A special message from True Mother Special Leaders’ Assembly of the Heavenly Japan to bring victory to Vision 2027

June 18, 2022

Dear Beloved Leaders and Blessed Families of the Heavenly Japan,

All of you are striving to become one with me, True Mother, to accomplish the will of the Heavenly Parent. I love you all.

Despite the difficult mission of the Mother Nation, I am truly blessed to have all of you walk in gratitude and with devotion to become one with me. I would like to meet with you in person and give you encouragement, but I regret that I am not able to do so due to current circumstances.

Therefore, I sent Yun Young-ho, Director-General of World Headquarters, and asked him to share about my vision on the development of a new providence for each continent, in order to bring substantial victory on the 60th Heavenly Parent’s Day in 2027. In addition, I believe he shared the overall direction of this providence and how we will realize the firm establishment of a Heavenly unified world, substantially, over the course of the remaining 60 months.

In particular, Cheon Won Gung Cheon Il Sanctum—the fruition of human history and fruition of heaven’s providence—will be consecrated next year. Cheon Won Gung will be the place of the central government where Cheon Il Guk can be managed, and the Cheon Il Sanctum will be the Heavenly Parent’s original sanctuary, which has never been constructed in history. Through Cheon Won Gung Cheon Il Sanctum and the substantial, firm establishment of God on a continent basis, I am convinced the Heavenly unified world—the realization of the ideals of a cosmic family—will be accomplished.

To the leaders and blessed families of the Heavenly Japan!
Please do not waver in heart and remain pure as crystal as you become one with True Mother in spite of all the temptations and difficulties that may come up in the Mother Nation of the Heavenly Japan at this critical time in history. I pray that you make the determination to walk with me and bring victory in the next 60 months and bring completion to the final providence.

For those who have ears but cannot hear, and eyes but cannot see, I have given everything in order to have them know the truth of heaven’s providence, traveling from east to west, from south to north, so that the Heavenly Parent’s original position be restored. Even as my mouth had developed sores and my legs swelled up making it difficult to stand, I could not rest because after making the determination to go down this path, I wanted to keep my promise to God of putting an end to this history of impiety, no matter how difficult it became.

The last moments of this providence are approaching. In this golden age of the providence, if you join me in these final 60 months and devote yourselves completely, you will be recorded forever in the Heavenly Parent’s history of the providence, and will be the true children of True Parents, the proud disciples of heaven and earth, whom all people will remember. No matter how difficult things may get, I ask that you unite with Regional Group President Bang Sang-il, and I pray that we all bring victory in 2027.

I love you all dearly.

True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind