True Mother’s message at the Special Gathering to Celebrate the Sixtieth Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding

May 8, 2020

HJ Heaven and Earth Cheonbo Training Center


It’s nice to see you. It’s been three months since we last met, hasn’t it? May comes during the most beautiful season. It is the season of hope. Isn’t that right?

A few days ago, I was walking around Cheon Jeong Gung. I was looking around at the blossoming flowers and could see bees and butterflies dancing and working hard, harvesting nectar. At that time, I thought about Heavenly Parent, the Creator.

Heavenly Parent, the Creator, had a dream. He created this beautiful season and all of creation for the sake of human beings. However, due to the fall of the first human ancestors, Heavenly Parent, the true owner of heaven and earth, could not be in that position. Over six thousand long years, Heavenly Parent had to endure and wait patiently, looking for a human being who understood his will.

Particularly because of the Coronavirus situation, countries all over the world are shutting their borders, and however you look at it, countries are moving farther away from uniting with one another, due to their own national interests. This shows us that a peaceful world can no longer come about through human effort and power alone. How did this make you feel?

1960! The sixteenth day of the third [lunar calendar] month in 1960 was a day Heavenly Parent had long awaited, the time when the providence on earth could begin. On that day, Heavenly Parent should have become one with True Parents. However, looking at history, we see many mistakes occurred that prolonged the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity. In particular, the returning messiah’s responsibility should have reached perfection based on Christianity’s foundation.

However, since this didn’t happen, in 1960 True Parents began a marathon [to save] the world. With unceasing efforts to embrace the world… it was a life-and-death struggle, a struggle difficult to put into words, a bloody tear-filled struggle. This fifty-four-year-old marathon continued until Foundation Day, January 13, 2013, when the first year of Cheonilguk was proclaimed.

For three years I implored Heavenly Parent to show mercy, forgiveness and love for True Father. True Father’s mission must reach completion on earth. [It should be realized on] earth first; this however did not happen.

After True Father’s Seonghwa, I offered devotions, grieving at his grave each morning for three years. After those three years, this is what I told True Father: Please feel free in God’s presence [from all earthly responsibilities]; become an object of praise. I will take responsibility for earth.

Earth is an important place. Today all of you are living, breathing [the same air] with me. You have no idea how important this moment is. Through this Coronavirus time, you have been practicing social distancing, and you must have evaluated many things. I hope you will ponder whether you currently have the qualification to live an eternal life as a citizen of Cheon Il Guk in the eternal spirit world. I hope you strive to reflect, to repent and resolve to fulfill your responsibilities. Will you do that?

Knowing the providence, I have been breathless for the past four years, having no time to rest. I’m sure you felt it and witnessed it. Only Heavenly Parent was on my side. When I said I would have to restore at least seven nations, no one believed in me. When I said, “I need to go to Africa; I need to go to Senegal,” many people opposed me. However, what were the end results? Were we victorious?

On the foundation of this victory, in 2020, I proclaimed the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk. It is the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk—not just the settlement, but the firm establishment. A proclamation should not end with just the proclamation. So, during the coronavirus quarantine time, I have offered sincere prayers and devotion for fifty-five days. God cannot wait any longer. During my life on earth, we have to realize a life in which all of humanity serves and gives all the glory to Heavenly Parent…. This can no longer be delayed.

The place where Heavenly Parent wished to manifest his love is not in heaven but on earth. The invisible Heavenly Parent desired to become one with visible and perfected human beings, through True Parents. Based on that foundation, Heavenly Parent wanted to embrace, love and raise all humankind. We have to make this dream a reality. We cannot make God wait any longer.

The days when humanity has to suffer to gain understanding have been long but [should end]. We don’t have much time. Therefore, the task I have to perform is that of showing how the citizens of Cheon Il Guk must serve and attend Heavenly Parent. That is what I need to show, which is why, after True Father’s Seonghwa, when I said that I would build Cheon Won Gung [a museum on True Parents’ lives and mission], the preparation did not take place immediately.

There were all kinds of obstacles and barriers. However, I have finally made up my mind. In 2023, during the beautiful spring… The third floor of Cheon Won Gung will be called Cheon-il Temple (in Korean Cheon-il Sung-jeon). I plan to offer the Cheon Won Gung [a museum on True Parents’ lives and mission] with the “Cheon-Il Temple” in it. A temple entirely dedicated to attending Heavenly Parent…

You will certainly remember God’s word as True Father expressed it in the past. “From now on, all the world’s inhabitants that have knowledge of God’s will shall be lining up on boats in front of the port in the sea off the coast of Busan.”

