Message of President Tanaka “Let us go into the Heavenly Parent’s bosom, invested in loving others!”

Humankind has already received the victorious, unique, eternal and unchanging True Parents and finds itself in the final stages of the 6,000-year biblical history of the providence of human salvation.

The blessed words, that the ancestors of humanity lost due to the fall, have been regained, and humanity has even received the grace of blessed marriages where they can be converted from the false lineage and engrafted to the lineage of the Heavenly Parent (God) and True Parents’ true love. The way has also been paved for the millions and billions of souls, as well as the people on earth, to be liberated and blessed.

Nevertheless, what is the reason that the foundation, needed by heaven to establish Cheon Il Guk, has not been sufficiently built?

In order for Japan to stand respectively as the Mother Nation before True Mother, who stands at the forefront of the providence leading the way to victory in the Second Seven-year Cosmic Canaan Course, we must humbly recognize that we are still in an apologetic state and must think with a spirit of self-discipline.

What we need now is a new faith, a new way of living, and a new way of doing things.

We cannot expect a revolutionary progress by continuing to use the methods of operation that the leaders have relied upon up to now. We cannot continue to employ the way of life-style, witnessing methods, or the perspectives on life of faith of the past without any change. Why is this is? We have not been able to bring great results by using these means. It’s a different story if there have been great results, but since we cannot deny that this is not how it has been, we must take up new attitudes and reform our life of faith, attitude toward life, and methods of witnessing. Therefore, without coming up with a new style of life of faith, attitude toward life-style, and witnessing methods, we cannot bring about new developments.

The Way of the Spiritual Leader

The providence has always changed with each Heavenly victory. We have gone from the era of the Unification Church, focused on indemnifying Christianity, to the Family Federation, and now we are entering the age of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, leading all people to True Parents’ bosom through the radiance emitted by Cheonbo.

The providence has moved forwards from the era of individual indemnity, when people were compelled to renounce the world and follow the religious path, to the era of family and tribal restoration by returning to their hometowns, to the era where Cheonbo families take the lead after being victorious in Heavenly tribal messiahship.

Regarding witnessing, we are moving from an era of systematic strategies to an era in which the second and third generation have become major players where personal expertise, interpersonal relationships and heartistic bonds linked to families and regions have become the forefront of witnessing and is brining new life. As we pledge every day, “Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk…by centering on true love,” we are required to have a strong sense of ownership to “make the home and region Cheon Il Guk.”

Therefore, the attitudes of faith, lifestyles, and behaviors of the individuals and families must be questioned. It is also necessary to ask yourself that the biggest obstacle to your growth may lie in your own selves.

What is another reason that our church could not develop? It is because we could not follow through in taking care of those who joined. Despite the fact that we should pay increasingly more attention to the people whom we have witnessed to, we neglect them after they join the movement. This amounts to killing the new members. At least for three years, you must continue to take good care of them under any difficulty.

The Way of the Spiritual Leader

Neither the development of the church nor establishing the foundation for Heaven’s providence can be discussed without the victory of witnessing. Churches that do not witness will surely perish. This is a never-changing truth, no matter how the times or the providence may change.

Nonetheless, even if you drag people to Divine Principle workshops, if they don’t want to be there they will eventually leave the church. The only weapon we have in witnessing is “love.” True Father taught us, “You should endear yourselves to members of the Unification Church more than whom you love.”

Haven’t we all come to realize that love has a force of attraction in our relationship with our True Parents? We are the ones that abandoned our old lives and rushed to see our True Parents even if it meant leaving our loved ones behind. True love has the power to bring out an overflowing emotion that makes you want to be together with that person all the time.

If we had done as our True Parents had and stayed up late and prayed diligently for those we witnessed to, would even one (spiritual) life have gone astray? If we had cried out more than when our own parents had died, wouldn’t the lives of the witnessees have been saved?

True Parents have been driven to love the Heavenly Parent and to love others their entire lives. If there are any problems, all of it is because we have not inherited their tradition of love.

We are not to witness for the church institution, nor are we to witness for our own salvation. We have been taught that witnessing is to help lead (someone’s spiritual) life to give up on the Satanic world and follow Heaven’s path with joy and laughter. Through your faith, lifestyle and the practice of love, witnessing is a way to plunge into the Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ bosom with joy and laughter.

Brothers and sisters all over the country, let us go crazy about loving people.