Let Us Become One with True Mother and Become the Mother Nation of Japan that Brings Victory

Bang Sang-il
Regional Group President, Heavenly Japan
Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community

Greetings to all family members and blessed families of the Family Federation of Heavenly Japan.

I am Bang Sang-il and I have been appointed as the Regional Group President of Heavenly Japan. Moving forward, I hope we can all become one and I will do my best so that we can become the Mother Nation of Japan that can return glory and happiness to Heavenly Parent (God) and True Parents.

Recently, True Mother often appears in my dreams. In one of them, she did not appear in splendid attire, but she appeared as an ordinary lady in the countryside working tirelessly. When I saw this, I realized that Mother was going through so much difficulties for the sake of mankind and imprudent children. I felt deeply indebted.

In a separate dream, True Mother told me, “Go find chopsticks and spoons.” After having this dream, I couldn’t stop thinking what chopsticks and spoons symbolize? When I told this to Vice Chairman Lee Seong-man, he said, “Chopsticks and spoons symbolize the mouth, which symbolizes the person.” In other words, it meant that I had to witness.

A few days later, at the victory banquet for “The Grand Cheonbo Festival for the 8th Anniversary of Sun Myung Moon’s Cosmic Seunghwa” (October 11), the thing True Mother emphasized the most was “witnessing.” I realized these dreams weren’t mere coincidences.

At the banquet, True Mother said, “You can be free in the eternal world only if you live on the earth without blemishes and impurities.” She emphasized, “All the blessed families in the world must fulfill the responsibilities of the heavenly tribal messiahship and obviously become families registered into Cheonbo. You must not remain where you are.”

At “The Grand Festival of Cheonbo” (October 10), Mother spoke about the responsibilities and duties of Cheonbo families. We, the members and blessed families, should clearly know the responsibilities assigned to each of us and help each other make efforts toward victory.

I have reported the following six items to True Mother regarding our future plans.

The first is to fulfill our mission as the Mother Nation bestowed upon us by Heaven. We all must do our best for Japan to fulfill this responsibility.

The second is to educate the second and third generations so we can lay the foundation for the future. To this end, we must create places for young students to be educated and active.

The third is witnessing. This cannot be overemphasized enough. True Parents have talked extensively about the importance of witnessing. It is a predestined responsibility that we have where we must fight to bring victory. At first glance, witnessing may seem difficult in Japanese society due to an aging population and lack of interest in religion among young people. However, if we mobilize spirit world and propagate the words from the lives of True Parents, results will surely be good.

The fourth item is for leaders and members to become one and practice the love and life of living for the sake of others. This type of organization will surely be one of life, which would lead to building the foundation for national and world salvation.

The fifth item is to create a spiritual and substantial foundation where Japan and Korea—the central nation of the providence—can become completely one. To this end, we will gather all of our wisdom and invest ourselves. In the home, children will automatically follow their parents when the father and mother become one. Therefore, the shortcut for uniting the world is to have the Father Nation of Korea and the Mother Nation of Japan become one.

Today, we are in a very difficult situation with Korea-Japan relations, but we must all make effort centering on True Mother’s words, especially families of Korean-Japanese and Japanese-Korean couples.

The sixth item is to continuously carry out activities to promote the blessing, as well as volunteer activities. Consequently, if we become known as an organization that helps Japanese society, our social image will definitely improve.

I have briefly listed the six items above, but the most important thing for us is to be one with the Heavenly Parent and True Parents, especially with True Mother who is carrying full responsibility for the providence on Earth. When we become completely united with Mother, everything will go smoothly and true victory will come about.

I hope all church members can become one in heart and let us march towards victory for the second 7-year course to restore cosmic Canaan in order to firmly establish Cheon Il Guk, and Vision 2027.