The President’s 85th Message The Providential Outlook Observed from Today’s International Affairs & Our 3 Great Objectives

To all of the members, family members, and blessed families of the Family Federation for World Peace of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, good day. I would like to give you the U-ONE TV President’s Message for the month of July.


Today, I would like to talk about three main points.

First, recent international affairs centering around Japan have become very hectic, and with this in mind, the first point I would like to talk about is the “providential outlook seen in the shift of international affairs after the 20th Century.”

The second point will be about the “three great objectives, or the thee great goals desired by True Mother for all blessed families.”

And the third and final point I would like to talk about is the functions we should to look forward to. So, I would like to give you the President’s message on these points.


(First point is skipped)


Second, True Mother has three big objectives or goals that she hopes all blessed families can achieve. I would like to re-confirm these objectives.


The first objective is that all blessed families must become embodiments of the ideal of a blessed family of three generations, as mentioned by True Father.


Simply put, our parents must become blessed families. We need to witness our parents and have them become blessed families. In addition, as blessed families, we need to secure our position as blessed families. And finally, we need to guide our descendants—that is the second and third generations—to the blessing.


Of course, if your living situation and familial relations allow for it, the ideal is to have three generations live together under the same roof.


When True Father said, “It’s good to have three generations live together,” he continually emphasized this on the grounds of this ideal.


Therefore, three generations of a blessed family should share in the traditions of Heaven. As they attend the Heavenly Parent and True Parents, three generations should live together and love each other based on the tradition of True Love. They should support each other so that they can become the resting place of joy and happiness—the embodiment of the ideal of a blessed family of three generations. This is the first objective.


The second goal, which everyone is aware of, is for all blessed families to become victorious families that can register into Cheonbo. The goal is to vertically liberate 430 generations of your ancestors and be victorious in blessing them through the ancestor blessing, as well as, witnessing horizontally to 430 families. Of the 430 families, 43 should become core or semi-members. As blessed families build this kind of foundation, they must also prepare a blessing donation in order to register into Cheonbo, which is symbolized by the number 210. And finally, blessed families must also pass the screening as Cheonbo families, and if they do, they can become victorious families that can register into Cheonbo.


It is True Mother’s hope that all blessed families in Japan can become victorious families that can register into Cheonbo. As such, she would like to send us off to Heaven, which is Mother’s heart and intent as the True Mother.


All of us will eventually move on to the spirit world. Whether we are victorious on Earth and go to spirit world as Cheonbo families, or move on having laid a foundation that is only half-finished, will result in a big difference in position and lifestyle that we can enjoy in spirit world.


Whether we are permitted to reside next to True Parents in the spirit world will also be decided based on this point. In that regard, all blessed families should aspire to become victorious families that can register into Cheonbo. Therefore, I hope that you can all truly make a new resolution and head towards this goal.


At the moment True Mother’s hope is for Japan to raise at least 2,000 victorious families. This the first phase towards having all blessed families become victorious families that can register into Cheonbo. This is her hope.


The deadline for the first phase is the end of July. I urge everyone to keep your drive towards this goal by the end of July. Of course, this does not mean that everything will conclude at the end of the month. There is still a phase two, and even a phase three. However, the conclusion of phase one will be at the end of July. Therefore, I ask that you all strive and do your best as we head towards the end of the month.


The third objective for blessed families is world salvation. In order to save the world, the nation must all be saved; and in order for the nation to be saved, the region must be saved.


In other words, on a regional scale, on the church-district scale, on the church scale—if we speak in terms of the government, Japan on a national scale, prefectural scale, city scale, and town scale—we need to save each level. In other words, it is Heaven’s hope that we save all levels so we can restore the nation and build the foundation for world salvation.


True Mother’s autobiography has currently been released. It has been distributed along with face masks and members were able to connect with mayors. These mayors came to our events. They were were grateful for our face masks.


These mayors even read True Mother’s autobiography and have said, “She is wonderful. The UC is a great group. She is a wonderful lady. So, you’ve been taking part in these kinds of actives throughout the world.” These mayors have been moved by Mother’s autobiography. There have been many city, prefectural, and national assemblymen that have been connected: mayors, governors, and members of local municipalities, as well as, heads of organizations and other VIPs, they have all been connected through Mother’s autobiography.


Please utilize True Mother’s autobiography to its fullest to reach out to VIPs, to educate VIPs, to witness to VIPs. Through that, let us propel this movement and build the foundation of world salvation by establishing foundations on the church scale, church-district scale, and regional scale for national restoration.


