Let Us Advance Towards Victory for the Second 7-year Cosmic Canaan Course

Greetings and blessings to all.

My name is Tomihiro Tanaka and I have been appointed as President of the Family Federation of Japan.

I feel a great responsibility for the heavenly affairs that play a part in fulfilling the mission of the Mother Nation. Motivated by the tradition of faith and sincerity of many seniors, as well as utilizing, as a source of energy, the hyojeong of all church members nationwide towards the Heavenly Parent (God) and True Parents, the Heavenly Japan is proceeding on a voyage, and I am nervous about this heavy responsibility of leading us on the route desired by Heaven.

(To the senior members,) we look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

This year marked the 100th anniversary of the birthday of True Father and the 60th anniversary of the Holy Wedding, and we are in the midst of walking this historical year that will forever be engraved in history. After Father’s seonghwa, True Mother said, “Keep moving forward without rest.” The total efforts of these past eight years, in which she has been at the forefront of the providence, culminated with the 40-day cheongseong period commemorating the 8th anniversary of Father’s cosmic seonghwa.

During this period, a series of commemorative events took place, which concluded with the historic moment of the registration of victorious families of heavenly tribal messiahship into Cheonbowon. It was a day to experience the beauty of the providence that was actualized in the victory of heavenly tribal messiahship, which was truly the will of True Father.

Under the consistent vision of creating a foundation for the salvation of the nation and world through the victory of heavenly tribal messiahship, I can only bow my head before the motherly love overflowing from True Mother that desires to bring all blessed families before the Heavenly Parent and True Father as victorious families who have walked with them towards the peak of the providence.

In front of all of the registered families of Cheonbowon, Mother gave the following words in tears: 

How long have we waited for this day? Our Heavenly Parent sought to fulfill His dream together with His children on Earth. However, the human fall caused the Heavenly Parent to suffer way too much. How much did he endure and wait for this moment?

October 10, 2020

There was no way we could lift our heads before her. Mother continued and said, “The families that have registered into Cheonbo are the true citizens of Cheon Il Guk—the original, the pure, and the virtuous dreamt by the Heavenly Parent—who will be recorded in Cheonbo.” These were heartfelt words of a parent who has great hopes for all of us.

In addition, True Mother clearly conveyed the responsibilities and mission of Cheonbo families: that is to expand the scope of Cheonbo families to other families, relatives, neighbors, countries and the world. We need to accept the providential responsibility of leading people to the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community by developing witnessing and blessing (activities).

The Family Federation for a Heavenly Japan will need to move forward towards victory for the Second 7-year Cosmic Canaan Course in order to firmly establish Cheon Il Guk together with Bang Sang-il, the Regional Group President of Heavenly Japan.

In particular, the consecration of Cheon Won Gung (the Holy Palace of Cheon Il Guk), due in 2023, will be the moment where the status of True Parents will be declared to humankind in a visible way and be engraved forever in human history. At that time, all blessed families should be able to show that they are manifestations of branch temple. Therefore, we need to strive for the settlement of “heavenly families” that attend the Heavenly Parent. The “heavenly families” must be in line with the situations, heart, and wishes of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and these families are the ones that need to play leading roles in the settlement of a heavenly unified world.

The following three items are Heaven’s hope conveyed by the current World Headquarters.

1. Bring victory for the Second 7-year Cosmic Canaan Course in order to firmly establish Cheon Il Guk towards the settlement of the Heavenly Unified World
2. Establish a National Assembly system to set sail under the structure based on the Cheon Il Guk Constitution that will go along with the construction of Cheon Won Gung in 2023
3. Create a foundation for the realm of third generation in the True Family and integrate the realms of the first, second, and third generations

In order to fulfill these aims, the first thing we must do is simply “witness.” Each blessed family should strive to bring victory in heavenly tribal messiahship and invigorate efforts to unify the region towards Cheon Il Guk. As we do so, we must create an environment of witnessing and establish a foundation for fostering next-generation leaders.

We only have two months left this year. True Mother is the one that feels the greatest pressure of how quickly time passes.

She stated the following:

I am not young. One of the missions of True Parents is to find and establish one of their own children so that the Heavenly Parent may be able to accomplish what He desires here on Earth.
October 11, 2020

Let us become the Heavenly Japan that can truly accept this heart of our True Mother.

I sincerely pray for your health and well-being. Thank you very much.