True Mother at Summit for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

True Mother spoke at the Summit for Peace on the Korean Peninsula which was held on 1.13 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 10th Year of Cheon Il Guk (February 13, 2022)
I believe that, despite the challenging situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the hopes and devoted efforts of world leaders who desire peace and unity on the Korean Peninsula will surely bear fruit. Thank you.
Today, the world as a whole faces many challenges. There are more than 200 nations on this planet, and yet they all strive for a peaceful, united world. Despite this hope, human history has become increasingly marked by conflict and war.
Initially, God, the Creator and Owner of the universe, made everything throughout heaven and earth, and created the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, who were to become the ancestors of humanity. He waited for them to pass through a period of growth and gain maturity of heart. Yet they were unable to achieve this, and at this time humanity is cut off from any relationship with God, the Creator. However, our omniscient and omnipotent Creator is both the alpha and the omega.
God must bring about the day of victory without fail. To achieve this, the True Parents who can become the victorious ancestors of humanity have to emerge from among all of humankind. Only then can God’s dream of one family of humankind living in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth be realized. Throughout the last six thousand years, God has been the parent searching for His lost children.
This is why God permitted the emergence of religions that could appropriately lead the people of each region and has been educating humanity to seek the path toward goodness. Amid such circumstances, God selected one nation as the chosen people, and had to carry out the providence of salvation throughout history to indemnify and make restitution for the mistake of our forebears who were meant to become the first human ancestors.
That has been a history of indescribable and laborious patience and perseverance. After toiling for four thousand years, God was finally able to bring about the birth of His only begotten Son whom He could claim as His own. However, according to the Principle of Creation, the only begotten Son alone is not sufficient. That is why not only the family into which the only begotten Son was born but also the people of Israel had to create the environment wherein he could sustain God’s providence. This was not realized, however.
Jesus died on the cross; yet he promised to come again. He said he would return and hold the Feast of the Lamb. Through the apostles, the Christian faith was passed down over the ensuing two thousand years. Yet I would like to ask whether the Christian environment of today is ready to receive the Messiah that promised to return. It is the birth of True Parents that forms the environment within which Heaven can embrace fallen humanity.
Fallen people can stand as the children of God the Creator, our Heavenly Parent, only when they are reborn and resurrected through the True Parents. And these central figures, who can unravel the tangled threads of a history gone wrong, were born on the Korean Peninsula after six thousand years.
True Parents’ advent occurred in 1960. And the providence by which True Parents give rebirth and resurrection to humanity as Heavenly Parent’s children is the true family movement and the Marriage Blessing Ceremony. All fallen people, regardless of who they may be, will become the children of Heavenly Parent through True Parents. This must come to pass. The dream of God our Creator is to live together with True Parents and His children in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The first step toward this was taken in 1960.
To say it simply, the owner of the universe and this planet Earth is God the Creator, our Heavenly Parent. There are many nations and powers in the world, but only those that attend Heavenly Parent can qualify as nations. They do not have ownership. A nation can only be established through Heaven’s acknowledgment: “You have done your best to create a beautiful world. Please govern this country.”
In other words, the world’s religions have all reached their last stop. They must get off at the last stop. All that remains is for them is to step down onto the path to becoming one with True Parents so that they may attend our Heavenly Parent, the Owner of the universe.
The same is true for the Korean people. Why were the Koreans divided into North and South despite sharing the same culture, heritage, and traditions? Korea is the last divided nation on Earth. Only when this country is unified will peace prevail in Eastern Europe and Northeast Asia. Do you understand? You should know that, through True Parents, all those living in the world today can attend Heavenly Parent as His children and are connected to God in a parent-child relationship.
As I have explained, a world of true peace, freedom, equality, unity, and happiness, wherein humankind lives as one family centered on God, is only possible if the Korean people and other nations attend God as their parent. In this regard, as the True Parent, I wish to express my hope for the citizens of North and South Korea. Please become brothers and sisters of the North and South who are one with me. At that point we will see the true unification of the Korean Peninsula. World peace and the unity of all humankind as Heavenly Parent’s sons and daughters can moreover be achieved in this age and this generation.
Over time, humankind, in ignorance of the relationship between Heaven, each person and all nations, has devastated this beautiful Earth. Step by step this is becoming more serious: climate change, rising sea levels and especially natural disasters. Just during last year there were horrific wildfires, tornadoes and heavy rain in North America. So many lost their property or their lives! What about China? And Asia? In every continent we have seen indescribable damage to property and loss of life. Moreover, many have died during the past two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. The reality is that we have no idea what other mutations may arise in the future and present even greater challenges. All of this has resulted from humankind having no faith in God.
As children who had been unfilial, but who are now standing in the position of sons and daughters attending Heavenly Parent, you have to make our Parent’s dream come true on earth. As such, can you just sit back and watch? All people of the world must unite, one by one, and fulfill this responsibility, which is to return this world to its original state. This is what all of you living in this world together with me today are asked to accomplish.
Today people have come here from all parts of the world and given many excellent speeches. Everyone is praying for our hopes to be realized with the firm belief that they will be. We can bring them to fruition. The issue, however, is the task of qualifying as the children who attend God as our Parent.
I am passing on the dream to our future generations, our grandchildren, who will take responsibility for this Earth and all of humankind in the future. If we unite and make our planet into the earthly heavenly kingdom, what will our earthly lives in a close relationship with Heavenly Parent be like? After making all things, our Creator then created our first ancestors and told them to take dominion over everything. The unfallen natural world continues to sustain all living things according to the cyclical law of the principle of creation. But the problem is that our world is being greatly damaged by humankind.
I like daffodils, which are the first flowers to blossom in the frozen soil when spring comes. Through the daffodils I am observing how to comfort the heart of our Heavenly Parent, who is a witness to human history full of suffering and pain due to the Fall.
Though they don’t yet have the power, the daffodils will be the first to break through the frozen soil and tell the world that spring has come. Looking at them, I am reminded of how many restrictions we have faced in our environment during the past sixty years while carrying out our responsibilities as the True Parents. And yet, I did not stop. As a result, there are many allies like you on my side today. Thank you. Let us all endeavor, through True Parents, to become the true children of our Heavenly Parent and, together as filial sons and daughters, make God’s dream and wish come true on earth. Thank you.