That shouldn’t remain as mere words; it must be fulfilled in practice.

Therefore, we must prepare a place we can show off. Don’t you think so? Unification on the Korean Peninsula is the wish and dream of the Korean people…. I have mentioned this in the past: It cannot be achieved through human understanding and human efforts. This country has to become heavenly Korea by attending Heavenly Parent. This nation must become one that belongs to Heaven. This nation must become Heavenly Parent’s dwelling place.

However, politicians and other citizens who ignore God’s will should not be an obstacle to his providence. Right? So, you should teach them; you should let them know the truth and the history of the providence.

Fortunately, my autobiography has been published. Do you know how people’s hearts have changed after reading it? I received your testimonies, but I also received testimonies of ambassadors for peace and those of ordinary citizens. There should not be a single person living on earth that does not know about our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

That is why I’ll work with anyone whether they are in the political, religious, business or ideological realm. I am working so that everyone can come under one flag, so I am announcing Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. In English, it will be Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. So, under the great umbrella, Heavenly Parent, will be all of the various activities that we have done and all the NGOs. UPF, FFWPU, WFWP…. Everything will come under this great umbrella. And we need (a hundred and twenty percent) to testify about Heavenly Parent. Do you understand? [Yes]

I said that I would reveal the hidden truth of the providence. Heavenly Parent is not just Heavenly Father. Heavenly Parent is also Heavenly Mother. This [new] name represents a large umbrella centered around the Heavenly Mother who embraces and gives birth to all humanity. You should all get up and dance with joy. When have we ever had a day like this?

From this point on, while I am alive on earth, I am going to reorganize and readjust everything. Heavenly Parent is working with me and so has been waiting every day to receive the glory and joy. I prayed, “Heavenly Parent! Today, this nation and these people have pledged to attend you.”

So. I have been giving this type of report. We never know, it may be 10 more years, it may be 20 more years, that I am alive on earth. If a third of the 7.7. billion people know and attend Heavenly Parent, we can realize the substantial kingdom of heaven on earth.

If each one of you can do the work to move one hundred people and if that one hundred moves a thousand people, with that capacity and effort, it is possible. Do you understand? I have already laid the foundation that will allow you to move forward. We should be in a position in which we live each day as if it were a thousand years; there will honestly be a lot to do. That is why I plan to strengthen the International Headquarters. All directions will be given through the International Headquarters.

For the sake of working with this nation or with governments… I appoint Yun Young-ho as Director-General of the FFWPU International Headquarters. Up until now, you could not understand many things, and I know that you have had a lot to say. When I said things that many could not believe, he believed me.

Cheon Il Guk is Heaven’s nation in which we are all one. In 1960, when I went through the Holy Wedding with True Father, God gave me a revelation that in the future, all the world’s citizens would become of Cheon Il citizens (who are united in oneness with God). Whether they are from a Kim family, a Lee family or a Park family, (basically all) will be citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Therefore, how can one live a proper life as a Cheon Il Guk citizen? Given that their names will be remembered for eternity in Heaven, this is an incredible blessing, and because Cheon Il Guk citizen is a fearsome appellation; you should know that it carries great responsibility.

Therefore, for fifty-four years, the providence that we had led was the preparation to welcome Foundation Day. However, from Foundation Day, we need to make a new start, a new history, a new era!

As human beings, the biggest thing you need to think about, if you are a child, is your parents. Parents! Today we are celebrating True Parents’ Holy Wedding! This day will be communicated, passed down, through generations and remembered throughout eternity.

The fulfillment of the providence is like springtime; it must begin in the spring and also come to fulfillment.

We will celebrate all holidays on sixteenth day of the third month of the Heavenly Calendar each year.

Heavenly Parent’s Day (God’s Day) and True Parents Day all on sixteenth day of the third month of the Heavenly Calendar each year. Spring is Heavenly Parent’s starting point. Everything was set up during winter is to sprout and bloom in the spring. That is why we say sprouting buds bring hope in Spring. And that is why before humanity, and in front of heaven and earth, the greatest day in history will be the sixteenth day of the third month of the Heavenly Calendar each year. Do you understand?

So in the future, the events will take place in this way. Do you understand? Are you happy? Are you grateful? I love you.