The Coming of the Second-Generation Era

The term second generation has many meanings. There is the “second generation” from a providential viewpoint; there is “second generation” from the perspective of lineage; and there is “second generation” of different eras. Therefore, the term second-generation era also has different meanings depending on the speaker’s perspective.

Furthermore, when True Parents speak of the second generation, they often speak from the content of faith and cheongseong given by the first generation who’ve received the blessing.

True Mother once told us the following during her visit to Japan.

As we move forward to the future, we cannot separate the first generation and second generation. Even if the second generation take center stage, we must not ignore the first generation. We must move forward together with the first generation. In this regard, I am asking you to create yourself in a way that you live according to the words of…True Parents with a grateful heart.

Today’s World Japan, November 2013, p. 16

Second generation from the viewpoint of the providence

As seen in Adam’s family, Noah’s family, and Abraham’s family, the first and second generations of these families that stood between God and Satan were challenged to unite hearistically, throughout the providence. The providence rested on which way their hearts went which was so grave as to affect history. As God and Satan vied for control of the providence of restoration, their hearts were not limited to their own being, but they were indeed in a “public” position.

The mission of children, who stand in the position of “second generation” in this family providence, is to unite with their parents, the “first generation.” Even if the children do not understand their parents’ actions, or even if the parents act in ways that cause the children to disbelieve them, they must be convinced that God is working behind the scenes in the providence, stand up for their parents, and be keenly aware that the only way to come before God is to become one with their parents.

Parents are not complete human beings. From a human perspective, they may have many shortcomings. Nevertheless, what is important is the fact that God, who is the owner of the providence, is advancing the providence by establishing parents. Through the process of living with the faith that God is establishing parents, the first generation, we can often gain providential enlightenment.

Second generation from the viewpoint of lineage

“Lineage is more important than life and more precious than love. Life and love come together to create lineage. Lineage cannot be established if either is missing. Therefore, among the three — love, life and lineage — lineage is the fruit. God’s lineage contains the seed of true love and the body of true life.”

Cheon Seong Gyeong of the Holy Scripture of CIG, p. 1386

True Parents spent a lifetime instructing us on the importance of lineage. Needless to say, the term “blessed second generation” is an expression that includes the value of lineage. This lineage has its origin in the love of a husband and wife who have become one with Heavenly Parent (God). The seed of that love gives birth to life, which is then linked into a lineage that is eternally connected. It is through this lineage that we are able to inherit the heart of parents.

From this perspective, we must not lose sight of the fact that the value of the second generation is based on the absolute faith the first generation had in the Heavenly Parent. Therefore, when we value the second generation, we must not lose sight of the fact that we must value the faith of the first generation.

Second generation from the viewpoint of different eras

As time goes on and we get older, the second-generation era will surely come sooner or later. It is what is commonly referred to as a change in generations. At that time, the question will be the balance between tradition and innovation. We must protect the traditions that need to be preserved, and at the same time, we must be bold enough to pursue innovation in step with the changing times.

The change in generations also means that God is changing the generation that can stand at the center of the providence. The first generation must not lose their gratitude for the way God has protected and guided them until now, but must humbly face the fact that God intends to establish the second generation to lead the providence, and be ready to support the new leaders by making the most of their experiences. This is God’s wish.

We must not forget that it is God who is the only one that can guide the providence. Even though the generations change, it is the Heavenly Parent who is present at the center of the providence.

I ask all of you to practice the life of attending the Heavenly Parent in your lives by doing Hoondokhae with the Cheon Song Gyeong: the Holy Scriptures of Cheon Il Guk. If we become a church, a society, a clan, and a nation, that is filled with the spirit and truth that studies the word unceasingly and practices true love, what will happen to our goal of achieving a united world? We will be able to build this with our own hands, right?

Today’s World Japan, November 2013, p. 16