The President’s 86th Message “Grace from the One-Million Member Rally of Hope and Advancement on Aug. 9th”

To all of the members, family members, and blessed families of the Family Federation for World Peace of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, good day. I would like to give you the U-ONE TV President’s Message for the month of August.


Today, I would like to talk about five points centering around the immense grace from the One Million People Online Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World, which was held on August 9th.


Firstly, as you all know, the Cheonbo registration providence, centered around the victorious families that can register into Cheonbo, has entered its final stages.


Regarding candidate families of victorious families that can register into Cheonbo, there are about 700 families from various fields that have been endorsed. So in the region of Japan, about 700 families are undergoing the screening process, and we are looking to have them participate in the distinguished ceremony of the Cheonbo registration, which will be on September 4th. They ultimately need to pass the final screening at World Headquarters conducted by the Cheonbo Inspection Committee, for their registration to be secured.


Once again, I would like to share with you that about 700 families have made it on time to be endorsed as candidate families that can register into Cheonbo as victorious families.


However, this is far from Heaven’s wish. For the fist phase, True Mother hoped for 2,000 such families from Japan, then 25,000 families, and ultimately, her hope is for all family members and blessed families in Japan to become victorious families that can register into Cheonbo. This is the sincere love of a true mother that Mother has for us.


So for those blessed families that did not make it on time, the official statement is that the next registration will take place in 2027. However, there is also the possibility that this grace may be expedited. Therefore, please don’t get down on yourselves and make the determination to become victorious families that can register into Cheonbo the next time. Please become one as husband and wife and become one with your children, so that you may become victorious families that can register into Cheonbo for the next registration.


In order to solidify your determination, please carefully observe the Cheonbo registration ceremony that will be held on September 4th, and take in the magnitude of the grace that will be given so that it can be absorbed in your spiritual bodies. I hope it can be fuel to help you take on the challenge of becoming victorious blessed families for the next registration. This was the first point. The second point is about One Million People Online Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World held on August 9th, which ended in great success. Victory of the event literally rang throughout the whole world.


In over 150 countries, 188 media agencies beginning with TV and radio stations, as well as news agencies, covered the rally.


The number of viewers in the world that viewed the promotional videos for the event was over 300 million, and the number of viewers that watched the live stream of the actual event in some shape or form was, incredibly, over 200 million. This is almost surreal. For our Unification movement, this was a very groundbreaking outcome.


True Mother has said a third of the 7.7 billion people of humanity need to know about the Heavenly Parent and True Parents as soon as possible. True Mother has resolved to raise a third of humanity so that they can attend the Heavenly Parent, and offer them to Him. Through this event, we were able to make rapid progress and take a step towards a third of the 7.7 billion population—in other words, 2.5 billion people.


I would like to reflect back on this August 9th event and share with you a few things from the rally.


Rev. Yun Yong-ho, General Secretary of World HQ, has already given us a video message and through his presentation, we were able to understand the summary of the event. However, I would like to add a few comments if I may.


The message of the event was the “Realization of a Heavenly Unified World through interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal shared values.” During the event, Mother once again emphasized, in her speech, the importance of a community of all people as one family of humanity.


The August 9th rally was also the beginning of a new 7-year course towards 2027, as it was a historical event on a global scale. I would like to share with you 4 points that Mother mentioned in her speech.


Mother’s opening greetings were, “Muchok, mani, kidaryoppsumnida. Pangapsumnida. 무적, 많이 기다렵습니다. 반갑습니다.” Muchok—very, mani—long time, kidaryoppsumnida—I waited. Pangapsumnida—I’m happy to see you. As we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, she really missed all of the family members, blessed families, and even the top VIPs that are in the class of heads of state. She really wanted to meet us, convey her words to us, and see our faces. We were able to feel the love of a mother and the emotional attachment she has towards us. It was really deep, and we could naturally feel Mother’s heart for us. It was a really wonderful opening greeting. This was the first point of her speech.


