Message from the World President on the day of The 961st Cheon Shim Won Special All-night Vigil December 13, 11th year of CIG in Heavenly Calendar (February 2,2024)

1. The Bestowing Ceremony of CIG Special Holy Salt and its Significance
We just had a <Death Valley Special Holy Salt Bestowing Ceremony for the Heavenly Unified Korea and the Heavenly Unified World> at Cheon Shim Won. At this time, I would like to talk about the meaning of Death Valley Special Holy Salt.

As you have seen in the PeaceTV video, on January 13, 2024, True Mother visited the Death Valley Holy Land, which is located about 2 hours and 30 minutes away from Las Vegas, and held a special benediction prayer centering on the Death Valley Salt. During the morning assembly this morning, she gave us the salt brought from Death Valley and told us to mix it with the existing holy salt to make and distribute it as special holy salt, so we had the Death Valley special holy salt bestowing ceremony centering on Cheon Shim Won.

Death Valley is a holy place that True Parents visited and designated as a holy place on February 25, 1965, during the first world pilgrimage to choose 120 holy places. Death Valley is one of the hottest places on earth and is famous for being the lowest point above sea level in North America, located 86 meters below sea level.

When True Mother visited the Death Valley Holy Land, she saw the salt that remains unchanged and pure even in the hottest place on earth and the lowest place on the North American continent, and she earnestly hoped that we look for “righteous people like salt who can live as an example to the world of sin and honor Heaven,” and that all humankind would become children of Heavenly Parent, who is unchanging like salt.

For this reason, she blessed the salt from the Holy Land of Death Valley and instructed us to make the special holy salt by mixing with the Cheon Il Guk Holy Salt, and gave us the Blessed Word to distribute it widely to all leaders and members throughout the world, starting from the True Parents’ Holy Birth.

The “Holy Salt” was first created at True Parents’ Holy Wedding in 1960, and was distributed to all the members of the world, starting the tradition. In 2016, the “Cheon Il Guk Holy Salt” was bestowed. This is the Holy Salt that True Parents bestowed upon us as a blessing to enable all Blessed Families to go to the eternal original garden on the foundation of the victory of Devotion of Three Years’ Shimyo (attending tomb) after True Father’s Cosmic Seonghwa.

This time, the Death Valley Special Holy Salt True Mother bestowed was made for searching for righteous people like salt prepared by Heaven, blessing them, and making them citizens of Cheon Il Guk based on the tradition of the existing Cheon Il Guk Holy Salt.

True Mother told us to evangelize the righteous people like salt, and blessed us that we can speed up the restoration of the nation depending on their position, and gave us the word to take this holy salt with us with sincerity and use it to search for the righteous people.

I hope that all of you will be able to realize at this time that a salt that can bring humanity back to life has been found in a place like hell on earth, which is the hottest place on earth and the lowest place on the North American continent, is the providence with sincere love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, especially True Mother, who are trying to find righteous people like salt that Heaven has prepared to save a fallen world that is on the road to ruin and to lead it once again to the path of hope.

The Death Valley Special Holy Salt will be 1) handed down to the continental directors, and will be increased and given to all the members in the world, and 2) put in a beautiful glass bottle with a badge and handed down to all the Heavenly TOPGUN including the 1st group of UPA who will be dispatched to all over the world during the Heavenly TOPGUN departure ceremony.

In particular, She told President Song Kwang-Seok, “Our wish is unification, isn’t it? To move towards the Heavenly Unified Korea, please put this holy salt and offer your sincerity so that you can be the blessed families that will never change”. Please give powerful thanks and glorious applause to True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and True Mother for bestowing upon us the precious gift of the Blessing! (Applause!)

2. Closing Remark
To all of the members of the beloved and respected Blessed Families!

I hope that this is a time for you to feel the sincere desire of True Mother who has blessed us with the salt collected at the Death Valley Holy Ground and permitted us to distribute it to all the Blessed Families of the world.

I hope that this time will be a time for all of us to share and resonate with True Mother’s earnest and urgent love and heart that she will not give up on every life on earth, even the last one, and that she will reborn them again as True Children of Heavenly Parents and save them without fail.

For this purpose, (1) first, let us be an example like salt, and (2) let us seek out righteous people like salt who can respond to and follow the will of Heaven. Then, let us win the forthcoming 13th year of Cheon Il Guk’s Cheon Il Sanctum Entrance Ceremony, and on that foundation, let us be the ones to march in full force for the firm establishment of the Heavenly Unified Korea and the Heavenly Unified world! Aju! (Aju!)

Actually, they say that the salt in Death Valley is usually mixed with sand and dust and does not look like salt.

However, before the Mother’s visit, it rained a lot and the water filled up, so the salt dissolved in the water and became salt water, and when the weather turned hot again, the water evaporated, producing very clean salt.

Then, when Mother visited, the white, snow-like salt was spectacular, and this clean salt that had been separated in this way has now been bestowed us as special holy salt.

In this way, we offer our precious and glorious applause to True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and True Mother, the Substantial Holy Spirit, the Only Begotten Daughter, for granting us such miraculously amazing and gracious love and blessings like a river and ocean!