3rd 40-Day Special Devotional Period for a Victorious Entrance into the Cheon Il Sanctum in Cheon Won Gung

Period: 40 days, from April 28 (Sunday) to June 6 (Thursday), 2024
Prayer topics:
1) For the safety of the True Parents and the True Family
2) For a victorious entrance into the Cheon Il Sanctum in Cheon Won Gung
3) For the unification of North and South Korea and a heavenly unified Korea
4) To overcome all crises affecting our world and to realize a heavenly unified world
5) May Japan take the right path and become a country that can receive heavenly fortune
6) May the religious juridical personality of the Family Federation be protected
7) To successfully witness to new people, especially young people, and for real church growth
Content of offering:
1) Prayer for the 7 major prayer topics
It is preferable to pray in front of an altar that the Death Valley Special Holy Salt is placed.
2) Hoondokhae or 40 bows
3) Cheon Shim Won all-night vigil
(Recommended to participate at least 4 times during this period)