The Eulogy for the Eighth Anniversary of the Cosmic Seonghwa

The Cheonbo Festival Commemorating 8th Anniversary of Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind
July 17th of the 8th year of the Heavenly Calendar of Cheon Il Guk
(September 4, 2020)
Moon Yun Ah
President, UPF South Korea

Our Dearest True Father!

Since discovering the will of the Heavenly Parent and sensing the dire state of humanity, you dedicated your revered life for the sake of the will, and after establishing the only nation in the whole cosmos that is permeated with peace and unity, you returned abruptly to the eternal homeland in Heaven at 1:54 in the small hours of the morning on July 17 of the Heavenly Calendar in 2012, leaving behind the message, “Everything is done.”

Without realizing it, eight years have already passed, but in our hearts, we can still recall you with your eyes closed, tapping your fingers to the melody of a sentimental song as you sang the piece.

I truly miss those days when you comforted the heart of the Heavenly Parent with words that were filled with an endless stream of tears. I still see your bright smile formed by deep and gentle wrinkles, and recollect those days your grin brought us comfort.

On the nights when the moon floated in the sky above Mt. Cheonseong, Father, you casted your fishing line while getting intoxicated with the fragrance of the moonlight reflecting off the waters of Lake Cheonsim (Cheonpyeong Lake). Oh, how I dear to meet you, today. I want to feel your breath of life again. How I dear to hear your voice once more.

I miss you, Father! In what words can we express your life—a life soaked with blood, sweat, and tears as you could not refuse opportunities to liberate our Heavenly Parent and save humankind from the lengthy providence of restoration?

The thorny path filled with tears and bound with pain and remorse. Father, despite being deceived and betrayed, despite the repeated persecution and hardships, despite being innocent but still put behind bars, you carried the heart of a parent, full of love, and always forgave.

The tears you shed for humanity flowed into a river, became an ocean, and ended up as a filial heart that never dries; this heart has enriched the heart of all humankind.

That’s right. This filial heart, which lives on in the hearts of all humankind, has inspired every person who loves peace, from the Cape of Good Hope in Africa all the way to Santiago, Chile. It has melted guns and swords into hoes and ploughs. You gathered wisdom and laid the foundation for world peace. With true love, you opened the gate of unification.

In the days ahead, your revered life and magnificent achievements will be made into hymns of joy and hope, and will resound upon the whole Earth. The tradition of true love, the great legacy you’ve left behind, will be woven into the hearts of humanity and be remembered forever.

Our dearest Father! Please be hopeful of the future through us. As we have become one with Mother over the last seven years, which have been marked by the victory of the Declaration of the Realization of Cheon Il Guk, the next seven years will likely be marked by the victory of Vision 2027 toward the realization of the Heavenly Unified Korea and the Heavenly Unified World.

And finally, I vow and swear that we will surely accomplish the great dream of one humanity family under the Heavenly Parent, the world of true freedom and peace sought by the Heavenly Parent at the beginning of time, and a Cheon Il Guk that is filled with happiness.

True Father! We are indebted to you forever!
True Father! We will love you for all of time!