The way to survive is to become one

“From the viewpoint of the Principle, the original, so-called unfallen, original children would’ve lived their lives centered on their parents. Isn’t that right? As a child serves and is filial to their parents, they naturally build a relationship of heartistic trust with them even when the parents are unaware of it.”

Moon, Sun Myung. 24 Jun. 1967

The basis of the universe is the causal relationship between father and son. Unchanging hyojeong is offered as beauty to parents in response to their absolute love for children. Within that realm of trust and protection, the heart of brothers and sisters are nurtured, which is the Principle.

Parents are essential to the creation of a shimjung culture in which brothers and sisters love one another and are proud of each other. The love of parents transcends age and individuality, and has the magical power to strengthen the relationship between brothers and sisters. The stronger the degree of heartistic trust that each child has developed with his or her parents, the stronger the glue that strengthens the relationship between brothers and sisters.

Seeds of division sown by Satan’s forces

This year marks the sixty-third anniversary of the founding of the Family Federation in Japan. Since the pioneer days, True Parents have emphasized that the secret of victory is “to become one” and reasoned that if we do not become one, Satan will take us away.

After True Father’s seonghwa, True Mother calligraphed the words, “We are One” (in Korean) for the Japanese members.

The way to victory is to be united, to become one. However, Satan’s forces are cleverly intruding and sowing the seeds of division and strife. The division between Abel and Cain, the division between organizations, the division between husband and wife, the division between parents and children…the seeds of division sown by Satan’s forces try to take root wherever it can. They do not choose the environment.

“I have been thinking a lot about our leaders these days, and I feel that a culture by which leaders can love and brag about each other hasn’t been established. We must be able to love and take care of each other more than any other external groups …… Do not seek only to get higher positions, but try to live for each other’s sakes, nurture each other and he proud of each other. If you can do that, everyone can grow. On the other hand, no development awaits an individual or a group that is self- or group-centered and thinks of itself as being well-off and the best.”

Han, Hak Ja. 23 Sep. 2013

What induces division is putting the “self” first. If we proceed in a self-centered manner, we will decline, and if we practice a life of living for the sake of others, we will develop.

Rather than putting the “self” first, the parents’ heart, their circumstances, and their wishes should take precedence. If we confront our brothers and sisters with the same (parents’) heart and show them affection while listening to them, there will be no room for the seeds of division to be sown.

Often, disputes between brothers and sisters arise because of a lack of interest in their parents, a lack of understanding of their feelings, and a failure to appreciate their deepest sentiments. This is because they do not have the heart to consider the pain that arises in their parents’ hearts, who have to look on during disputes between their children.

The way of living together with True Parents

We have the True Parents of humankind. We have the substance of true love, who have spent their lives to love us, their children.

They have dedicated their whole lives to loving others, almost as if they were crazy, even as they lived in the realm of their enemies. The moment I accept that their entire lives were for me, there is no room for the seeds of division to be sown between Parents and me. The grace from the realm of victory that True Parents established was for us, the children.

Our goal is unification: to create one world, a unified world, centered on the Heavenly Parent (God) and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. We have a deep bond as True Family centered on True Parents. No matter the situation, no matter the persecution, no matter what trials we face, the Heavenly Parent’s dream is my dream and True Parents’ wish is my wish.

If we center our lives around True Parents, we can surely build a life of happiness and the peaceful world that everyone desires. This is a once-in-a-thousand moment in the providential history of salvation for humanity.

As people who were born in the same sphere of time as the True Parents of humankind, we must move forward with strength and courage until the day the world becomes one and serves the Heavenly Parent, until the day humanity can live as one great family together as brothers and sisters.

“The only way to survive is the way to become one. Also, we must find a way to better all the earth’s environmental issues and other problems. Japan has many issues, doesn’t it? When we unite as one in service to True Parents, all problems will be removed one at a time.”

Han, Hak Ja. 16 Oct. 2013