Day 1 (Nov. 25)

Please grant that we may fulfill the responsibilities of the high priest
Father! Today at this time we dare attempt to comprehend Your heart as You were creating all the things of creation. It is the original purpose and hope of creation that the bonds of one family be formed throughout the entire universe on the foundation of Your heart, which is the center of joy, happiness and all things. When we consider this, we realize that today this earth has not achieved harmony with Your wishes, Your circumstances and Your heart, thereby repeating the Fall. Please guide us to become people who can contemplate all this and repent again for all our historical inadequacies. Please have compassion, Father, for the many people who must dash into battle for the sake of tomorrow’s hope, having been unable to escape from the world of death. We earnestly hope for Your compassion toward the many believers who, transcending the present age, are rushing forward today in the direction of the original homeland, the land of the ideal of creation that You want to accomplish. Father, as You have endured the responsibility for the past, present and future, You have withstood the greatest of hardships, and we know that Your heart is filled with sorrow. When we consider the sorrowful past in which people pounded nails into Your heart — when they should have been singing songs praising Your eternal truth and heart while standing in the presence of Your heart and ideal — we realize that we must bow our heads, kneel before You and raise an altar of atonement, while feeling the deep sorrow You have had to endure. Father, as You look upon this reality, where no children have been able to raise the altar of victory before You, but are fulfilling the mission of high priest, we know You desire that at least we may become Your devoted envoys who can bear the cross of Heaven in Your stead. Father, though we have raised our hands and pledged to become Your true, filial sons and daughters and loyal subjects to appease Your sorrow and grief — even if it means giving up our lives after we have fulfilled our responsibility — we cannot help but lament that we have failed to practice filial piety and loyalty in a position that can bring You joy. Nevertheless, Heavenly Father, please do not abandon us. We earnestly hope and pray that You work through us so we can become true children who can fulfill our mission and duties until the promised day of final victory. Father! So many days have passed by during the long course of history, yet was there ever a single day when You could be happy? In spite of such a history, You found and instituted the Day of True Parents as well as the Day of All Things. Father, today is the Day of All Things You established after so much sacrifice. Father! We cannot help being filled with deep emotion as we greet this day, while reflecting once again on the providence You have carried out so laboriously. Today is a historic day that marks the fourth anniversary of the day You established the Day of All Things. Throughout Your long course, You have walked forward through miserable adversity filled with sorrow and anguish. Yet we come to feel once again that You have prepared these days while promising the one day of absolute victory in accordance with the Will of Your great providence. Father! We earnestly hope and desire that You awaken us to the reality that we must be grateful, thousands and hundreds of thousands of times, when we consider that the greater the adversity in the past, the more it appears as a condition for greater gratitude today. Your sons and daughters who were scattered in all directions have now gathered here at Cheongpa-dong Church. Therefore please have dominion over them and allow them to remember this day. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and pray, Father, that through this day You allow them to establish the day of blessing You have prepared. Many members of the Unification Church spread out in all parts of South Korea are on their knees offering devotions and bows for this day. Therefore we sincerely hope Your touch of mercy will be with them wherever these children are gathered. Moreover, there are many children all over the world who are upholding Your name and offering devotion. We earnestly hope and pray that You be with each of them. In addition, many of Your sons and daughters are struggling amidst the sorrow of pioneering a lonely path, unknown to others, with this amazing, cosmic, historic mission on their shoulders. Father, please remember them. Father, we know only too well how exhausting is the path of adversity trod by a pioneer. Since You have also fought and advanced from such a position, You are fully aware of these circumstances. Therefore, Father, we earnestly hope and pray for Your efforts, that You may raise people who can resonate with Your circumstances and become laborers, lacking in nothing, who can fulfill the global and historical responsibility, realize the pledge to be victorious, and raise aloft the shield of victory in Your stead. The time has now come for the first, second and third churches to take responsibility for the new mission locations and march in line toward the capital city of Seoul. Therefore please be with them and command them. By doing so, we earnestly hope and pray that You allow them to become Your children who, for the one day of triumph, can more than fulfill the responsibility of the high priest while holding high the shield of eternal victory. Father, the more that time passes, the more we come to feel that our astounding responsibility and mission are unavoidable. As we go forward while taking responsibility for the destiny of this people, we can see that the time when we must devote ourselves completely to repay You, and make the final decision for this people, is drawing near. We hope You allow us to make a new resolution and a new vow before the Father, with a grateful heart and an inspired mind. Father, we also hope and pray that You work through us so we can become Your children, who can realize this vow and share with everyone the accomplishments we have achieved. We know that innumerable spirits in the spirit world are hoping for this day and are waiting for the time when they can be indemnified. Father, we are aware that You have chosen us and placed on our shoulders the great responsibility of forging the connection between the spirit world and the physical world, even if it costs our lives. We are truly grateful that You have allowed us this hour to gather here. Please embrace and protect the many children who, even at this hour, are calling You from near and far with hearts of adoration, and please understand all the circumstances of the children who are walking lonely paths. We pray that today, on this day of joy and glory, You fill everyone with abundant grace. I humbly pray all these things in the holy name of True Parents. Aju! (June 19, 1966)

Day 2 (Nov. 26)
Please receive this ceremony for this dedication and transition point
Beloved Father! The time has come when the entire world must determine its direction and rush along the highway leading to the kingdom of heaven by finding one nation, the foremost state. Heretofore You have enabled us to usher in the age where hell, and all of humankind lamenting in the spirit world and the physical world, are liberated. Through Heaven’s love for True Parents, the nation of the parents has now been established and the eldest son nation has been determined. The Eve nation, which is the mother nation, failed to fulfill its responsibility. However, through the unity of twelve Koreans and thirty six Japanese, the standard of the four position foundation has been restored and for the first time the age has come when the United States, which was the archangelic realm, can be blessed. We sincerely thank You, Father, for having supported the devotional work of True Parents, who have been pioneering the way of the Blessing to form the family level kingdom. This replaces the age of the unified kingdom that should have been established centering on True Parents right after the Second World War by all the nations that participated in that war, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Canada and Britain. I am aware of Your pioneering days, when You invested and sacrificed Yourself to bring Your vision into reality. How much persecution have Unification Church members received, and how many tears have they shed to do this work, crossing hills, mountains, seas and