True Mother’s Message on January 3, 2023

Beloved leaders, blessed families, and members throughout the world!
The new year of the black rabbit has dawned, in which your most earnest wishes will become tangible beacons of hope and illuminate all of humankind.
This year, the 11th of Cheon Il Guk, which sees the conclusion of a 10-year cycle and a new beginning, is the year of the black rabbit filled with indescribable delight and joy in which the providence unfolds substantially on earth together with the dream and wish of the Creator, our Heavenly Parent and with True Parents. Like a rabbit, be industrious and fruitful. This is the year of an intelligent, well-loved animal that people cannot treat thoughtlessly. Notably, the color black draws in all light. No one can deny the warmth we feel as we gradually receive more heat from the sun.
In other words, all the unpleasant things that were unsatisfactory last year are gone. I hope that centered on Heavenly Parent, you will become united blessed families and Cheonbo couples that can newly cherish and embrace people in all situations, and that you ultimately become blessed families that are respected and spoken of with pride as victors in front of Heaven and all of humankind.
This country, which lies at the center of Heavenly Parent’s realm—the realm Heavenly Parent directly governs—must become the heavenly unified Korea, mustn’t it? For this, I sincerely ask all of you to become filial sons and daughters that unite in heart and will to substantially achieve Heavenly Parent’s dream.