These are the three great objectives, or goals, that True Mother has for blessed families.


This was the second main point I wanted to share.


Thirdly, I wanted to talk about 4 functions that we will be coming up.


First, there will be a Rally of Hope and Advancement in Cheonpyeong, Korea on August 9th that will connect over a million people throughout the world. The plan is for it to be held online centering around the Cheongshim World Center.


Due to COVID-19, we will not be able to gather in person, but through the internet, we will be having a Rally of Hope and Advancement online, where we can connect a million people worldwide.


This will be held on August 9th. So, all members, family members, and blessed families of the Family Federation for a Heavenly Japan, please take part via the internet, or have representative figures gather at your churches. If possible, please participate together online with local VIPs in the Rally of Hope and Advancement. This is our hope.


This was the first function.


The second function is that the 10 former senior ministers from Korea, which Mother has called Cheon Il Guk World Itinerary Worker, will not be able to come to Japan. Since they are unable to travel the world, this will also be held online. Senior members that had a deep heartistic bond with Father will give lectures online on the basis of Father’s words and the heartistic bond they had with him. They will talk about such things as Mother’s deeds until today, the providential phase that is her being the Only Begotten Daughter, and the lifetime achievements of the True Parents, among other topics. This program, where senior members share their stories in-depth, will officially begin.


The actual dates of the program will be relayed to the regional, church district, and church leaders, so you may find out the dates of the program through them.


In any case, these former senior ministers of Korea—aka Itinerary Workers—ten of them will be responsible for different regions of Japan, and they will convey, online, True Mother’s hopes as well as the hopes that True Parents have for blessed families today. This program where they educate us in depth will officially begin, so please look forward to it.

That was the second function.


The third function will be on July 25, which is just around the corner. But on July 25th, we will connect with Cheonpyeong, where the Cheongpyeong Cheonbo Workshop will be held online.


Last month, over 12 thousand participated in this online workshop. If possible, it is our hope that we surpass June’s figure and exceed 15 thousand, even 20 thousand attendees that can participate online in the Cheongpyeong Cheonbo Workshop, where they can also receive the grace of the ancestor liberation and blessing.


The registration period will expire shortly, so please hurry and sign up so that you may participate in the online Cheonpyeong Cheonbo Workshop.


The fourth is not really a function, but at seven o’clock on July 7th, there was a conference call with all world leaders of the Unification movement. Secretary to the President Jung Won-ju participated in this call and relayed several messages from Mother.


She conveyed three messages from Mother. The first message was that Mother is concerned about the health of the members during this crisis with the coronavirus and she wanted all of us to take care of our health as we take part in our activities. So, please take good care of your health, which is one of Mother’s sincerest concerns for us.


The second message was that we pray deeply, and through offering prayers of cheongseong, she hopes we can come to a deep understanding of Heaven’s hope and True Mother’s hope. As we do so, it is also Mother’s hope that we can follow the will according to the hopes of Heaven and True Mother. This was the second message.


The third message was that we intensify our drive towards accomplishing the will. There is not much time until December 2020. We only have 6 months left. During these next 6 months, she would like us to fully invest ourselves in accomplishing Heaven’s will.


She would like us to become victorious families that can register into Cheonbo. On the national level, she would like us to save the nation and restore Japan.


She said, “Blessed families should become victorious families that can register into Cheonbo both in public and private life. In the big picture, they should also strive towards building foundations for national restoration in their regions and districts. Blessed families should strive towards these clear objectives, and I hope that they can invest themselves throughout the year.” This was Mother’s message that Ms. Jong Won-ju conveyed.


So please take Mother’s words to heart. The rainy season has been continuing even into July. People living in and near the Kyushu area have been hit with torrential rain, and I understand this has caused much damage in the area.


Regarding the Family Federation, about 40 or 50 families nationwide have had their homes inundated due to flooding with damages to their houses, and they are going through difficulties as we speak.


To those blessed families that have been hit with this disaster, we are currently raising money for charity. Through these donations, now is the time where we need to help one another and support each other. As blessed families, we all share the same fate, and we are all one family centered on the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Let us become one in heart and body, and help those blessed families in need—not only blessed families, but let us also practice the spirit of living for the sake of others by helping the general public that have also been hit. Therefore, I hope that you can also spare even a little towards this charity.


I hope we can overcome this trial brought by the rainy season, and as we are still in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, let us overcome these times. As we continue towards the hopes of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents, please renew your determination and start anew.

That will be all.