continents while walking this obscure path? We have advanced to the world of liberation where we can establish the unified kingdom based on Christianity. This was made possible when You, who did not ignore our tears, sacrificed the parents’ nation and even the children’s nation, conditionally, all on the basis of Your love. Due to this and based on this standard, North and South Korea became one, Korea and Japan became one, and Taiwan, the Philippines and Canada transcended ethnicity and became one. Also, the family level relationship of children was established in Adam’s family centered on the United States. Furthermore, the realm of love where God’s entire passion was to be received as love from above and below, right and left, and front and back, was accomplished. True Parents have proclaimed the foundation on which everything that previously could not settle down can be brought to settlement, centering on the ideal standard of love in the family, and in all nations of heaven and earth. We dedicate the accomplishment of this foundation to You. Father, we hope and pray that You accept it. True Mother stands in the position of uniting the twelve people of Korea and the thirty six people from Taiwan, the Philippines and Canada, centered on the mother nation, Japan, and even the nation of the archangel. For the first time and on the foundation of the unity of these nations, the promised hour has come in which they can become one with the True Parents, and in which the parents and the children can become one in the presence of God. Through this condition they can go beyond all obstruction, to victory. Therefore we hope and pray that You accept this ceremony we are carrying out today with joy. Father, we earnestly beseech You and pray that all past conditions may become a historic declaration and a realm of shields that protect historical and providential victories so God may freely move within the entire cosmos toward the perfected world of the sovereignty of love, remove all traces of Satan’s world, and become the supreme King of love who rules with sovereignty endowed with the supremacy of love. Father, please receive this “ceremony for this dedication and transition point” that I am proclaiming. I proclaim this again and again and again in the name of the True Parents. Aju! (May 23, 1998)

Day 3 (Nov. 27)
Let us move beyond the bitter anguish of Golgotha
The more we think about the many twists and turns in the course of restoration, we cannot help but think about the trials and tribulations of heart on the path that remains ahead of us. Today we have gathered together the young children to take this opportunity to reflect once again on the sad reality of history. Among the many people who celebrated Christmas yesterday, how many of them embraced the heart of Jesus, shed tears and addressed You, Father, with a sorrowful heart, and how many of Your children worried about tomorrow’s path to heaven? How many people know that You, our Heavenly Father, have labored more than we could possibly imagine? Please allow us to bear in mind once again that You have been a pitiful and wretched Father. We know that the many twists and turns along Your course, and Your miserable situation, are the result of the sin of our ancestors. The time has come for us to move forward, beyond all the grief of Golgotha caused by the mistake of Adam and Eve. Nonetheless, in order to greet the dawn of tomorrow, we must grope our way forward along the path of darkness. Because we know we can welcome the new dawn only once, the champions of the Unification Church have fought and plodded along the path of darkness, the early morning path despised by others. When events have caused us to shed tears along this course, we have wished to be with You, who are also shedding tears. When we sweated and endured hunger as part of our struggle, we longed for the day when we could comfort You, who endured a course filled with such hardship. Please enable us to consign the grief of the past to memory and to weep out of concern for You, Father. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and pray, Father, that You allow us to become Your sons and daughters who, having forgotten our miserable and pitiful selves, are able to struggle to fulfill the duty of filial children. We yearn to see a hopeful Father who, having washed away all the past days filled with tears and sorrowful memories, can smile at having found the goodness of tomorrow. In following the path You walked, we have found it to be the path of the cross. However, as we have trudged along with the hearts of pioneers along this path, unknown to others, we have understood that this path does not lead to ruin. People have ridiculed us, but You have encouraged us. Many people have opposed us, but You have stood before us and comforted us. We are aware that on numerous occasions You have counseled us, saying, “I am here, and countless saints in the spirit world are protecting the path you are walking.” You have comforted me when I was opposed and ridiculed, and the people who are following in my lonely footsteps are also lonely people. Therefore I earnestly hope and pray that Your love be with them as well. Father! Do You have daughters who have resolved to firmly embrace and take responsibility for Your sorrowful heart and desperate situation? Please encourage them. Do You have any sons like that? Please hold them close. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You allow us to become true sons and daughters who can make You proud, who can praise Your glory and sing songs of triumph, having achieved a glorious victory on the final battlefield. Father, please look upon the future of the Korean people with compassion. There is only one path this people should follow. In the fields of politics, economics and culture, there is nothing this people can contribute to the world. We know that besides aspects of heart, they have nothing to contribute. We are also aware that the champions of the Unification Church who are following the way of heavenly law need to make a great contribution toward this people and fulfill a historic world mission. Therefore please grant us the awareness that we are people who cannot die even if we wish to die, and please allow us to realize on our own that we are pillars who have a responsibility and mission that prevent us from remaining idle even if we wish to. Thus we earnestly hope and pray that You enable us to secure tomorrow’s victory and not grow tired in today’s battle. No matter what anyone says, no matter who opposes us and no matter who speaks ill of You, please allow us to follow You, and please prevent us from turning our backs on You and claiming not to know You, like the masses who betrayed You when You went to Mount Golgotha. Since we need to tread the remaining critical path of the cross, please allow us to become people who, even when faced with Golgotha at the world level, are able to form new ranks, go straight toward that path, cross that summit and sing a proud song of victory. Father! How eagerly have You yearned for the appearance of families and brothers and sisters You could be happy about, for such a tribe, a people and a nation? If we become such people, then all those peaks of Golgotha will become flat land, Satan’s forces will be swept away, and Heaven will take up the rod of Your Will and strike. We earnestly hope You allow us to know this truth and become Your children who can obediently go forth in the remaining seven year course. Since we are still filled with grief caused by our inability to love You, Father, this grief must be resolved. And since we are still filled with grief caused by our incapacity to fulfill our duty of filial piety to You, Father, that grief must also be resolved. Furthermore, since we are still filled with grief because we didn’t fulfill our duty of loyalty to You, Father, that grief must be resolved as well. In order to do that, we must fulfill our duty of filial piety and our duty of loyalty through many coming battles. We must hasten the realization of the peaceful kingdom of heaven where we can devotedly attend You by welcoming You, serving You and fulfilling our duties of loyalty and filial piety. For such a day to come, we must be proud of today and prepare for tomorrow. Furthermore, we earnestly request and desire that You save us from exhaustion, prevent us from betraying Heaven, and allow us to joyfully walk this path. The year 1965, which was a year full of sorrow and historical difficulties, is now coming to a close. We sincerely hope and pray that You allow the champions of unification as well as the entire Unification Church to prepare our new selves during the week that remains before the coming new year, so we may fulfill our mission as representatives who can sincerely petition You, Father, on behalf of this people who are in deep sleep. Please prevent us from entering any position opposed by Heaven. Please grant that the tears we shed become the source of life for all people, as well as an inspiration so that people will not hesitate to go this path of tears. Please grant that our path may set an example for others, of prostrating before You, fulfilling the duty of loyalty and showing gratitude. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You allow our path of adversity to become that kind of path and our life of sorrow to become that kind of life. Father! Please bestow blessings upon this people and all the people of the world in the remaining days of this year. Please resolve the grief of the many spirits who are waiting in heaven for the day of the Second Advent. Please hasten the realization of a world You can govern, where the kingdom of peace can be built on the earth and where Your grief and Jesus’ grief are resolved. This is our earnest hope and desire. We earnestly request that the day quickly come when we can return glory to You and be happy together with You, and when the earth can be filled with glory and victory for eternity. I pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju! (December 26, 1965)

Day 4 (Nov. 28)
Please grant that we may participate in victory under Your Will
Beloved Father, I have returned to my homeland, which has always been in my thoughts. Please take responsibility for the future of this nation, Father. I know that the inexperienced members of the Unification Church have shed tears day and night for this nation and its people. I know that their fervent prayers are connected to victory and are also connected to the final glory. I also know that fervent prayers follow intense difficulties and call for sacrificial blood and tears. We know that our mission as a people still remains and this mission entails triumphing over ourselves, overcoming the cross of the family, going beyond the levels of the tribe and the people and overcoming the way of the cross centered on the nation. We also realize that after this the severe way of the cross awaits us, the way of marching toward the summit of the historical cross at the world level. Moreover, we also understand the amazing fact that we need to pioneer the course of Your heart centering on the spirit world, and we need to open the way for future generations through our current path of the cross. We are well aware that, starting humbly from the position of individuals and going through the family, people, nation and world and even the spirit world, the path that leads to Your presence is not a welcoming path, but rather one we need to pioneer in an environment of persecution and misery. In the past, countless people of faith were ignorant of this path; therefore they collapsed while going the way of the cross on the levels of the individual, family, society or nation. The Unification Church members gathered here have realized that they need to overcome this and forge the final way of the cross centered on Your heart. I know that, while working here in Korea, they have endured tremendous difficulties and sacrifices. Please bestow Your blessings on them. We hope You enable them to become a glorified group of people who can participate in the victory of Your Will together with the hope of tomorrow. Please be with us here and now. Please grant that all the words I have shared may be rooted in the hearts of all people as Your joyous words. We sincerely hope, Father of love, that You embrace with equal grace and love all Your children, the Unification Church members around the world who are looking toward this place, binding their hearts together and offering prayers. We thank You for granting us Your grace in this place, and we request that You receive all our offerings. I pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju! (September 26, 1982)

Day 5 (Nov. 29)
Please realize everything in accordance with Your Will for all eternity
Beloved Father, as I have gone on an odyssey of countless miles, along the lengthy path of restoration, I have had no choice but to speak like this, before immature young people, even though I feel so awkward. Not a single person in this world has known this lamentable story. Also, it is a historical fact that up until now, not one person who could engage in the decisive battle to determine the matter of life and death based on this circumstance has ever appeared before Your eyes, even for a brief moment. From the day I learned of Your Will, this son of Yours has been able to forget everything else and fight. The physical strength, the health and the conviction that have enabled me to invest myself completely and leap forward along this path did not come from me. When I think of how Your grace has prevented me from being branded a failure and has enabled me instead to be stamped with the seal of victory and to stand as a beacon of light for all eternity, I am truly grateful to You. Even though my original heart wishes to bequeath freely, without any suffering, this amazing blessing of Heaven to the young members of the second generation gathered here, the nation has not yet reached that level, and the three year course still remains to be completed before the world can reach that level. The final moment, when we need to shout and bring down the walls of Jericho, is right before us. Please allow them to be fully aware that I have walked a historical path in order to pave the way for victory so they will not be known as losers as they walk their own paths. I also come to think of the virtuous acts of both Heung Jin from my family and the many other brothers and sisters who have become the first to ascend, and to fill up the pit of indemnity as sacrificial offerings. Because all the works they accomplished out of their filial attitude toward True Parents still remain here on the earth, we know that, if those of the second generation of the blessed families determine to become a protective barrier that reaches in all directions, there is no way for them to fail. Therefore we sincerely hope and pray that You do not allow these heartfelt words we are speaking to become a condition for judgment. Instead please allow them to become a condition for praise and glory that will shine forevermore in the course of their lives. We beseech You not to allow everything these young hearts have pledged with both hands raised to be buried in the ground. Instead please allow their pledges to light the course of their lives like beacons and guide them, even if they are not aware of it, to cross with gratitude the hills of hardship in this world of darkness. We request again and again that Your magnificent touch of love be with them, ever increasingly, for the remainder of their lives. Please bless them so they are able to stand with dignity as confident members of the second generation when they are faced with crises and ordeals, and encourage them to become people You can be proud of. Since we have vowed to march forward toward such achievements so that this year does not end in shame for us, please allow everything to be realized according to Your will for all eternity. In the hope that everything will go well, I pray fervently in the name of True Parents. Aju! (January 3, 1986)

Day 6 (Nov. 30)
Please bless us such that everything can be made equal
