Become One with True Mother and Bring About Miracles to the Heavenly Japan

February 7, 2021
Shoto Headquarters, Shibuya, Tokyo

Become One with True Mother and Bring About Miracles to the Heavenly Japan

On February 7, a “Service of the Hope and Advancement for the Firm Establishment of the Heavenly Unified World by Region 1 of the Heavenly Japan of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community” was held via the internet connecting members nationwide centered around Shoto Headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo and Cheon Jeong Gun Museum in South Korea. True Mother attended the event online, and as 30,000 viewers joined in, Bang Sang-il, the Regional Group President of Heavenly Japan of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, gave the sermon. In his talk, he testified about the miracles that True Parents have achieved before Heaven, and stressed the mission that the Heavenly Japan should fulfill in the future. (Editorial Department)

Members of the Heavenly Japan and Heavenly Taiwan, who continue to walk with the yearning for True Mother!

(Today is) December 26th of the 8th year of the Heavenly Calendar. It is the last Sunday of 2020 of the Heavenly Calendar, and to be able to offer the “Service of the Hope and Advancement for the Firm Establishment of the Heavenly Unified World by Region 1 of the Heavenly Japan of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community” while welcoming True Mother—the actual body of the Holy Spirit—is truly an honor.

We have ushered in the Era of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. In order to firmly establish a new culture of worship, True Mother has given permission for us to offer services centered around District 1 of the Heavenly Japan, following the Heavenly Korea. Dear members! Please give a huge round of applause with gratitude to Mother for attending this precious service, together with us, from Cheon Jeong Gun.

Our beloved and respected True Mother! In order to prevent COVID from spreading, we cannot meet you directly, and we sincerely apologize for having to greet you from such a distance. The members of the Heavenly Japan and Heavenly Taiwan are always filled with the desire to meet you and they yearn for you, Mother. Today, we would like to offer this service filled with the heart and cheonseong of all of the blessed families.

Plum blossoms have started to bloom in Japan. These blossoms even bloom beautifully in cold winters or in snow, signaling the arrival of spring. The language of flowers express chastity, loyalty and perseverance, while also conveying beauty, longevity and keeping promises. I promise that we will all pray for your health—the health of our beautiful True Mother—and that we will keep this promise.

Heavenly Parent! You, who have walked a long and arduous road to help others!

First, I would like to read a passage from the preface of True Mother’s biography, The Mother of Peace and God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Their Eyes.

With a desperate and urgent heart, as if searching for a needle in the midst of a sandstorm while unable to see an inch in front of me, I proclaimed the truth of Heaven’s providence. Like a person who is beside herself with desperation, I embrace the world again and again, loving all Your children as my own. With my whole heart I embrace even those among Your Children who, unaware of the truth, have misunderstood and even persecuted me. As I do, You heal the wounds that they inflict…I continually traversed the earth…Political and religious leaders lowered their guard, responded, and embraced each other. People began referring to me as the Mother of Peace.

Due to the fall of the progenitors of humankind, Adam and Eve, the Heavenly Parent (God) had to traverse the cold and resentful “winter of the providence of restoration” before welcoming a new spring. The first event in human history that brought about “spring” in the providence must have been the birth of Jesus. For 4,000 years, the Heavenly Parent—the parent of humankind—had followed a long and difficult path, making indemnity conditions through central figures, in order to send the Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to the earth.

However, the Jewish people at that time, being ignorant of Heaven’s providence, did not believe in Jesus and crucified him as a heretic. How much pain did the Heavenly Parent feel when He had to look down on this scene? A crime that could never be wiped clean was committed before the Heavenly Parent.

Nevertheless, the Heavenly Parent endured pain and hardship, and after 2,000 years of setting up indemnity conditions, He was finally able to send the savior, the True Parents, to this land to complete the providence of salvation.

However, many Christians still wait for the Messiah to come on the clouds. They literally believe the biblical description and look up to the clouds in the sky.

I know this very well because I grew up as a Christian. This Christian passion for the Messiah is unimaginable. The one who came as the Messiah is the True Mother who stands before us today.

The birth of the True Parents was the first such glorious occasion in 6,000 years of human history.

From this context, I would like to talk about the five miracles that I consider to be the “greatest miracles in human history.”

The first miracle is the births of the Only Begotten Son, True Father, and the Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother. These were the first glorious occasions in 6,000 years and the greatest events in human history. We are the lucky few that were able to encounter them at this moment in time.

