until then, My Pledge had been cited. It was emphasized that by pledging to be true sons and daughters, each person would become one with God in heart and mind. In addition, the age of praying in True Parents’ name changed to an age where blessed families reported in “their own names”. (January 1, 2001)

In 2003, True Mother celebrated her 60th birthday. Through the “Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, Opening the Gate of Cheon Il Guk” and the “Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families of the Peace and Unity of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth,” which were held on that occasion, the heaven’s vertical sovereignty was able to take root. The 1960 Holy Wedding should have taken place on the global foundation of Christianity. However, since this was not accomplished, a second Holy Wedding ceremony was performed.

On June 13, 2006, the “Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of True Parents, the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth” were held, establishing the True Parents as the King of Peace.

As the year 2007 began, the period of “Jubilee” was proclaimed, which was very providential and something God nor humanity had ever experienced in history. Beginning from that year, we began to receive great blessings from heaven.

The word that True Father repeatedly read and cherished is of his speech given at the Cosmic Assembly to Proclaim the Words of God’s Substantial Body that has Settled as the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Father asked us to study this speech until we could memorize it all, and he shared how he had read it 2,000 times. He toured the whole world to give this proclamation and tried to engrave it in our hearts as if it were his last will and testament. For me, the words “settlement of high noon” and “a life without a shadow”, which he emphasized in his speech, have become a guideline for my life.

On the January 13, 2013 of the heavenly calendar (February 22), True Mother proclaimed Foundation Day for Cheon Il Guk. Cheon Il Guk had substantially begun towards completing the ideal of one human family under the Heavenly Parent. It can be said that this was the day when True Parents’ governance through love was established on earth and in heaven, as well as it being completed, consummated, and finished. Mother has repeatedly appealed for the revival of the Church through spirit and truth. True Parents’ words and the Principle, which True Father described as a universal cure, have the power to solve all of the people’s problems.

The Seonghwa Festivities held on the basis of True Mother’s victory of cheongseong of attending Father’s tomb

True Mother offered cheongseong through her visits to True Father’s tomb every day for three years after his seonghwa. Through this process, she began to emphasize hyojeong towards heaven. We must inherit the tradition of hyojeong that True Parents have established throughout their lives.

I have told you on several occasions how hard it is to practice the life of attending the tomb. The traditional way was to build a small hut, about one tatami mat in size, next to the graves of one’s parents, and the children live there for three years, guarding the graves, whether there are strong winds, heavy rain or snow. Today, no one goes to that extreme, but in the past, some people died because of such harsh conditions.

Such a custom was born to repay even the slightest kindness received from parents. When True Father ascended, the true children have to practice this the life of attending the tomb. However, Hyo-jin nim and Heung-jin nim are not on earth anymore, and the other children have their own difficulties. How hard was it for True Mother to witness such a situation?

Based on the victory of True Mother’s devotion to attending Father’s tomb, commemorative events have been held as the Seonghwa Festivities since the fourth anniversary of Father’s seonghwa. Once again, Mother tried to teach us that seonghwa is not something that is to be mourned, but something to rejoice over.

This may not be easy to accept by the general public. Most people think that death means the end of life, and they suffer from being separated from their loved ones. On the other hand in the Family Federation, we believe that death is a moment of departure to a new world, the spirit world, and should be celebrated. True Mother said,“We must march in full force to the day when we will surely fulfill the Heavenly Parent’s dream, True Parents’ dream, and the wishes of all humankind. I hope that this will be the time when we will have great aspirations and resolve to ‘definitely fulfill the mission’” at the fourth anniversary of the Seonghwa Festivities. (World Family, October 2016, p. 15), and gave words of encouragement.

On the fifth anniversary of Father’s seonghwa, the Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Ceremony was held in spectacular fashion to make the Seonghwa Festivities even more joyous. The blessing is the greatest achievement in True Parents’ life. Although we have expanded the foundation of missionaries to the whole world, true salvation cannot be achieved unless the people living in the land receive the blessing by True Parents.

True Mother presided over the Seonghwa Festivities until the 10th anniversary of Father’s seonghwa, welcoming national leaders from all over the world. However, in order to establish the Seonghwa Festivities in honor of True Father as a tradition throughout the world, from the 11th anniversary—or from this year—church leaders will remain on site and hold the festival in each country and in each church. Mother has had this kind of policy from the very beginning. I have heard that on the fifteenth and twentieth anniversaries, Mother will take the lead in conducting the festivities.

We must do our best to realize the Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ dream. All blessed families must bring victory to heavenly tribal messiahship. That is what True Father earnestly called us to do before he went to the spirit world.

True Mother has now entrusted the Cheonbo Families with a new wish. The victors, whose names are registered in the Cheonbo Won, must cooperate with each other so two generations can be victorious in succession. Only by leaving such a family line, will their names remain on the Han Ju Hyo Dong Won forever. The Han Ju Hyo Dong Won was prepared as a place to honor those who have worked hard for the Family Federation and the world providence. Even ordinary people who have made great contributions to testifying about True Parents to the world will have their names inscribed there.

The other day, I received a phone call from True Mother. She wanted me to check with the old senior families who have become Cheonbo families to see if their children are keeping the faith. It is heaven’s desire that those who have not yet received the blessing will receive the blessing and that blessed families be victorious in heavenly tribal messiahship. The heavenly tribal messiahship is the destiny that blessed families must follow and cannot be avoided.

Absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to heaven; and overcome the enemy through love

True Father had been trying to save fallen humanity, which had been suffering in the realm of death, in order to liberate God who was in misery; and he has endured all difficulties by gritting his teeth. He never took time to rest. Even when he was hospitalized in his later years due to his deteriorating condition, he said, “There is still so much to do,” and sought to be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible.

True Father never asked his parents or friends for help. He never turned to God either, despite the fact that God was the only one who could understand him. He was imprisoned six times for crimes he did not commit, and not even once did he plead, “God, please help me.” He did not want God to worry and simply prayed, “I am fine.”

True Father forgave the Japanese officials who tortured him and loved the country of Japan more than anyone else. No matter how harsh and miserable the path was before him, he maintained absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to heaven, and he loved his enemies.

I am a controversial person. The mere mention of my name causes trouble in the world. I never sought money or fame but have spent my life speaking only of peace. The world, though, has associated many different phrases with my name, rejected me, and thrown stones at me. Many are not interested in knowing what I say or what I do. They only oppose me.

As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen. p. 4

No one would ever want to go through a hard life like True Father’s. I wouldn’t either. Father took on all the problems of human history, set up indemnity conditions, and brought victory. Have any of you ever seen a religious leader throw himself willingly to be persecuted and call on the people to “unite beyond religious and sectarian barriers” like Father has? Have any of you ever seen a president of a nation call out, “Let us bring the world together,” and risk his or her life for world peace? Father was so determined to unify the cosmos that he even founded the Universal Peace Federation.

Humanity has been mired in a history of division, conflict and struggle since Cain and Abel, due to the failure in Adam’s family. Ultimately, it was divided into the communist world and the democratic world, and we still find ourselves in conflict. In order to put an end to this historical struggle, True Father established indemnity conditions and brought victory at every stage: individual, family, clan…, etc, and has proclaimed them all before Heaven. We can understand his greatness in the fact that there are more holidays, anniversaries, and proclamations than we can remember.

Last memories of Father before his death

On the occasion of the 11th anniversary of True Father’s seonghwa, let us look back on the path we have taken thus far. If we have not fulfilled the desires entrusted to us by True Parents, let us deeply repent, here and now, and make the resolve that we will definitely accomplish their hopes.

The last time I took a commemorative photo with True Father was on June 24, 2012. It was about two and a half months before Father went to the spirit world, and it was the day that the Japanese leaders were called to Geomun Island in Korea to hold a fishing contest. Father had prepared the awards and was waiting for us.

That day, strong winds were blowing and the waves were very high. After a short time out on the water, the captain said, “It’s not a good day to be out fishing. Let’s go back to the harbor.” None of the leaders even cared to mention, “That’s not a good idea! We have to work harder.” We all said, “It can’t be helped,” and were happy to be able to go back.

True Father gave the grand prize to the leader who caught the biggest fish. He had a big smile on his face when Father asked how big the fish was. When Father found out that the fish was only 13 centimeters, the winner was scolded severely and the prize was withdrawn. A tense uneasiness quickly rose in the air.

It was a fishing tournament that True Father had prepared with cheongseong, but no one reciprocated with his heart. We had all ignored his feelings.

True Father returned to the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum in a helicopter. Those of us who were left behind were dejected as we boarded a boat to go to the airport. We then received a call from Father to come to the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. We quickly rented a bus and rushed over there. He gave each of us a small amount of money and even had a meal with us. Then he said, “Today, I will take a picture with you as a memorial before I go to America,” and took a photo with us.

This is my last memory of True Father before his death. Every time I look back, I am so sorry and tears well up in my eyes. Thirteen centimeters. This is the achievement that we were able to offer Father on the path of following God’s will. In the future, will we be able to report achievements filled with joy to True Parents?

Currently, True Mother is emphasizing the restoration of nations. To do so, a numerical foundation is essential. Therefore, the first thing to do is witnessing, second is witnessing, and third is witnessing. Mother says, “The only way for us to survive is to witness.”

In preparation for brining victory in witnessing, the Family Federation (offices) throughout the world have been reorganized. True Mother said that she would keep a close watch for six months after the reorganization. Two months have already passed since then. In the Family Federation in Japan, the subregions and districts have been done away with, and each church is now focussing on witnessing centered around the church leader. How much can we give shape to this by the end of this year? Let us surely live up to heaven’s expectations.

We can only bring a record of how much we’ve loved people to the spirit world

True Mother is also putting emphasis on offering cheongseong through the Cheon Shim Won prayers with the hope that the church will be filled with spirit and truth as it was in the pioneer days. Today at midnight, the Cheon Il Guk Pledge Service was held at the HJ Heaven and Earth Cheonbo Training Center in Korea, and I participated online. When Mr. Lee Ki-seong, the director of Cheon Shim Won, gave the representative prayer, I could feel the spiritual power that clearly showed he had been devoting himself to the prayer vigils. This made me reflect deeply on my own life.

No one can avoid death. Everyone here will eventually go to the spirit world. What can you take with you when you die? You can’t bring money, status or honor. The only thing you can bring before heaven is your record of loving others. How many people were you able to convey the love and blessings of God and True Parents to? That’s it.

On the foundation of cheongseong offered until now by the Japanese members, a new bar has been established at Cheongpyeong for the ancestor liberations and blessings. There have been shouts of joy as more members have been able to bear witness to the ancestor liberations and blessings. Travel restrictions due to covid have also been lifted, and many people will visit the Hyojeong Cheonwon Holy Ground in the future.

Let us join hands and push forward in witnessing to bring victory in heavenly tribal messiahship, which is True Father’s legacy and True Mother’s earnest desire.