Beloved Father! As we reflect once again about today, the sixth anniversary of the establishment of the Day of Victory of Love, we pray that You be with us with love and grace. All the people in the world are afraid of dying and think of the wall of death as a wall of bitter resentment, but in the Unification Church, the wall of death has been declared to be a door to the creation of a second course of life. We are grateful for the Day of Victory of Love. This day bound together into new relationships all the spirits who crossed the hill of death during the sorrowful historical eras, broke down the wall of death that brought about the separation of the physical world and the spirit world, and connected the two worlds together. The victory of love means victory over the realm of death. We thank You for allowing us to proclaim worldwide that, however strong and firm the realm of death may be, it cannot dominate the authority of God’s love. Thank You as well for allowing us to institute the day of victory on this earth, the day when the crisis of death could be overcome centered on this son, on the heart of True Parents’ love, and the heart of Your love, through the passing away of Heung Jin. Beloved Father, True Parents made a promise centered on this son before he left the earth. We selected his wife and decided to establish the children of his lineage as one of the tribes of eternal history. Therefore please grant that Hoon-sook on earth and Heung Jin may bind together the destiny of heaven with the destiny of earth, thus vertically binding together heaven and earth. To this end we pray that You bind Your beloved daughter Hoon-sook’s heart of unity, which is offering devotions for heaven and earth, and her course as a living sacrifice for You and True Parents, together with Heung Jin, so the duties for the liberation of all peoples and the liberation of sorrow on the family level can be fulfilled. Please bless this family so that when it ascends after having lived on earth, all the organization at the family level in the spirit world will be freely fulfilled and all internal spirit selves will receive benefits. Furthermore, please enable this family to determine a direction within the realm of victory at the family level as well as to select and follow all relationships in the spirit world and the physical world that will lead to hope in the future. Centering on this family, please connect adopted children to the children of direct lineage from this time forward, and please guide and take responsibility for the future of this family as it paves the way for the blessing of the liberation from sorrow for all people. I hope that in conjunction with being owners in the physical world, Heung Jin and his family may also fulfill the responsibility of pioneers who sort out everything in the spirit world, bind together family relationships and organize new families in the spirit world. Since today we are celebrating the Day of Victory of Love, Father, please be right here with us. As I reminisce about the day when this day was instituted with joy five years ago, please sort out the wretched, lonely, sad and melancholy environment, Father, and please allow the Day of Victory of Love — the day You have remembered and blessed as the day when this son could discern the path he should follow — to shine for all eternity. Since this day is also Parents’ Day, we are hosting this holy day with all the offerings, and we request that You receive this day of festivities we are celebrating, which You, Father, have granted and Heung Jin has granted. As we usher in the year 1989, we reflect upon the many vertical battles we have fought in order to proclaim and establish our proud homeland of the Unification Church. However, we failed every time to improve the base for our vertical fights, and we ended up as wanderers. The history of our ancestors was lost. However, during the year 1988, True Parents expanded the vertical base at the summit and, centering on the foundation of proclamations made horizontally throughout the world, the vertical and horizontal foundations were connected to the land of Korea. We are grateful for Your grace, which enabled Korea to inherit this work. Henceforth, however much Satan boasts of his history of evil opposition, we know he cannot step on the ideological realm of the nation, which has been established on this vertical foundation centered on the vertical and horizontal historical ground that is Korea. Furthermore, when the Unification Church members representing all nations, that is, the children scattered across the world, become one family transcending nationality and work for the sake of the liberation of the homeland, demonstrating loyalty greater than any people before, we know there can be no grounds for Satan to block this path. Since Satan began from the completion stage of the growth period, now that Korea has been established to represent the homeland based on the completion stage of the completion period, centered on the love of True Parents and in unity with the love of God, the realm of the portion of responsibility can be set aside. All walls in heaven and on earth, as well as all walls between all peoples, can be torn down, and the destiny begun by the mistake committed by Adam and Eve can be abolished. That destiny, which has spread everywhere, can be replaced with the fruit of historical victory, and the families — which are the foundation for love on the national level centered on the second generation of the Adam nation and the Eve nation — can be brought forth. Through these families, vertical and horizontal family centered relationships can be expanded. We thank You for Your grace in allowing us to have this worldwide foundation. When this takes place, Korea will become the basis of hope for all nations. Henceforth, the path Korea must follow is the one we must exemplify; the nation’s path is the path we have walked, which has become a tradition that is spreading among all the citizens. When this expanded tradition generates the history of vertical descendants by receiving the horizontal foundation centered on one’s descendants, the foundation for a new world of blessing can be brought about. We are profoundly thankful this time has come. Since we are beginning this work from this year, we hope the entire spirit world and physical world — including Jesus, Heung Jin, the great religious leaders and all the filial children, loyal subjects and chaste spouses who lived on earth — can join the ranks and fulfill the responsibility of the archangelic realm, which is to keep pace with the course on earth. In doing so, we hope the realm of Adam on earth can be protected, and that we will be able to pioneer the environment on the substantial level, so that the free and advancing kingdom of heaven can emerge, eliminating the world of all evils that oppose it. Father, please view with sympathy the fact that the wish desired by thousands of generations has now been established in Korea, and please allow this people to rid their hearts of all obstinacy. Furthermore, Father, please mobilize all spirits in the spirit world and command them to neutralize all the villains who cause turmoil among this people, by forcing the villains into separation and surrender. Moreover, we sincerely hope You will defend the Unification Church against all external forces trying to assault us and that the progressive beginning of the spiritual angelic realm that can bring the fallen angelic realm of earth to submission be declared on this day before all people together with the blessings of this day, all the more because this is the Day of Victory of Love. Your children are gathered here. They are the children of direct lineage who are centered on True Parents. The 36 couples, 72 couples, 124 couples, 430 couples and the blessed families representing all ancestors in the outside world are connected to twenty one nations and are celebrating the expansion of connections to True Parents. Please accept this celebration as being held by representatives of 120 nations so the cyclical course that can freely move to the ends of the earth and return can advance into the realm of Your dominion, toward the victorious kingdom of heaven. We earnestly hope and pray that You allow this. We who know of the victorious authority of this Day of Victory of Love are grateful we have been permitted the independent grace by which we can overcome death when facing it in the way of Your Will, and that with the privileged authority of children of Heaven we could dedicate our lives as sacrificial offerings before the Father. We earnestly hope and pray that You allow us to become people who, together with Your heaven of hope and the new celebration of resurrection, can integrate the entire universe by directly joining the ranks of the leaders of love as liberators who understand life and death and move into action. Accordingly, Father, we sincerely request that You protect us so the future of Korea can advance to the hill where there is no death. We beseech You, Father, to receive this day as the commemorative day when You link eternal grace and love to this day and the relationships of all people to the foundation of Korea so You, Father of Heaven, can bind Yourself to countless spirits and to the family of True Parents on earth and resolve the realm of death. I proclaim and pray all this in the name of True Parents. Aju! Aju! Aju! (January 2, 1989)

