True Mother at the Victory Celebration

True Mother spoke at the Victory Celebration for the Summit for Peace on the Korean Peninsula Marking the Anniversary of the Holy Birth of the True Parents and the 9th Anniversary of Foundation Day, held on February 15, 2022
I am grateful that the hard work carried out around the world in preparation for these occasions have borne the fruit of victory.
If the truth had really been revealed in 1962, which was the previous year of the black tiger, there would have been no opposition from Christianity. However, that did not happen, and now we are welcoming the year of the black tiger again for the first time in 60 years. This is the year when true families, Cheonbo families, should step forward and tell the world boldly about the existence of our Heavenly Parent, who has indeed been enduring and waiting all this time. They should shout loudly about Him, and thus bring beautiful flowers to bloom in every part of the world.
As I said the day before yesterday, the owner of the universe and this Earth is our Heavenly Parent. Fallen people, however, do not know about Heavenly Parent, and are claiming the world as their own and building up their national borders. Among the nations called superpowers in the world today are some, such as Russia and China, that do not know Heaven and restrict religious freedoms. Isn’t that true? All nations in Europe, where the Christian culture emerged, have to stand up in front of those countries.
The only way to become Heavenly Parent’s children is to accept True Parents and live together as brothers and sisters in Heavenly Parent’s embrace. Christianity blossomed and spread worldwide from the European continent. Much mission work was carried out in Africa. Yet as people did not know the true nature of Jesus, they failed to practice love for the sake of others and, in the end, built a civilization that took from others. Christian civilization is consequently in decline, having been unable to fulfill its responsibility.
That is why, as the True Parent, I set out to first restore the African continent, which had experienced the most suffering and difficulty. As a result, in the position of having restored nations, seven religious groups in Africa, and the region, I was able to proclaim the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk. The words of the Bible that the last will be first [Matthew 20:16] refer to Africa.
We are ultimately on the path as one family of humanity attending the Heavenly Parent. To overcome the problems that the European continent is now facing in Eastern Europe and Northeast Asia, you should be completely united with True Parents. By so doing you will become “the first”—as Heavenly Parent’s true children who can stand in the position of the elder brother and embrace those two nations that do not know about God. Please understand that now is the opportune time to create the environment wherein you inspire and embrace your younger brothers.
Let us look back a few decades. In the 1970s, True Father tried to save America in order to embrace the world. In truth, at that time our foundation in the United States was somewhat weaker than that in Europe. We called our major leaders from Europe to the United States, to educate America and align it with Heaven’s providence. Those European leaders worked very hard for that purpose.
At the time, there were three leading figures in the United States. They were women—very active and confident women. They took the lead in attending True Parents and put in so much effort. At that time, True Father held the Day of Hope events to save America. He created a choir, and there was a sister who played the piano. Unlike the three women leaders I just mentioned, she was an American—but she had an Oriental air about her. I remember her name as Linda. I had such a good impression of her. She was blessed with Mark Brann, and I understand they are living happily together.
The reason I am speaking about this is that he is doing great work introducing and educating European dignitaries, including Mr. Barroso. There are also Regional President Michael Balcomb, Cheon Eui Won Chair Katsumi Otsuka, and UPF Chair Jacques Marion. The time has now come for Europe to rise up one final time and accelerate its efforts to aid Heaven’s providence. You must confidently say that the way for humanity to survive, for Europe and the world to survive, is to attend Heavenly Parent. Since True Parents can qualify us to attend Heavenly Parent, I mentioned those people’s names in the hope that they will shout with a loud voice, “Let’s become a Europe that is one with True Parents.”
As I have said, Europe needs to unite and educate the two strong powers that are posing a problem right now, the two strong powers that do not know about God. Teach them, create bonds with them as your younger brothers and bring them to Heavenly Parent.
I was pondering something. As we welcome the year of the black tiger, I gave thought to what best symbolizes this year, the year in which Heaven’s fortune and authority should be revealed. That is why I asked for neckties and scarves to be made. I presented them to the heads of state this time, and I believe they were presented to our regional leaders yesterday. If you can take some extra ones, you can give them as gifts to high-level guests who can help with the providence. As you do, explain things well to them and ask them to work together with you for Heaven’s providence. In other words, it is my hope that you will build relationships with good people. Do you understand?
I had the impression that all leaders had received the necktie and scarf, but I have been made aware that they were not yet given to some who worked tremendously hard for the Summit, such as Dr. Walsh, Dr. Jenkins and Tom McDevitt from America. So I would like to give them to you now. Thomas Walsh, Tom McDevitt and Michael Jenkins! (They come before True Mother and she gives them the gift.) Please approach people with Heaven’s authority. Dr. Walsh, please convey the gifts to Mr. Taj Hamad and the others whose names are written there.
And there is someone who wanted so much to attend these events but was unable to come due to her poor health. Among the gifts I have prepared are gifts for my beloved daughter, Kathy Rigney. I have included a CD of my favorites by “trot”[1] singers, whose songs have greatly comforted Koreans during the two years of the coronavirus pandemic. I believe that Kathy Rigney is in Chicago right now, and Chairman Kim Ki-hoon is a Chicago man, isn’t he? Chairman Kim Ki-hoon, please come up. Please give these to Kathy. (Mother gives the gift for Ms. Rigney to Dr. Kim Ki-hoon.)
Mark Brann! (Mark Brann comes before True Mother and she gives him a gift.) There is also that CD here. Since Michael Balcomb and Demian Dunkley really love music, particularly Korean songs, I have also prepared CDs for them. Please take them when you leave.
I should conclude my words here.