What is the mission of the chosen people?(Mother’s Message at the 8th Anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension)

September 4, 2020
Cheongshim Peace World Center

Respected leaders in all fields joining from around the world! Faith leaders, clan leaders, blessed families! It is nice to see you!
Although we have longed for a world in which we can be completely interconnected and united, this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has blocked the path to realizing that. Furthermore, the unprecedentedly abnormal climate, the heavy rain and typhoons we have been experiencing have resulted in the displacement and death of many people, as well as property damage, around the world. However, we who are within the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community are accumulating the strength to overcome all this and advance together into the future under Heavenly Parent’s protection. This is something to feel grateful for.
Today, I would like to speak to you on the topic, “What is the mission of the chosen people?”
God, our Creator, is the parent of humankind. Do you think that the Creator, in the position of our Parent, would just sit there and observe the present situation of humankind suffering today?
It was the dream of God, our Creator, to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth with all people, to live with them, and after they concluded their earthly lives, to stay with all His children forever in the eternal world.
The world of all things of creation continues to operate according to the principles of creation. The problem, however, lies with human beings. Human beings are inflicting too much damage on nature. How did things become this way?
Our Creator gave humankind a special responsibility to fulfill. That responsibility is to reach perfection in oneness with God, the Creator. This is the level of love that our Creator has wished to share with you. This is a principle of the creation. Our Creator is eternal. He is all-knowing and all-powerful. His beginning point and ending point are the same. This is not something that can be changed.
Due to the Fall, human history has been one of warfare. The situation has reached such a point that people can no longer make unity together.
God, who created everything at the outset, must also see it through to its completion. Hence, while enduring much pain, he conducted the providence of salvation to restore humanity. That refers to the history of Israel, the chosen people, which is part of human history.
A chosen people! Responsibility and duty always follow a chosen people. If we are to look at the results, however, the chosen people of Israel could not fulfill their responsibility. When we consider the long 4,000-year providential history through, particularly the providence to enter Canaan, centered on Moses, we might ask, why did it take 40 years to cross a desert that is only three fifths the size of Korea?
Heaven guided the people of Israel with a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud. Finally, the Savior for whom they had prayed to Heaven came. That Savior was Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son.
Yet what did the people of Israel do? They pushed Jesus onto the path to the cross. Jesus, who was driven to the cross, stood in a position in which he could not complete his mission on earth. That is why he said he would return and conduct the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
God created all things in his image. Likewise, as his only begotten Son had been born, His only begotten Daughter also had to be born. Briefly to explain, God’s only begotten Daughter was born among the Korean people in 1943.
That period in Korea was one of the most miserable and difficult times in Korean history. Korea was liberated in 1945 and was divided between the north and the south. It was under such circumstances that the Korean War broke out in 1950.
Those were days when the South Korean government had no capacity or power to deal with the North. Then, how could 16 member nations of the United Nations come to defend democratic South Korea? This was not by human power. It was because Heaven was with us. This being the case, the Korean people, among whom God’s only begotten Daughter was born, are the chosen people.
However, we need to seriously reflect on the position of the chosen people in the past. The chosen people carry the responsibility to become one with God’s only begotten Son and Daughter born on earth, and realize Heavenly Parent’s dream on earth.
Due to the coronavirus, all nations are setting controls in relation to one another and closing their borders more tightly than before. If we continue like this, there is no hope for the future.
We who are living in this time! This is a time when the responsibility of the blessed families who follow True Parents is of crucial importance.
I have mentioned that the Earth is suffering due to the ignorance of human beings. The development of civilization and advances in science have reached the stage where they have become out of balance. Consequently, they are severely reducing the space on Earth where living organisms can survive. We inevitably worry about the future of our beloved second and third generation sons and daughters. What are we to do? There is no time to delay.
While I am still living on earth, all blessed families around the world should actively work and strive to expand the environment True Parents have created so that they can teach others that, “From the outset, God the Creator has been our Parent, and His dream is to realize the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and live here together with us.” The only way to solve all the difficult problems arising in our world is to follow the path of True Parents’ will from within the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community.
Notably, the Korean race is a people that Heaven has embraced and nurtured for 2,000 years. It never attacked its neighbors, not even once. The Korean people have been highly educated in the philosophy of filial devotion, of revering heaven and in filial piety to their parents. The day must come when this nation, which is the chosen people, becomes completely one with True Parents and proudly declares in front of all people living today, that they have become a Heavenly Unified Korea, a Korean people that lives together with Heavenly Parent!
I have said, time and again, that this great calamity of the spreading coronavirus is not something that can be stopped by human effort. As far as I know, it took several centuries to discover a vaccine for smallpox. We can succeed in this if God works with us.
The people who are known as the politicians and leaders of Korea in the present time need to know about Heaven’s providence. They need to learn to fear God. The only way for them to fulfill their responsibility and duty as people in charge of the nation of the chosen people is to attend Heavenly Parent.
Dear members of the Unificationist community around the world who are on that path! Proclaim confidently through the top-class International Summit Council for Peace and the International Association for Parliamentarians for Peace in your own countries that there is a future for all people only when we attend and go forward with the Heavenly Parent.
I will say once again that the responsibility of the blessed families in Korea is important. Can God’s blessings remain with this people on the basis of your efforts? If not, this people may follow in the footsteps of a past chosen people who have become part of a history that has flowed on by. Please remember that we are now at such a serious crossroads.