The second point is that we need to bless everyone through the word. No matter how great a VIP may be, without receiving the blessing they cannot become God’s son or daughter; they will not be able to change their lineage to Heaven’s lineage; they will not be able to receive the grace of rebirth. In that regard, we need to give the blessing to all of humanity. This is what she emphasized.


What this means is that we cannot be complacent and satisfied for just receiving the blessing and becoming blessed families.


The third point she emphasized was to take care of Mother Nature. Currently, we are facing environmental degradation and climate change, and as we confront these problems, we need to take care of Mother Nature, which God has given to humankind. With that in mind, Mother spoke about the necessity for humanity to make effort in tackling environmental issues.


The fourth point she mentioned was about her sincerest hope towards the Korean people—that unification needs to happen with the north and south. However, this cannot be done with the political, economical, or self interests and ambitions of statesmen. It is only when we center our efforts on the will of the Heavenly Parent and the will of True Parents can North and South Korea be unified. With that, Mother once again stated that “statesmen need to kneel before Heaven and lend their ears to Heaven’s calling. They need to display an attitude of respecting Heaven’s will.”


Mother spoke about her sincerest hope for the unification of North and South Korea, as well as, Heaven’s sincerest hope towards the Korean people, who have received such a noble blessing from Heaven.


There were many wonderful speakers that spoke during the event, and I would like to introduce four of them that especially left an impression on me. One of them was Ms. Paula White. She is currently a pastor in the U.S, and serves as the chair of the evangelical advisory board in the Trump administration. She is one of a handful of Christians that can freely enter the White House. So, Ms. Paula White.


She was invited to East Garden by True Mother two days before the inauguration ceremony of WCLC, which 30,000 people attended last year on November 28th. Coincidentally, Vice President Lee Son Man and I were present at this meeting, and Mother showed her affection and directly expressed her hopes to her. Mother spoke to her for 20 minutes before lunch, so she directly educated her.


This was a very heartistic encounter between her and Mother, and I was able to witness this clearly. If people have this kind of deep and personal connection with Mother, they would definitely come to these big and significant providential events and would want to speak.


The second person I would like to introduce is Ban Ki-moon, the former Secretary-General of the U.N. This figure has personally met with Mother on several occasions, and this past February, he had a very heartistic exchange with Mother, as he was deeply moved with this year’s World Summit.


He received the Founder’s Award for the Sunhak Peace Prize, and he was able to connect with our will on a deeper level. A world-renowned figure, such as him, was able to firmly connect with the Heavenly Parent through True Mother. During the rally, Ban Ki-moon testified beautifully about Mother.


The third person is Hun Sen, the current prime minister of Cambodia, who was also present. Before this year’s World Summit, due to the coronavirus, South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggested that he not accept an invitation from a nongovernmental organization and decline coming to South Korea for fear of getting infected, and if it were any other head of state, they probably would’ve declined and followed the Korean government’s request.


However, Prime Minister Hun Sen said, “I’m not going to Korea because I received an invitation from President Moon Jae-in. I’m going because I was invited by President Hak-ja Han. If she wants me to come, I want to go.” Hun Sen kept his promise to Mother and answered her call. With that heart, he never swayed, so before the whole coronavirus outbreak, he attended the World Summit in Korea as a head of state. He is definitely a historical and noble figure.


And fourth, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, was also present. He also attended the Nagoya Summit and the 40,000-member rally in Japan. He listened intently to Mother’s speech both times, and expressed his gratitude afterwards.


He mentioned, “Through President Hak-ja Han’s message, we can feel she wants to save all of humanity as the messiah of humankind. She speaks with such a pure motive and is leading the Unification movement in such a way.” Mr. Gingrich has been truly inspired, so he always makes an appearance as a speaker at significant events of ours.


Mr. Date, the former president of the House of Councillors, represented the VIPs from Japan and gave a wonderful speech, as well. After the event, I personally called Mr. Date and conveyed President Hak-ja Han’s immense gratitude she had for him.


Many noble figures have appeared before Mother as John the Baptists and are testifying about her. They are also testifying about the Unification movement. As we are currently dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, many of them also gave thought-provoking speeches about which path humanity needs to take in order to overcome this crisis. As I observed their speeches, there were two things I felt.