The second is the Holy Wedding of the True Parents, which allowed the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth to be opened on this land. Without this miracle, the history of the Blessing to convert fallen humanity to Heaven’s lineage would not have been able to commence.

The third is that the gates to Cheon Il Guk were opened and Foundation Day declared because of True Mother. The Heavenly Parent’s wish was to establish a true family and build a true nation. Cheon Il Guk, the dream of the Heavenly Parent and the wish of humankind, was able to begin because of Mother.

The fourth miracle is the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk and the registration of Cheonbo families. For the past seven years, True Mother has overcome all kinds of hardships at the forefront of the providence that led to the victory of restoring seven nations and seven religious groups. With this foundation, the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk and the Cheonbo family registration were accomplished and the gates of Heaven were opened. This is an event never experienced in human history.

The fifth is the concrete establishment of Cheon Il Guk that we must fulfill moving forward while attending True Mother. The miracles that have been achieved thus far have been done by Mother alone, but for the completion of a Heavenly unified world and the concrete establishment of Cheon Il Guk, we must accomplish these with our own hands and offer them to Mother. We shoulder this kind of responsibility and mission.

Dear blessed families and peace ambassadors! The Heavenly Japan has partaken in these 5 great miracles and, as the Mother Nation, have received immense blessings from True Mother that cannot be described in words. True Mother has officially visited Japan over 50 times having given 171 speeches. Every time, she invested all of herself dedicating her blood and flesh as if her bones were going to crack.

In particular, the 50-minute speech she gave at the 50,000-member rally at Tokyo Dome (September 24, 1992) was done all in Japanese. That was indeed True Mother’s true love for Japan, and we can never forget such a feeling.

I was appointed as Regional Group President of Heavenly Japan on October 11th of last year. I was not able to sleep at all. It never occurred to me that taking responsibility over one continent would be such a burden.

However, True Mother is shouldering the weight of the world and cosmos, so is it possible for her legs not to hurt? Even if she had legs made of steel, would she be able to endure this forever? And since she is shouldering the salvation of the cosmos, how can she live in comfort?

After sending True Father to the spirit world, True Mother is the one that has taken all responsibility on her own shoulders and has walked with a determination of life and death. She always thinks of Father, who is together with her. Yet, she has had to hold back tears as she loves and cherishes us more than Father had loved us.

For the last seven years, True Mother has shown us everything there is to the way to victory. In the next seven years, if each of us fulfill our responsibilities like Mother has done, nothing will be impossible.

Let us give thanks and glory to True Mother who achieved unprecedented results and brought victory for us. Please give her a big round of applause as we offer our determination and pray for good health for the rest of her life. (Applause)

Five Miracles that Should be Brought About in the Heavenly Japan

Timing, direction, and speed are probably the most important factors in advancing the providence. Timing and direction will be decided by the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Blessed families must speed up and hasten the completion of the providence in order to fulfill their mission entrusted by heaven.

Throughout the providence of restoration, central figures appeared to fulfill certain missions. The leading figure of the Old Testament was Moses, and the leading figure of the New Testament, who laid the foundation for Christianity to become a worldwide religion as it is today, was the Apostle Paul.

Then, who is the person (people) that is to take care of the Begotten Daughter, True Mother—the figure to fulfill the responsibility for the providence who stands at the center of the era of Cheon Il Guk and the era of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community? That is none other than we, the blessed families, cheonbo families. Therefore, we are responsible for the completion of the providence in the era of Cheon Il Guk, and I would like to explain five miracles that we should bring to the Heavenly Japan.

The first miracle to bring about is the transformation of all blessed families into Cheonbo families. The Heavenly Parent and the True Parents have blessed all blessed families so that they become proud and distinguished Cheonbo families. It is a similar blessing as the key to heaven that Jesus gave Peter. True Mother has stated that the best way to show filial piety is for all blessed families to be registered into Cheonbo and establish the foundation of 43 substantial families and that this is the way towards completion that blessed families must take.

True Parents once explained that heaven is a place for filial children. True filial children are people who know the heart of their parents and take action accordingly. It is True Parents’ hope to increase the number of Cheonbo families on earth that will eradicate Satan’s lineage and convert all humankind to become children of Heavenly Parent. To this end, True Mother is devoting all of her energy to deliver the words of God and True Parents to at least a third of humanity by 2027.

Let all blessed families of the Heavenly Japan bring miracles of becoming victorious Cheonbo families, without leaving behind a single family!