Day 7 (Dec. 1)
Please bless the original homeland where families can settle
Beloved Father, thank You for allowing us this hour when the members of the Unification Church, spread out all over Korea and around the world as well as in the spirit world, can unite as one and make a new resolution while facing this place. We sincerely hope, Father, that You bless the original homeland where all blessed families in heaven and earth, who are heading toward the fulfillment of Your Will, can unite as one in mind and body and settle down, centering on the Parents of Heaven and Earth. As the spirit world and the physical world usher in the new millennium of a new dimension, we earnestly hope and pray that You build the nation and the world You desire and hope for, that You become the great King of love and that You lead the entire universe into the ideal world of peace. Please allow all our family members in the spirit world, especially all those members of the Unification Church who have ascended, to stand in the position of leaders and become role models who inherit all the accomplishments of True Parents and fulfill their responsibility. Thereby, we hope and pray that You allow the spirit world to be newly reformed, so the kingdom of heaven on earth, the kingdom of heaven in heaven and everything here can move forward as a world of love resulting from the ideal of creation willed by Heaven. Please allow the people on earth to unite and lead everything toward the liberation of Your sorrow, as our Heavenly Parent who has grieved throughout history. We sincerely hope and pray that You allow heaven and earth to unite and become a nation that serves and attends You as our Father. Now that I have come to Korea and the tenth of this month is only days away, please grant that this be a day of global and historical blessing, when Your Will can be completed as heaven and earth cooperate and work together, and with the paths of all our members worldwide intersecting at this place. We earnestly ask and pray that You allow this day to be the historical origin through which families who have received the Blessing through true love can advance and leap forward toward the new realm of unity between the spirit world and the physical world. We earnestly hope that the current leader of this nation and its people can become one and unite with True Parents so the standard of the unified realm of the physical world and the unifying standard of the heavenly world can become one, and thereby realize the world of the sovereignty of love where the victory of liberation can be praised. We earnestly hope and pray that this nation of Korea, when the North and South achieve oneness, becomes humanity’s homeland, territory and nation that can receive the blessing of liberation by completely scrubbing off and washing away all unfilial processes in history. We earnestly request that You allow this land to become the blessed homeland that can return everything to Your presence, Father, with blessings, love, victory and praise. I pray all these words in the name of True Parents. Aju! (February 6, 2000)

Day 8 (Dec. 2)
Please bless us to be able to prepare a victorious foundation
Beloved Father! Present here at this pledge ceremony are the children who have received the Blessing to become families of filial piety, families of loyalty, families of saints and families of sages, serving the great Will of the Cosmic Parent in the spirit world and the True Parents on earth, achieving the ideal of oneness and coming to a place of settlement in front of the blessed families on this earth. According to the ideal of creation, every being in the cosmos originates from love and all created things belong to and continue to exist for the realm of love of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. From that position, they seek to maintain their existence and offer themselves to Heaven as substantial forms of victory and glory. We as blessed families have completed and fulfilled this ideal in its entirety, and we offer it before Heaven. As a result, You proclaimed the establishment of the liberated realm of earth, the liberated realm of heaven and the liberated realm of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and we are grateful for the grace that has enabled the Unification Church to pioneer the one way of victory by walking the course of indemnity on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and cosmos. We are truly grateful that this victory is the result of Heaven working, as our subject partner, to train and guide us by protecting and nurturing our right to relate to You at the center of the principle of re-creation. Centering on this Cheonseong Wanglim Palace at Chung Pyung, we thank You for letting us prepare the grounds on which all humanity across the world can form connections and on which each nation can learn the Will of the heavenly kingdom and can inherit and proclaim it. In particular, this is a very important moment in time when all families need to be registered, starting from the central, elder families among the blessed families of the Unification Church, and including all blessed families up to the 440 million couples who were recently blessed. Therefore we thank You for letting the mothers take the lead in attending the registration workshop in the period of the great transition for the conclusion of the purpose desired by individual nations and individual families ever since the Fall. These mothers are the pathfinders who are to find once again the lost heaven and earth. They are the representatives and the fruits of the Will who can take the place of the living sacrificial offering. As such they can bring a complete end to the sad history of the course of indemnity, the course that aims to implant the love of the mother in her children, to connect the love between the mother and children in front of You, Father, to connect it to the love of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and to praise the grace and victory of liberation. We sincerely hope and pray that You will allow them to become the owners of re-creation who can lead their daily lives with the true authority of love. We are also grateful for Your grace in allowing Dae Mo Nim, Choong Mo Nim and Dae Hyeong Nim, centering on Heung Jin in the spirit world, to unite with the four great saints there, thus establishing a unified church in the spirit world through these newly formed ties of brother and sister. And we thank You for expanding this blessing on earth to enable Your followers to be embraced in Your bosom, thus forming ties of the one, unified kinship through the will of True Parents. Please educate the mothers so they can carry out everything with a grateful heart, with one body and one idea, in order to dedicate the glorious victory and harvest to Heaven. We sincerely hope and pray, Father, that You will bless and nurture these children so the mothers and the sons and daughters can unite in serving the Father and, following the True Parent of the spirit world, be registered in the heavenly nation, becoming liberated people. Please receive this pledge ceremony that we gladly dedicate to You today and, beloved Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will remember the blessed families who are making a new start and facing new challenges. We pray that You will take dominion over their bodies and minds, allowing them to fulfill their responsibility to conclude world history, through which they can complete the preparations that can be dedicated to Heaven with one body and one idea of love. By doing so, we earnestly hope and pray that You will allow rapid progress in our plans for the Blessing event, so it can be dedicated before our Father with three generations united as one. Please bless us to become representative children of filial piety and loyalty serving the Heavenly Parent, children who harbor this in their hearts and think of it and pray for it, yearning for heavenly nature in their hearts. We sincerely hope and pray that You will bless us so You can boast of Your glorious children before the entire cosmos, and that we can prepare the eternal foundation of victory in which Heaven can participate. Beloved Father, please accomplish everything in accordance with Your Will. Hoping that victory, glory, praise and dignity will be forevermore with the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and the blessed families for all eternity, we report and pray truthfully and sincerely in the name of True Parents. Aju! (September 3, 2000)