Last year, Mother toured the whole world despite her condition. As she went through the Cosmic Canaan 40-day World Tour to firmly establish Cheon Il Guk, she was, in fact, strengthening the bond with the world’s heads of state and educating them through her speeches. She was establishing the global foundation that would allow them to participate in the blessing ceremonies.


Because of that foundation, we were able to enjoy great success in this year’s World Summit.


And based on the foundation of the World Summit, many of the world VIPs were able to come to respect Mother from their hearts. She was able to build this kind of heartistic foundation, where they could admire and respect her as the Mother of Peace, as the Mother of all humankind.


Many of these VIPs in the class of heads of state testified about Heaven, testified about True Parents, testified about True Mother, just as John the Baptist was to do 2,000 years prior.


Unfortunately, Jesus was let down by John the Baptist 2,000 years ago. He was also let down by the rabbis and Pharisees. They all lost faith and Jesus went the way of the cross. We can say the same for Jesus’ 12 disciples. No matter how much we may shout, “Father is great! Mother is wonderful,” we are all but followers of the movement.


However, if there are VIPs from outside sources, who are influential in society, that testify about Mother, testify about True Parents, testify about the Unification movement, it is like night and day to having or not having these John the Baptists. True Mother brilliantly restored through indemnity Jesus’ lonely state and raised magnificent John the Baptists. The day the Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ prestige were able to be testified on a global scale was August 9th at this one-million member online Rally of Hope and Advancement. We can summarize the success of the event in this way.


In addition, many VIPs in Japan had gathered at local churches, where they viewed this event. There were even current members of the Diet among these VIPs.There were also several former members of the Diet.


Despite this organization being organized by a nongovernmental organization, many of these VIPs were deeply moved by the success of the one-million member Rally of Hope and Advancement of our Unification movement and how we were able to push forward, since many people are currently hesitant as they feel they can’t do anything because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Once again, I would like to express gratitude from my heart to the Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the victory of the one-million member online Rally of Hope and Advancement on August 9th.


As I mentioned earlier, there were 188 TV, radio, newspaper, and other media agencies from 150 countries that covered this August 9th event, which was viewed by over 200 million viewers all over the world.


I received a letter from the Sagawas, who are the Japanese national messiahs of Bolivia, and they expressed that they viewed the event. I would like to share a portion of their letter.


“It’s been a long time. How are things going? This is a testimony about the Rally of Hope and Advancement in Bolivia the other day.


There were eight TV stations and seven radio stations that covered the event live. It’s said there were about 500,000 households that watched the event, but even if the ratings were 10 percent, that would mean there were 50,000 viewers. Over 40,000 commented on the event on Facebook, so at least 90,000 people must’ve viewed the event. Local stations covered it favorably, mostly free of charge. Things didn’t conclude there. We were promised that they would continue covering our pure love lectures.


This year, major newspapers printed ads for Mother’s Rally of Hope and Advancement and local TV stations broadcasted it live.


Those detectives and lawyers, who are anti-Unificationists and have wanted to throw us in prison for the past 25 years, as well as those judges that have believed in us, perhaps they watched the live broadcasts and came upon the dignified appearance of our Mother. It was like being in a dream.


She transcended human effort. Just as the air force helps the marines and army that struggle below, I felt Mother’s heavenly fortune had come to the rescue.


My goodness! The speed in which Cheon Il Guk can be realized, there’s no doubt about it.” We’ve received such wonderful testimonies like this about the realm of victory for this event. This was the second main point I wanted to share.


Thirdly, I would like to ask this of everyone, but if you were to ask yourselves what you’re supposed to do in order to build the foundation for world salvation, that is none other than spread the blessing. Currently, we are adopting the Taiwan method, and centering around Region Four of the Hyogo Church District, which is led by Regional Leader Kim Man-jin; as well as in Region Three, led by Regional Leader Kotoda—especially Shibata Church in the Niigata Church District—exemplary blessing ceremonies were held. In the Shibata Church, a chief priest of a shrine and his wife received the blessing. Another priest even gave congratulatory remarks.


The fact that there is an increase in the number of local VIPs that are transcending the barrier between religions and participating in the blessing is very promising, so please continue to spread the blessing nationwide.


There are four qualities regarding the blessing ceremony that utilize the Taiwan method. The first is to receive the blessing first, and educate later. That is why it is easy for people to attend.


The second quality is to hold it publicly and explain the beauty of blessing marriages in an easy-to-understand way. As much as possible, it should be held in public facilities like hotels, instead of at churches, so that the general public can attend freely. As the blessing ceremonies are held in such venues, they will become open to society.


The third quality is that as local figures start attending the ceremonies, they will invite other local figures to the blessing and fulfill the important role of John the Baptist. This is the Taiwan method.


The fourth quality is to clearly testify about the Family Federation and to explain such things as the indemnity stick in an understandable manner, which can be done with a light tap. At the least, the 40-day separation period and 3-day ceremony should be explained, and blessing recipients should be educated on these points. These are the four qualities of the Taiwan method.


Therefore, I would like to again ask that everyone spread the blessing nationwide using the Taiwan method. Please create more blessed families, and through them, please build the foundation of 43 families so that we can have more families become victorious families that can register into Cheonbo. The success of these blessing ceremonies will be the foundation that will help multiply victorious families that can register into Cheonbo. I would like to ask this of everybody.


Another thing I would like to ask is to educate VIPs through the word and have them attend the blessing ceremonies so that there be more VIP blessed couples. Many city and prefectural assemblymen have already received the blessing. More of these couples are coming to receive the blessing as city mayors.


Having VIPs become blessed families: this is one of the crucial challenges we are faced with that will lead to world salvation. This was the third main point I wanted to mention.


The fourth point I wanted to mention is regarding the coronavirus, which is still a serious issue. The number of infected worldwide has surpassed 22 million. Furthermore, there have been over 750,000 deaths. In Japan, as you all know, the number of cases is increasing daily, centering around Tokyo—100, 200, even 300 people. Nationwide, there have been many days where newly infected cases surpassed a thousand. This is causing a strain to the medical system.


Therefore, I would like to say once again: fear the virus properly. Please make this a principle as you wear face masks while having conversations. Please don’t have too animated a conversation over meals. We hope coronavirus clusters do not emerge from our family members. I truly ask everyone to continue and be vigilant in this regard.


Mother continues to be concerned about family members catching the virus, so please let us do our best in not increasing her worries. I hope we can continue to be a Heavenly Japan that can bring Mother joy and allow her to be at ease. As much as possible, let us try and not have infected cases emerge from our family members. I hope you can all continue to be responsible and take proper action against the virus. This was the fourth main point.


The fifth and final point is that despite the pandemic, we were still able to bring great success in the one-million online Rally of Hope and Advancement. This is simply what Mother said in that “there is opportunity in hardships. Even if we are faced with difficulties, consider that as an opportunity and take positive action. Don’t remain defensive, but go on the offensive.” I believe we were able to bring victory in the event because we were able to inherit this kind of positive spirit from Mother.


And above all, I believe this victory from the one-million member online Rally of Hope and Advancement on August 9th was a miraculous victory that was possible due to Mother’s motivation, which sprung from her love for humanity—the love of a mother.


To have over 200 million viewers watching the live broadcast can only be called a miracle. This is truly a miracle because of True Mother, because of her love. I am certain of this.


Finally, I would like to remind you once again to please return to the orgin of witnessing. Please fully utilize Mother’s autobiography and witness to your friends, acquaintances, relatives, as well as people on the streets. Please spread the word to as many people as possible so that they may know about Mother. Please testify about True Mother so that they can come to know True Mother, and please guide them towards the blessing.


Please aim to become victorious families that can register into Cheonbo, so that all of the blessed families in Japan can become victorious families, which is Mother’s sincerest hope for us. Let us begin anew and aim to become victorious families.


That will be all for today. Thank you very much.