The second miracle is to create a foundation of 10,000 people in each church district. Since a few years ago, True Mother has clarified the path that humanity should take in the “one-second era.” Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has greatly affected all of humanity, Mother hosted the One Million People Online Rally of Hope and Advancement broadcasted through World Headquarters where we were able to learn many things. With this online strategy, Japan has used this platform to hold a 10,000 member Rally of Hope and Advancement in three church districts. This victorious foundation is even expanding nationwide.

People connected in this way can be taught online. Not only can 430 horizontal families be achieved, but 43 blessed families that are to become core families can also be realized. Moreover, each church district will then be able to create a foundation for witnessing of 10,000 members and lay the foundation for national restoration.

The third is to contribute to the unification of the two Koreas and world peace through families of Japanese and Korean blessed couples. True Parents united the enemy nations of Korea and Japan through blessed marriages. There are many families of Japanese and Korea blessed couples in Japan, as well as many international families from over 100 nations worldwide. Through blessed marriages, couples are able to build relationships of love that transcend national boundaries, and this is the shortcut to establishing world peace. Families of Japanese and Korea blessed couples and international families should lead the way in bringing this miracle of true love to the Heavenly Japan.

The fourth is to bring victory in witnessing by utilizing True Mother’s biography. Her biography has become the greatest weapon for witnessing as COVID has forced everyone to limit human contact. Miraculous testimonies have been shared, such as one member, who had been away from the church for 15 years, making a fresh start and becoming active in church activities after reading and being moved by her biography; or another member, who abstained from church activities for 20 years, repenting after reading the biography and promised to invest all efforts in order to make up for those 20 years and relearn the Principle together with her son’s wife.

In addition, the book has remained a bestseller in Taiwan since its publication. In this way, it has had a megaton effect on people. All members, let us bring a great miracle in witnessing by utilizing True Mother’s biography, the greatest weapon that she has given to us for this cause.

The fifth is to witness to young people and students of the future generation. The core members of the Meiji Restoration that decorated the history of modernism in Japan were young people in their twenties and thirties. In the same manner, it will be the youth who will lead the way in the era of Cheon Il Guk.

Currently, 4,000 core members of TOP GUN, who are leading figures in creating a new history, are working across the nation. They are aware that True Mother is hwanangdo, named after the spirit of hyojeongnang, and they are walking on the frontlines of witnessing as a special task force in Heaven’s providence. They have established a strong bond of unity with Hiroaki Takeuchi, the Regional Group Vice President of Heavenly Japan of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community who is responding to the wishes of Mother, and they will build the foundation for the future realm of third generation.

In the recent personnel shuffle, 36 newly appointed leaders focusing around blessed second generation of the Japanese Family Federation, were assigned their posts. Moving forward, more than 30 leaders will be appointed each year from the realm of second generation to prepare the foundation for the realm of third generation by 2027. Let us bring the miracle that will invoke our second and third generations to lead the future of the nation of the Heavenly Japan.

The Essence of the Providence that We Should Know in Order to Create Miracles

In order to bring these five miracles, you must know the essence of the providence. Here are three to keep in mind.

The first thing to know is that the master of all miracles in the Heavenly Japan is the Begotten Daughter, True Mother. Japan was the first country where True Parents sent missionaries, and it was established as the Mother Nation. True Parents saved Japan from crisis by creating the International Federation for Victory Over Communism at a time when Japan was in ideological turmoil. In the midst of moral degradation, they opened the gate of hope with the movement to build true families.

Furthermore, True Parents helped prepare Japan’s future through the “Peace Road” and the “Japan-Korea Tunnel,” which were huge projects for world peace. In November 2016, True Mother visited and blessed the research shaft site in Karatsu (Saga Prefecture). Afterwards, global investor Jim Rogers visited the site and agreed with True Parents’ vision for the Japan-Korea Tunnel.

The second thing to know is that True Mother is the source of fire for such miracles. We have to learn that kind of “blaze” from Mother. With the world in stagnation due to COVID-19, Mother used “flaming wisdom” to materialize the idea of “turning a crisis into an opportunity.” She illuminated the path humanity must take through the words of the one-second era, and presided over the One Million People Online Rally of Hope and Advancement broadcasted through World Headquarters. No one would have thought of that.

The Heavenly Japan now holds online academic forums for university students through similar online strategies, where 43 people have participated, including university presidents and professors. We will create a foundation for these VIPs to be able to participate in Heaven’s providence moving forward.

