With our blood, sweat, and tears, make 2022 a year where Heaven will be moved.

On January 11th, the kickoff ceremony for the new year of 2022 was held at the Shoto Headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo for the continent of the Heavenly Japan of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. Among those in attendance were presidents and subregional presidents, as well as directors from headquarters; and Bang Sang-il, Regional Group President for Heavenly Japan of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community presented the five major policies for 2022. He called for 2022 to be a year of leaps and bounds towards realizing the Heavenly Unified Korea in accordance with True Mother’s heart, condition, and hopes.

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The best harvest in the golden age of history and life

Greetings and Happy New Year to all the leaders of the Heavenly Japan.

The left half of the Chinese character “shin” (new) means “stand on a tree,” and the right half means “ax.” Why is it like that? I believe “shin” evolved to be written this way because when a tree fell after being cut with an ax, a new bud would spring forth, and therefore, it came to have the meaning of “new beginnings.” So ladies and gentlemen, let us begin 2022, the second year of the second 7-year course, with a renewed heart.

Let me read some of Mother’s words that were given at the “True Parents’ Special Assembly and the 2022 New Year Celebration.” (January 8).

I have said that this time where you can breathe the same air as I do is the golden age of history and of your lives. You must know that with the fruits of your effort, you are in an amazingly blessed position of being able to be proud before heaven. Don’t you feel sorry for farmers who cannot reap what they sowed in the harvest season? We must bear a lot of fruit. Isn’t that what the future is about?…

Whether you are young or old, we wish you great success in your golden years!

The first thing I would like to share with you is the resurgence of the second-generation. There is a lot that needs to be done for this sake because the fate of the Family Federation in Japan depends on their growth.

This year’s zodiac is the water tiger (“壬寅” in Japanese). Mizunoe (壬) is one half of the Chinese character for “pregnancy” (妊) , which means “conceive” and “give birth.” For a new life to be born (this year) surely means that we will welcome the age of the second generation. We have been promoting the “Shimbang Project” for more than six months, and this year, let us make it possible for the second generation to play the leading role in heaven’s providence and fulfill the promise made before True Parents. We need to bring back the 50,000 blessed second generation and 30,000 Jacob’s child.

Two lessons from this year’s Hakone Ekiden

In Japan, the Hakone Ekiden (a relay marathon or long-distance relay race) is one of the main events that attracts attention during the New Year. It is broadcast live for two days and is watched by many people. There are times when one team dominates the race, but the joy of the relay marathon is when teams drastically overtake one another.

Watching the Hakone Ekiden this year, I was deeply impressed with two things.

The first is the importance of passing the sashes to the next runner. (Sashes are used instead of batons during relay marathons in Japan.) A sash is a simple thing made of cloth, but it carries special meaning to the players because it holds their hopes and dreams. In an ekiden, it doesn’t wholly matter how hard each runner runs, if the sash is not passed smoothly.

The same can be said for the Family Federation. Even though the first generation overcame struggles while shedding tears and devoted their lives to the will, if they cannot pass the sash to the second generation, they will not be able to inherit heaven’s providence. (The same is true for the second generation.) No matter how hard the second generation devote themselves, if the sash does not reach the third generation, the providence will be interrupted.

True Mother’s wish is to raise the second and third generations and pass the sash smoothly to them, just like water flows smoothly down a river; and promote them to become leaders who can contribute to the providence. In response to this request, I was asked to wear the sash as Regional Group President of Heavenly Japan on October 11, 2020. So I’m running as fast as I can. I will absolutely fulfill my duty and pass the sash to the next leader.

The second thing I noticed was the coaches ride in cars trailing the respective runners and encourage them through a loud speaker. They were spurring their runners and shouting things like, “You’re doing good,”“You can be the hero,” or even “Come on!” The runners had full confidence in their coaches, and I’m sure they ran beyond their limits from the words of encouragement. The coaches know their runners more than anyone else as they nurtured them carefully. So if they saw their runners struggling, I’m sure they would’ve wanted to run in their place. However, the coaches aren’t allowed to do so.

For us, True Mother is the coach in an ekiden. Mother strongly and heroically pushes the leaders of the Family Federation in each country. Ekiden coaches may seem to be in comfort in their cars, but that is not true. It is the same for Mother residing in Cheon Jeong Gung Museum in Korea. Because she is leading the whole world carrying full responsibility, when members are in dire situations, she is also persevering with the gravest of hearts. Leaders must understand her heart and condition.

The strange thing about the ekiden was that every runner that was in first place, not one fell over in exhaustion after passing their sash onto the next runner. There must be more pressure to stay in first place than it is to be in a lower place. However, the runners in lower places would fall down right after passing their sashes, which worried me just watching them. On the other hand, the top runners seemed to have energy to spare and did fall over.