Day 9 (Dec. 3)
May the characteristics of Your children accrue to us
Beloved Father, please consecrate this place, Corrientes, which is watched closely by heaven and earth. It has been over a year since the work in South America was begun here, based on the Will of Heaven to use South America for the providence in the future. We hope that victory, glory, praise and dignity will be forevermore in this land of Your desire, under Your jurisdiction. This year’s motto is, “Let’s be proud of True Parents and love True Parents.” In other words, it means we should be proud of and love God. We understand how important is the mission that has been given to us, the mission to be proud of and to love God’s family, nation and world. How long You have waited to be able to let us be proud of and to love the fact that we have become the children of Heaven, that we have become parents with children, and that we have our own families and can embrace our children! Please bless us so that, just as Heaven is proud of us and loves us, we too can love Heaven and be proud of Heaven. Let this land become one in which all people and all things can come together to praise, be proud of and love Heaven, and grant that all created things and all people become like this. We know that it was Your sorrow that people failed to become families that could result in such a history. Therefore, with the Unification Church at the forefront, we need to do away with everything that brings sorrow and make this entire earth a place where all people, all of history, the world and the kingdom of heaven on earth can be raised up, and all will be proud of Your workmanship and love Your creation. We have come to know that everything in the world desires this oneness. We sincerely hope and pray that You will bless us so we will have nothing to be ashamed of when we look upon nature, can become free and liberated selves who are unashamed before the history that extends from the past through the present to the future, and who are unashamed as objects of love before You, the Creator, thus becoming dignified people who can reveal the glory of heaven. Thus, You as the Creator were supposed to live together with us on this earth, to love with us and to begin a new history with us. But this did not come to pass. Therefore we sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to be the children who can realize the purpose desired by Heaven through this era, with the name of True Parents. Beloved Father, in this era wherein the spirit world longs for the conclusion on the earth, we earnestly request and hope that You will let victory, glory and good fortune be with us in light of the mission of the Unification Church, which is to make everything of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos spring forth, starting from the family and expanding to the liberated cosmos. Please be personally with all the children of the blessed families who are merging their hearts and offering devotions while facing the place where True Parents are, and let them show themselves to be people of Heaven by demonstrating that Heaven is with them no matter where they are, what they do or where they go, in contrast to Satan’s world. We sincerely hope and pray that You will bless them, Father, so they can honor You from a place where all people and all things can respect them, love them and be proud of them. Please bless the people of the Unification Church who are offering all their devotion for the upcoming Blessing of 3.6 million couples, which we have yearned for. We earnestly hope and pray that You will allow the participants in the Blessing to form families that can be proud and unashamed as blessed families of Heaven, that will become the pride of Heaven and be loved by Heaven. We earnestly hope and pray that You will allow us to continue with the work through which, together with Your words, re-creation can be carried out wherever You appear, even at the far corners of heaven, so we can substantially demonstrate that the living God is with us. We also sincerely hope and desire that You will embrace all the children of the entire blessed realm in more than 160 nations centered on Korea, Japan and America, and unveil them in the cosmos as the extended family in the one, unified realm of liberation. Now that the first half of March has passed, please allow us all to fulfill our duties of filial piety and loyalty before Heaven with resolution and with a new determination in the days still to come. Centered on the unified ideal of love of the physical world and the spirit world, we sincerely hope and pray that You will let us live together with the love of God and True Parents, and that You will allow the entire cosmos to be embraced in ecstasy and glory. We pray all these words in the name of True Parents. Aju! (March 17, 1996)

Day 10 (Dec. 4)
Please allow us to understand our mission
Oh Father who has promised the resurrection of life! Father who has permitted the grace of love! Father who has given us eternal life! Our Father, who is not far away from us but in our hearts, in our bodies, and in our surroundings! We have hearts that adore our Father’s love, hearts that desire to be immersed in our Father’s love, and hearts that wish to sing our Father’s glory. Father who has come seeking us at this hour, please manifest Your joyous glory. We will not be satisfied unless You do so. Thus, set right the bodies and hearts of each of us at this time, in an atmosphere of glory in which we can rejoice and unite with You in harmony, harmonize within ourselves through our original mind and original nature, and also harmonize with all created things. Our Father of promise, please move at this hour. Our Father of might, please appear at this hour. Though we are so unworthy, we know that, when we set out in obedience to Your commands, the power to pioneer the course of eternal life will well up within us. Our Father of love! Do not hesitate at this hour, but give commands through our hearts and give commands through our bodies. Please find again the original external form that You created for us. Then, looking at that beauty, You will be able to feel joy, and You will be able to present us as respectable entities before all things of creation of heaven and earth. We earnestly hope and desire, beloved Father, that You will watch over us and establish us as sons and daughters of whom You can be proud. Today is a holy day. It is a day when we must take responsibility for the lives of all people. We must lead back to God the minds and bodies of all the people who are in the realm of death, and held in the claws of the enemy. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are working and taking responsibility for this task, and the myriads of saints in heaven are cooperating with them. Therefore, we who are on earth today will equip ourselves for this task as well. So please let us understand the remaining mission that we must cooperate with for the sake of this Will. Oh Father! If we are too weak to fulfill our remaining mission, please allow us to cherish in our minds Your Will in relation to the blessings that You have promised since the beginning of time. Please also settle us in the realm of heavenly ethics. Please do not let us become pitiable sons and daughters who open the way to sorrow. Please allow us to become Your sons and daughters who are saturated with Your mind and nature, so that we can realize the entire Will that You seek to establish through our minds and bodies. Please allow us to do so even before You have spoken, to act before You have asked us to act, and to put Your wishes into action even before You have wished it. Father, please bless this people. Please bless this church that represents this people. Please bless Your sons and daughters gathered here. Please also speak of Your Will to each and every being in all directions, and please permit them the blessing of new life. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You will allow all people to be awakened to Your Will, and that You will raise up a foundation of life for all people, upon which peace can be brought about. Please allow Your sons and daughters who are bowing down before You right here and now to become children who are able to receive Your love and blessings with new hearts. Please allow our bodies to possess the beauty of glory You have blessed us with and to possess the beauty of love. If there are sons or daughters that embrace the bitter roots of sin that create anguish, which makes them unacceptable to You, please appear before them, Father, and act at this time. Father, we earnestly, earnestly hope and pray that You will bring about the work of re-creation through Your personal touch. Please manifest Your abundant grace over Your sons and daughters gathered at this hour. I earnestly hope and pray, my Father, that You will work through Your children who are scattered in the countryside, raising lonely altars. Please also work through Your other sons and daughters who are substantiating Your Word with the same grace during this time. Please become the original owner of the mind of each and every one of us, and please become the original owner of the body of each and every one of us. Please consecrate each of our bodies. We earnestly hope and pray that You will completely fill each mind and body with the grace You have permitted us at this time, beloved Father, and that You will watch over us from above. We humbly pray all these things in the name of our beloved Lord. Aju! (November 25, 1956)