In addition, the third generation, the most influential religious group in Japanese society, are being witnessed through online Principle lectures. In the future, we will continue to lead and educate as many people as possible through the two-day Principle workshops via internet.

The third thing to know is that spirit and the truth bring about Heavenly works. True Mother has urged us to build churches full of spirit and the truth as in the early days. While holding onto these words, we have promoted Cheonbo workshops and ancestor liberation and blessing. One member of the Diet who has been guided in these workshops had this to say:

“I really value my ancestors. I haven’t met many people who think nobler than me, but I was very surprised to hear that the Family Federation has been liberating up to 430 generations of ancestors and even holding blessing ceremonies for them. I have become interested in the Family Federation and want to study their doctrine.”

In addition, a city council member participated in a two-day workshop held nationwide. She is a Diet member who gave birth to nine children. After the workshop, she said that she wanted to get blessed right away. There is no doubt that many people can be converted and for the church to grow exponentially if we do as True Mother says.

The Secret to Victory is to Absolutely Believe in God’s Words, Rely on God’s Power, and Put it into Practice

Let me tell you about man named Gideon in the Bible. One day an angel appeared before Gideon and told him, “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor!” (Judges 6:12) and ordered him to save Israel from the Midianites. At first, Gideon wondered if he was worthy of being a warrior to save Israel and asked God for proof. However, in the end he realized his mission and decided to beat the Midianites.

Midian led a large force of about 135,000 and was the strongest military force at that time. In contrast, Gideon had 32,000 soldiers. However, many of his soldiers lost their will to fight and left, so he was left with about 10,000 soldiers. Then, God gave a test in which 300 passed. These 300 people fought against an army of 135,000 with only their faith in heaven. Although they were outnumbered 450 to one, they still won which was truly a miracle.

How did that happen? Victory seemed impossible based solely on human rationale and judgment. Gideon and his 300 warriors won because they fought with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to God. The secret of victory is to believe in God’s words absolutely, to rely on the power of God, and put it into practice. We are the ones living in this current age, and we will surely bring victory if we believe in the words of True Mother, rely on our collective strength, and put the word into practice.

When I came to Japan as a missionary in 1998, I received some words directly from True Father. Father taught me three things that I should do in Japan: 1) teach True Parents’ tradition, 2) guide the Japanese people so they can speak Korean, and 3) contribute to the unification of North and South Korea by uniting Mindan* and Chongryon.**

True Father said that Mindan and Chongryon were chosen people prepared by Heaven, and if their foundations were connected to the homeland, the two Koreas could be unified. Since then, I have always carried this determination of building a foundation in Japan for Korean reunification. In order for the Father Nation of the Republic of Korea to rise as the Heavenly Unified Korea, the Mother Nation of Japan, must fulfill its mission and role.

On November 23, 2019, we welcomed True Mother to Taiwan, and we were able to successfully celebrate the 15,000 member blessing ceremony. By believing in what Mother said and putting it into practice, we were able to bring victory to a huge event even with a small foundation of members. The members that openly testified about Mother mobilized many people while those who hadn’t done so had a hard time. I think this is a good example that testifying about Mother is the key to victory.

Become Filial Sons and Daughters that Build Achievements and Give Honorable Reports

True Mother has said, “From now, I would like you to show your victories through achievements, not just in words.” Therefore, let us become filial sons and daughters who understand Mother’s sincere heart, put her words into practice with passion, and build up great achievements, so that we may offer up honorable reports. Furthermore, let us leave our names behind in eternity at Cheonbowon as blessed families and true sons and daughters who fulfill the responsibilities in the era of Cheon Il Guk. Let us not be hasty in our rush to recapture the highlands, which is right before us. Let us fully invest our bodies and spirits so that we may bring about miracles to the Heavenly Japan by becoming one with Mother.

Now is the time to make a decision between life and death in order to achieve Heaven’s dream and hope of firmly establishing the heavenly unified world. We must remember that our lives begin and end with True Parents. Let us all do our very best so that True Mother does not have to overwork her body.

True Mother! Don’t worry! We are not the juvenile and immature sons and daughters anymore. We will become sons and daughters that you can be proud of, so please believe in us. We will certainly, without fail, fulfill the dreams of the Heavenly Parent, the dreams of True Parents, and the hope of humanity.

*Mindan refers to the Republic of Korean Residents Union in Japan and it has ties with South Korea.
**Chongryon refers to the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan and it has ties with North Korea.