We also should have the desire to run through the streets with a dashing spirit. If we become members who do so in Japan, True Mother will trust us even more and root us on with a cheerful face. She may even say things like, “You’re in good shape. You can do more.”

2022: the year of the five major policies

Ladies and gentlemen, we all did our best in 2021, but does that mean we can take 2022 off? Of course not. This year, we will continue to carry out the five major policies that were announced last year: the fostering of future leaders, all blessed families becoming victorious Cheonbo families, each district building a foundation of 10,000 members, establishing the foundation for national salvation, and completing the mission of the Mother Nation for the settlement of the Heavenly Unified Korea.

After True Father’s seonghwa, True Mother focused on “uninterrupted progress” and “establishing churches full of the divine spirit and the truth just as in the early days.” She called on us to return with the spirit we had before. We are to establish churches full of true love, where the voices of prayer echoes in their halls and tears flow in their chambers.

Last year, we were able to promote the Shimbang Project, as well as establish about 2,500 victorious Cheonbo families. Thank you all for your hard work. We have not been able to hold 10,000-member rallies at each district, but let us also bring victory to this, as well. By next year, we will increase the number of victorious Cheonbo families to 5,000. When I visit various churches throughout the country, I always feel the strong desire of the members to become victorious Cheonbo families. I really appreciate that.

No matter how much we cry for national salvation, without a numerical foundation, we won’t have any influence on the world. Therefore, let us establish a network of a million supporting members with a foundation of 10,000 members for each district. For that reason, each member should make a list of 15 witnessing candidates. On that basis, we will promote the realization of 43 families.

Regarding the mission of the Mother Nation, we were able to achieve our goal for 2021 because all of the subregional presidents, district leaders, church leaders, and women representatives gave it their all. Let us live up to the wishes of heaven this year.

True Parents are our way, our truth, and our life

As we kicked off the New Year, we reconfirmed the five major policies. I would like to share the importance of the divine spirit and truth, but the first, the important thing is to check how much True Parents occupy your heart.

God’s greatest gift to fallen humankind is the True Parents. This is what True Father has said.

“The True Parents are the symbol of all hope, the symbol of absolute hope for fallen people. They are the fruit of history, the center of all ages and the center of all the nations of the world. The True Parents are the starting point of a future that connects to the ideal world. What have our ancestors wished for throughout the ages in history? If the world were united, whom would it wish to find? It would wish to find the True Parents. In other words, it would wish to relate with the True Parents eternally.”

Cheon Seong Gyeong: The Holy Scripture of Cheon Il Guk. p. 164.

The greatest miracle in human history is to have encountered the True Parents. This is more miraculous than a man, thought to be dead, being reborn. Fallen human beings cannot be reborn as God’s children without receiving the blessing from True Parents. They are still owned by Satan.

As Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6). For us, True Parents are the way, the truth, and the life. They are also the ones of true love who embrace all of our being.

When ancient humans lost their way in the dark, they relied on the North Star (Polaris). Among the many stars in the night sky, Polaris never changes position. True Parents have likened themselves to the North Star. If you do not walk with your True Parents, you will lose your way and heavenly works will not come about.

Indemnity conditions set up before the Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship

True Father was born in 1920, and set up indemnity conditions for 40 years, where he was able to separate from Satan and bring victory in his individual course. Upon that, he married True Mother in 1960. Together, they set up indemnity conditions for 40 years in their family course.

The church was established in Korea in 1954, and in Japan in 1959. However, as True Mother said, it is conceivable that the history of the Family Federation (the Unification Church) began in earnest in 1960 when the True Parents of humankind were established.

When Korea was liberated from Japanese rule in 1945, if Korean Christianity, which had been prepared by Heaven, had united with True Father, their foundation would have been linked to American Christianity and God’s wish would have been conveyed to the whole world. But that did not happen. Fourteen years later, the Holy Wedding of True Parents was held in 1960.

True Father embarked on the first 21-year course in 1960. On January 1,1968, “God’s Day (Heavenly Parent’s Day)” was established upon the basis of completing the first 7-year course (within this 21-year course).

The first 21-year course from 1960 can be described as the “era of parents.” True Parents were the ones that had to take responsibility, so they were the ones that went through most of the hardship. However, as True Father explained that from 1981 would be the era of children, the second 21-year course was to be led by the children wherein the Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship was to be welcomed.

In 2000, True Parents set all the indemnity conditions in the family course, wherein the Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship could then be held upon the “Ceremony for the Liberation (and Unification) of Spirit World” being held (on October 14th, 2000 in Cheongpyeong, South Korea) to illuminate spirit world and the “Day of Abolishing Paradise and Hell and Declaring Entry into Heaven” being held (on December 3rd of the same year in Uruguay) to abolish hell and welcome God.