Day 11 (Dec. 5)
Let us establish Your glory in the midst of battle
Father, we have gathered at Your knee on this day, after a week of fighting in the abode of evil, with the grace You have permitted us embraced in our bosom. So please bear with us even if You find us unworthy in any way. We have not been able to bring anything to give You, Father. Since we have come as objects of Your concern, Father of compassion, Father of omnipotence, Father of love, please do not leave us as we are now. Please take responsibility for us. Since millions of evil spirits are surrounding us, seeking to take our lives, Father, please protect us. Please allow each of us to be submerged in the midst of Your deep love and to sing of Your glory with our hearts. Father, we earnestly hope and desire that You will allow us to bow down before You at this time. Since we know that there were, during the course of our lives in the past week, actions You do not approve of, and many elements that cannot be displayed before Your Will, O Father of compassion and omnipotence, we earnestly hope and desire that You will appear with Your authority of victory, and grant us Your touch of re-creation. Father, because this is a holy day, please bless the many religious groups that have gathered representing the people. I also know that at this time Your lonely sons and daughters, who have built hidden altars in order to realize Your Will, are bowing down before You. Therefore, please work by pouring sweeping grace over them as well, and please allow them to receive the final grace predicted for the Last Days. We earnestly hope and desire that You will work, Father, so that we can build the altar of the final victory and establish Your glory throughout the Korean Peninsula. Since we, Your sons and daughters gathered here before You, entrust everything to You, Father, please receive us as living sacrifices, and please guide us so that not a single life will go astray from Your Will. We earnestly hope and desire that You will allow us to become true sons and daughters who are able, even if Satan attacks us, to say without wavering that You are our Father. Lonely sons and daughters are fighting difficult battles today, scattered in the countryside, and so we earnestly hope and pray that You will infuse Your omnipotent power of re-creation wherever they are gathered, and allow them all to testify that they are Your sons and daughters. Hoping and requesting that You will receive and take charge of all that we have dedicated to You at this time, we offer these words in the name of the Lord. Aju! (September 15, 1957)

Day 12 (Dec. 6)
Please allow us to understand everything You teach
Father! I am concerned that all the circumstances of the grief filled six thousand years and the circumstances of Your innermost self during that time, have not been fully conveyed to these people, so please embrace them in Your bosom and allow them to become aware of these things. And if they are awakened to anything in their hearts, please allow them to take responsibility for that until the end. Father, at the same time that we feel the preciousness of the responsibility of a person who gives, we have come to understand that the responsibility of a person who receives is just as precious. In fact, we have come to understand that the responsibility of a person who receives is more important than that of someone who gives. The time of giving is one time, but since we know that the time of receiving must continue forever, please allow us to become people who are able to hold in our hearts forever the truth, the life, and the love we received that one time from Heaven. We earnestly hope and desire that You will allow us to understand that only if we become like this can we be the true children of our Heavenly Father. In the past we heard Your teachings many times, and received much grace of life and love, but our minds are empty at this time. So please fill our empty minds, and since we repent today for the scores of times we have betrayed Heaven until now, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You will be patient with us. Please allow us to become children who are able to find the key to the truth and the key to life and love, and open the door to the remaining universal truth, life and love, thereby relieving Your inner pain, You who are the center of the cosmos. And we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You will allow us to go forth to take the position of true children whom You can trust. We earnestly ask You to separate from us all the unprincipled things that remain, to make us complete where we are inadequate, and to please guide us until the eternal kingdom of heaven is fully realized. We humbly pray all these things in the name of the Lord. Aju! (March 17, 1957)

Day 13 (Dec. 7)
Please allow us to race toward a new life
Father, I understand that the original, ideal world of creation that You envisioned is a place radiant with happiness, where true children and families resonating with Your love can share joy and be in harmony with all creation. Due to the Fall, however, the original world, the land of the original hometown, remained a nebulous wish for humanity. When I think about this, I can only lament. Due to the mistake of the first human ancestors, countless numbers of their descendants were abused during the long course of history and have stumbled along the path of restoration. That path compelled them to walk while being constantly tormented; it was a path of tears, a path of blood and a path of death. When we think about this, Father, we are once again poignantly reminded that history has been a wearisome and mournful odyssey. Due to the Fall, we lost our Father, we lost our original homeland and we lost our True Parents. We lost the original, true, and ideal family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. We lost everything. Centered on You, Father, the world under Your authority should have been realized within an environment of genuine freedom. However, because we collided with the sad misfortune we call the Fall, we have become children with no ties whatsoever to You or to the world of Your ideal. Father, You are our Lord but were unable to become our Lord in substance. Instead, we bore the lineage of Satan, Your enemy, and were dragged downward into the realm of darkness controlled by the devil. When we think about this, we are once again reminded of how terrible it was for You. It was Your wish, Father, and the wish of all true people to be rid of Satan, who has been the enemy throughout the ages on this earth and in the spirit world where countless spirits reside. At this hour we should keep this in mind. Father, we are unable to perceive how much of Satan’s authority and power remains in our daily life. As we live each hour, as we live each day, even now we are unable to feel how much of Satan’s influence and authority has infiltrated our life. Father, such has been our life of faith. The principles of the heavenly way dictate that no one can advance before the Father’s presence without eradicating that which has been corrupted. The more we think about this, the more we are reminded that we are in a wretched and pitiable position, where we can only cry out to You, Father, from a path of tears, longing for the caress of Your salvation. Father, You know very well the circumstances in which we are mired. Father, I sincerely pray and wish that You will take pity on us. Once