Godism is a brotherhood centered on parents

On February 24, something that nobody could’ve believed happened: the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. The increasing toll of people and soldiers, the destruction of historical sites and monuments, and the number of displaced people within Ukraine and abroad, which now exceeds 10 million. Images that make you want to cover your eyes are making rounds across the world through the internet, television, newspapers, and social media.

What’s the purpose of this invasion? Where is justice? Why point guns at your neighbor? Some of the Russian soldiers who stand on the battlefield with no sense of meaning have lost their will to fight and surrendered.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military and people are standing up for their loved ones and their country. With the world’s support for Ukraine and fury over Russia’s actions, the military volunteers, who take up arms for the first time as their hands tremble with anxiety, head for the battlefield where they cannot relax for even a moment.

From a geopolitical point of view, the Russian invasion of Ukraine tends to be seen as a confrontation between the Eastern and Western camps; and from an ideological point of view, a confrontation between the Communist and the Liberal camps. Some have also pointed out religious conflict as one aspect of the confrontation.

True Mother observes the situation from a completely different perspective.

The key to solving any problem lies in a parental heart

At the victory celebration of the Korean Peninsula Peace Summit, True Mother gave the following message.

The owner of the universe and this Earth is our Heavenly Parent. Fallen people, however, do not know about Heavenly Parent, and are claiming the world as their own and building up their national borders. Among the nations called superpowers in the world today are some, such as Russia and China, that do not know Heaven and restrict religious freedoms. Isn’t that true? All nations in Europe, where the Christian culture emerged, have to stand up in front of those countries. The only way to become Heavenly Parent’s children is to accept True Parents and live together as brothers and sisters in Heavenly Parent’s embrace…Europe needs to unite and educate the two strong powers that are posing a problem right now, the two strong powers that do not know about God. Teach them, create bonds with them as your younger brothers and bring them to Heavenly Parent.

Han, H.J. Victory Celebration Address. February 15, 2022.

In God’s providence of restoration, Europe, which has played a leading role in the history of Christianity, stood in Abel’s realm and was called the “elder brother”; and other powers, which denied God and advocated communism, being the fruit on Satan’s side were called “younger brother.”

True Mother is a True Parent of humankind. The people of Europe, who have not yet fulfilled their mission, and the people of other nations, who do not yet know the love of True Parents and continue to deny God, are all beloved children from the heart of the Parents. They are the children whom God wants to see return to His bosom together.

The key to solving any problem lies in a parental heart: the Heavenly Parent’s heart for creation. This is called Godism or paternalism. Paternalism has the power of love that even surpasses communism.

At the Korean Peninsula Peace Summit, many top leaders spoke of the need for “God” and the idea of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values. It was a moment where I strongly felt Mother’s great stature as the Mother of humanity, the Mother of peace, as well as the approaching fruition of Godism.

Interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values sought through Godism

In the Divine Principle, it is written that when Stalin, the Second Coming on Satan’s side, established communism, this was a sign that Jesus would be coming again soon and build a world of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values. Centering on True Parents, who stand as the Second Advent, we are now about to cross the providential peak where the ideal of a one world family of humankind is to be realized.

Beyond this peak, a unified world of family-oriented communal life (a unified life with a common economy, common management, and common ethics) will develop that have the qualities of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values. That is the ideal society that Godism aspires to create, and this is the final stage of paternalism.

This is what True Mother said at the Korean Peninsula Peace Summit.

As the True Parent, I wish to express my hope for the citizens of North and South Korea. Please become brothers and sisters of the North and South who are one with me. At that point we will see the true unification of the Korean Peninsula. World peace and the unity of all humankind as Heavenly Parent’s sons and daughters can moreover be achieved in this age and this generation.

Han, H.J. Victory Celebration Address. February 15, 2022.

Being a part of the Heavenly Japan, let us offer our cheongseong as the Mother Nation appropriate for the golden age as we look towards the firm establishment of the Heavenly Unified Korea.