That’s how the Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingshipwas able to be held on January 13th, 2001. True Father said that God had been in darkness and could not partake in heavenly works until then. But this ceremony brought Him out into the light where He could conduct heavenly works to an astonishing degree.

In addition, as stated on page 1351 of Cheon Seong Gyeong: The Holy Scripture of Cheon Il Guk, “January 13 contains the number thirteen. If the twelve apostles and Jesus, who was their center, had become one, forming a family of thirteen, then Jesus would not have died.” True Father emphasized that the number 13 would be the main number in the future. It was also on January 13th of the Heavenly calendar (February 22nd) when True Mother proclaimed CIG Foundation Day in 2013.

In 2012, True Father ascended, and since then, True Mother, aided by Father in Heaven, has been bringing victory up to 2021. The 7-year course that concluded True Parents’ third 21-year course overlaps with Mother’s first 7-year course, who has been taking responsibility here on Earth.

True Mother stated that her second 7-year course began in 2021. True Father went to the spirit world, and Mother has been leading the providence here on Earth.The first 7-year course took place from the declaration of Foundation Day to 2020. It was an important period in the 6,000-year history of the providence of restoration.

The welcoming of the year 2021 marked 60 years since True Parents’ Holy Wedding in 1960, so in human terms, they have reached “kanreki” (60th birthday in Japanese). In other words, 2021 is the first year of the new heaven and new earth, and this year is the second year. The providence is achieved in three stages: formation, growth, and completion. This is the second year of True Mother’s second 7-year course, so it is the second year of the growth stage and may be fraught with difficulties. But that is why we can also say it is a period of opportunity.

True Father dedicated his life to love God and humanity

In May 2012, True Father invited leaders from the Family Federation in Japan to a fishing competition held on Geomun Island in Korea. The whole catch was far from what he had expected, so he couldn’t give out the prize money that he had prepared. Because of that, he went back to Cheon Jeong Gung Museum by helicopter disappointed.

Soon after, True Father called us to come to Cheon Jeong Gung Museum immediately, as we were were heading to Yeosu by ship. He may have felt how discouraged we felt, how we weren’t able to please them.

When we arrived on a charter bus, True Parents invited us to eat with them. We had a wonderful time, almost like a dream, as they allowed each of us to sing and take commemorative photos. That was my last time together with True Father on Earth.

True Father left for America on June 25th, and when he returned to Korea he held the Abel Women’s UN Inauguration Assembly (at Cheongshim Peace World Center) on July 16th. True Parents founded many organizations, the last of which is the Abel Women’s UN. You may not have much concern about that organization, but it is the last thing Father left behind so there is no doubt that it is of great providential significance.

On August 2nd, True Father visited Ohsan High School. It was originally called Ohsan School, which Father attended in his hometown of Chongju. It is now located in Yongsan District in Seoul, with the consulate in Hannam-dong nearby.

On August 13th, True Father prayed to heaven that he had accomplished everything, and on September 3rd, he went to the spirit world (July 17th of the Heavenly Calendar). Father emphasized that the most memorable event of his life was the Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship. He accomplished this and gave his life to heaven so that Foundation Day could be proclaimed.

Who understands True Father’s wishes the best? We can try to understand Father’s wish as we read his words and ask in prayer, but True Mother had been by his side 24 hours a day, and she was able to directly take in everything that Father wanted to do and say. She made a pledge before True Father’s body and said, “Father, don’t worry. I will accomplish everything.” This year marks 10 years since that time.

True Mother putting all her heart and soul for a Heavenly United Korea

Do you check to see if your heart is truly one with True Mother every day? Today, True Parents are putting all their heart and soul for a Heavenly United Korea. Former U.S. President Donald Trump, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in have met, but the road to reunification has not been cleared. Only Mother can make such a breakthrough.

True Mother has received an invitation from Chairman Kim Jong-un to visit North Korea. Whenever she decides to go, (North Korea) will prepare to welcome her. Then why doesn’t she visit right away? Mother is waiting for world leaders to visit North Korea together with her.

In April 1990, True Parents met with then President Mikhail Gorbachev at the Kremlin. At that time, about 40 people including former heads of state visited the Soviet Union together with True Parents. President Gorbachev was very surprised. Of course, True Father’s character and message must have made an impression. However, I believe that was not enough to move the communist regimes.

True Mother is waiting for the right timing. What should Japan do now? It is not easy to visit Korea because of Covid. However, we can still help prepare the spirit world in Korea from the land of Japan.

I am now trying to resolve the resentment of the 3 million or so young men who were said have been killed in action during the Korean War. What would happen if they were liberated and received the blessing after the 100-day training for spirits? How grateful would they be to True Parents? They would likely be the first to come down to Earth and cooperate fully for the unification of the two Koreas.

