True Mother’s Message at the Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World

August 9, 2020

Cheongshim Peace World Center


Beloved blessed families of Cheon Il Guk and members of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. I have waited a long time to see you. I am so pleased to meet you.

Respected current and former heads of state, prime ministers, religious leaders, and representatives of all sectors of society throughout the world!

I am aware of the great concern you have and the tremendous work you are doing for the safety and health of your citizens. This is why our heartfelt desire is growing stronger: we wish for a community of all people, one family of humankind centering on the Heavenly Parent, united under the values of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universal values. Unfortunately, until now, our history has been characterized by conflict. Even today, at this moment, conflicts are continuing. Why is it that hope for the future remains so elusive?

Originally, the Creator’s dream was to build the kingdom of God on earth together with his children. However, due to the unforeseen fall of humankind, away from God, our history has continuously been marked by wars, as we see today. However, the natural world, unaffected by the fall, continues to exist in accordance with the principles of creation. I would like to mention the example of the monarch butterfly. As you may be aware, a butterfly’s lifespan is short. However, despite their wingspan of about 3 inches, monarch butterflies spend their summers in Canada then fly thousands of miles south to Mexico for the winter. At times, it takes them more than two months to complete their journey. Despite never having made the journey before, new generations of monarch butterflies make the same journey through the skies that their parents have made. This is the natural order of things. It is the same for the animal kingdom. Unless human beings destroy the environment, animals manage their numbers in accordance with the principles of creation and preserve their species.

I mentioned that the human race remains in its current quandary due to the fact that human beings fell away from God. Having gone astray, people have no relationship with their Creator. The Creator cannot change His principles and as a result, he has had to guide his dispensation for us to make restitution and recover the path to the ideal. How arduous must this providential work have been that 6,000 years would pass before the advent of the True Parents, who came to fulfill the ideal of creation, took place in 1960 on the Korean Peninsula? This peninsula has been blessed by Heaven. Any ethnic peoples or individuals blessed by Heaven must fulfill their responsibility. Adam and Eve were meant to become the ancestors of all people but they could not accomplish their responsibility to mature their love, and this resulted in this fallen world.

How then can the people of the Korean Peninsula, where True Parents came just once in 6,000 years, fulfill their responsibility? There is but one way: that of attending the Heavenly Parent and becoming one. The Creator is our parent. Until now, humanity has failed to recognize its Heavenly Parent and thus has been unfilial. True Parents have appeared before the unfilial human race and, through the Marriage Blessing, have enabled people to be reborn and to register as Heavenly Parent’s children. This is what the Marriage Blessing movement is about.

If Heavenly Parent is at the center of a community of people united under the values of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values, all problems can be solved. Unfortunately, the world today is characterized by self-centeredness, nationalism and numerous organizations and institutions distant from Heaven. The path we must take is that of seeking out the Heavenly Parent. After wholeheartedly and sincerely attending our Heavenly Parent while we are on earth, we can ascend to the eternal spirit world, the kingdom of heaven in the eternal realm. Please think about this. Children who do not receive the Marriage Blessing and who are not born again cannot stand as Heavenly Parent’s children. However, blessed families must fulfill their responsibilities by living for the sake of others and not keep the Marriage Blessing just for themselves. The purpose of our present existence consists of guiding our neighbors, our clans, our peoples, our nations, and our world to a position where everyone can receive Heavenly Parent’s love and the Blessing.

It is due to the people’s ignorance that not only this nation, but also all nations are contributing to climate change. The beautiful earth created by the Creator is being destroyed. Some wealthy nations are seeking to escape from the earth’s environmental problems by going into space. I cannot say that this method is the right one. This earth was specially selected by God the Creator, it is God’s beloved earth. There can be no future for people who seek to abandon the earth. Will going into space guarantee eternity? Our earthly life, our physical life, is limited. The urgent priority should be: how can I and my family live a life that aligns with our eternal life? The COVID-19 pandemic has cost many people their lives. International cooperation is at a standstill. Additionally, natural calamities and floods have caused numerous casualties and displaced civilians. What do you think about this? I have said before that God, our Creator, is love. God is our Parent. How would a parent feel who watches his or her children die? The time has now come for us, particularly the people of Korea, its politicians, and religious leaders, to kneel and offer prayers of repentance and compassion before Heaven.

The responsibility of those who have received Heaven’s blessing is to lead their fellow human beings, wherever they are in the world, back to Heavenly Parent’s bosom through True Parents. This is the responsibility of this people.

Please put aside any ambivalent thoughts, any indecisiveness, adopting this stance or that stance. Please remember that this is Heaven’s final warning and final opportunity. The only way for North and South Korea to become a Unified Korea is by attending the Heavenly Parent. Many superpowers surround Korea, but they are not the center. Heaven will complete the providence through True Parents.

I earnestly hope and give my blessing that this time may be one when we become a people of filial heart characterized by loyalty and devotion to Heaven, and inspire the people and nations of the world on the importance of attending our Heavenly Parent.

Thank you.