Time for the church of old, the church filled with tears to come back

True Father gave us many words concerning true love. He also used the words blood, sweat, and tears just as much. Without these, the church would never have developed. How much blood, sweat and tears have True Parents shed? In the same way, how much blood, sweat and tears has your family shed together with True Parents?

I ministered in Mokpo, the southernmost part of Korea, for three years. During that time, many senior members of the 430-couple and 777-couple blessings came to share their testimonies of grace in the old days.

When True Father would visit local areas, he only visited the district offices. Therefore, the only way for the members of Mokpo Church to meet True Parents was to go to Gwangju, where the district office was located. It is about 60 kilometers from Mokpo to Gwangju. When the senior members would hear that True Parents were coming to Gwangju, they would prepare rice balls. Instead of taking a bus or train, they walked the 60 kilometers together, singing Song of the Garden. They have said that for two days, spiritual grace poured down from heaven to the members who sought True Parents, and they couldn’t stop the tears that kept flowing.

These were congregations where members would gather from various places. True Father would stand on stage and say, “I missed you all,” and the members would cry out in response. When seeing that, Father wasn’t even able to start speaking as he held back his own tears. The senior members have lamented, “This was the real Unification Church. The church has lost its tears. The Unification Church was originally called, ‘the crying church’.”

Recently, I have been traveling around the country, and I feel the grace that the Cheongshimwon special prayer room has been connected with the prayer rooms of each church. I’ve heard from church workers that they often see members crying in prayer in the prayer rooms.

I would like to repeat: our church will grow in spirit and truth. Therefore, the heavenly works for Cheongpyeong and the Divine Principle workshops are indispensable for the development of the church. True Father has stated that without words from Divine Principle lectures being spread, churches will not develop.

Make churches places you can always hear prayer and Divine Principle lectures

Lastly, I would like to summarize the five major policies and the key points for building churches based on spirit and truth.

First, all blessed families in Japan must put their lives on the line to reclaim the second generation. Restoring the second-generation is probably ten to a hundred times more difficult than making world contributions. Even the second generation who have completely turned their backs on the Family Federation and have refused any involvement, they must be found and led back to the church.

Second, for every blessed family to become a Cheonbo family, they must be victorious in witnessing. What do you need in order to accomplish this? The answer is prayer. I’ve already told you to make a list of 15 witnessing candidates for the realization of 43 families. Call out these names when you pray.

True Mother has connected the Cheongshimwon special prayer room to each church. When you have time, please go to the prayer room of your church and pray, shedding tears. True Father has said that he once prayed for 13 hours, even forgetting to eat. He couldn’t stand up afterwards because his knees were too stiff. The greatest weapon in our church is prayer.

The third is Divine Principle lectures. Ideally, when guests come to the church, the pastors should give the lectures from the Principle of Creation to the Second Coming. I think all the leaders, the witnessing and education director, the director of family education, and the youth director would give the Divine Principle lectures when guests and second generation come. If there is no one available, please contact a member of the church to give a lecture. Let us make our churches a place where Divine Principle lectures can be heard constantly.

The fourth is the assistance from the spirit world. True Father emphasized the importance of mobilizing the spirit world many times. We must earnestly call upon and receive assistance from those in the spirit world: Father, Hyo-jin nim, Heung-jin nim, Dae-mo nim, the absolute good spirits, the heavenly hosts of angels, etc. Father has said that if we seriously face the spirit world, the spirit world will assist us. Father must’ve experienced this many times. Let us be the ones who can mobilize the spirit world and promote the providence together with True Mother here on Earth.

Our church developed through the blood, sweat and tears shed by True Parents and its members. These are what is most needed to fulfill the five major policies. Blood symbolizes life, sweat symbolizes effort, and tears symbolize purity. We need to put our lives on the line, do our utmost with diligence, and give our pure hearts to heaven.

Let us become one with True Mother’s heart, condition, and wishes; and bear good fruit in the golden age of history and life. Let us make 2022 a year of progress toward the realization of Heavenly Unified Korea.

Regional President’s wife, Kazuyo Fujinohara’s remarks

Make Japan an object of True Mother’s heart

Happy New Year to all of the leaders of Japan. I look forward to working with you again this year. Now, as I have heard the resolutions of the subregional presidents, I have come to realize that I, myself, must go back to my roots and work hard. Thank you.

My husband and I came to be in this position after having lived in Taiwan (the Elder Daughter Nation). At home, the eldest daughter is a source of comfort for mothers, and Taiwan also gives us great hope and comfort. When I think of it that way, I feel that Japan, the Mother Nation, is also a country that reciprocates with True Mother’s heart, much like an eldest daughter. Everybody in Japan must always remember that.

As the new year began, I asked myself how much I could reciprocate with True Mother’s heart, and I started this year with determination. I think it would be reassuring for Mother if all the leaders of Japan could reciprocate with her heart.

I hope we can all do our best this year, and I appreciate your cooperation.