again protect us on the path that we take, purify our surroundings, and separate us from Satan’s realm. Father, our mind and body cannot enter into a direct relationship with You. We know that the root of sin by which Satan can control us still remains within us. We are unable to carry out the goodness that our mind desires and instead find ourselves enjoying the acts of evil that we do not desire. Father, I sincerely pray and hope that You will forgive us for being unable to extricate ourselves from that kind of life. By having faith in the Father’s love and His authority over life and resurrection, we have, until now, maintained the conditions to be connected to the realm of love, the realm of resurrection, and the realm of life of the Father who takes pity on us. I offer thanks when I think about how You, Father, have not abandoned us but have embraced, defended, and protected us to this day, nurturing us in order to spread Your Will for the providence of restoration. Now we know the battlefield of restoration and realize that we belong to the grace of life. Thus, Father, I sincerely pray that You will understand us, Your children, who are gathered here in this place. During the course of our life and also the course of our resurrection, we should cut ourselves off from Satan. We clearly understand that we cannot become the citizens of heaven without uniting with You, Father, so that our daily life conforms to Your Will. Thus, please permit Your children gathered here to offer You their mind and body and race toward a new way of life. At this hour, Father, I sincerely pray and hope that You will permit us to become a group of people who can renew their determination in Your presence. Father, I sincerely pray and hope that You will observe all the details of our circumstances, and permit this to be a time when we can say, “Please urge us on once again, so that from now on we can, of our own accord, clarify our position in front of Your Will. Please urge us to make a firm resolution regarding the direction we need to take, the responsibility we need to fulfill, and our mission.” Today is the Sabbath. I know that the lonely children who are scattered throughout South Korea are on their knees in prayer facing this location. I pray that this hour can be a sacred one in which You can personally be with each of them wherever they are gathered. I pray that all their cries and appeals will not fall to the earth but will move Your heart, Father, so that they can inherit the motivation behind Your works. Father, I sincerely pray and hope that You will permit them to become Your true sons and daughters who are capable of fulfilling their mission as people in charge of conquering Satan on the earth, by upholding Your Will. I sincerely pray that You will permit us to become a group of people through whom You can bring an end to restoration through indemnity and realize the ideal world of Your desire. Please permit us to become children in whom You can take pride. Beloved Father, I sincerely request that You personally oversee and take charge of everything at this time. All this I pray in the holy name of True Parents. Aju! (January 7, 1968)

Day 14 (Dec. 8)
Please grant that we may become true sons and daughters of filial piety
Oh Father who created the universe! Please allow us to realize deeply at this time how earnestly You have longed for the day when You could share Your glory with all creation. You created Adam and Eve and raised them in Your embrace. By having them begin a life of eternal love, You sought to establish a blessed land for all humanity. We realize once again that You are the Father who hoped to find joy through Adam and Eve as they grew up. We now also realize once again that You, who had such an earnest hope, lost Adam and Eve and have had to face a time of sorrow instead. Father! On this earth there are many nations and peoples. They have had separate histories, and their living circumstances and hopes are different. When we consider again that this is contrary to Your original Will, we come to understand that the separation of these histories is Your grief, the separation in circumstances is Your grief, and the separation in hopes is also Your grief. When we think of the human reality, Father, we know that it is retribution for the Fall. The past had to come from You, the present must come from You, and the future must form a connection with Your ideal. But today, people are living the tragic reality of not having a common base for relationships, nor a common living environment, nor a common worldview. Please allow us to hear once again in our minds the ghastly screams and groans of all human beings, who are living in a chaotic place where things are going in the wrong direction, where each person’s position contradicts that of others. Please allow us to contemplate this together with Your heart, Father, to feel Your heart, and to become aware of the mistakes of the past. Father! You need to have sons and daughters weeping tears of sincere repentance and pleading You to allow humanity to have hope that is blessed by You. But the more we feel we have been unable to do this, the more unable we are to raise our heads before You. Today, there are many religions and churches moving toward a common goal, but we know there are not many humbly bowing down before You while weeping over the mournful path You have had to go and over the sorrow of the ghastly judgment humankind must receive. The pitiable people who have gathered here today have continuously trodden a path of anguish. They are Your sons and daughters who have continued fighting up to the present while embracing the command You have given them, their tired footsteps having led them to this place today. Please remember them. Please permit this hour to be one in which we can repent of our sins of the past that linger into the present. Let us do this before we desire to receive blessings during this year. Since this people was unable to do this, we earnestly hope and pray, beloved Father, that You will let this be a time for us to repent with tears before You as representatives of this pitiable thirty million people of Korea, as representatives of the many denominations, and as representatives of innumerable devout believers. Now we want to become the sons and daughters who can hold onto Your care worn hands, feeling concern about Your situation. We want to become the true sons and daughters who can look at Your anxious expression and Your grief stricken appearance, rush toward You, calling “Father!” put our arms around Your neck and weep loudly. However, if we do not have the heart to do so, we sincerely hope and pray, our Father of love, that You will let this be a time for us to tell You truthfully of our own accord that we are sinners, and yet be embraced in Your compassionate bosom. We know that this path of life is one that we need to walk while making atonement with tears. We know only too well that since You, our Father, have walked this path, we as Your sons and daughters also need to do so. This was our lot last year and the year before that. We have endured and remain to this day, so please remember us. Now that we have ushered in the new year, please guide us to become Your children who can tighten our belts once again, trim our hair short, equip ourselves with a new fighting spirit and heavenly armaments, and race out in obedience to Your commands. Father! We do not want to be people who just follow. We earnestly hope and pray that You will let us become people who emerge as the vanguard in front of You, in front of this people, and in front of humanity. Since it is Your deep regret that You have had to labor for many years in sadness, and since it is Your deep regret that many people became traitors to Heaven, we know very well that it is up to us to shoulder the cross of Heaven that is burdened with all these years of sorrow and all these tales of grief. We sincerely hope and desire that You will let us become Your sons and daughters who can now take responsibility for that burden, and feel joyful, of our own accord, in being offered as the heavenly sacrifice for all created things in this universe. At this time, we will report to You honestly about everything in our past and hope that, on the basis of our pure and clear heart, only our yearning and our adoration for our Father will fill our being. We earnestly hope and pray, Father, that You will permit us to become true filial sons and true filial daughters who can serve You with devotion, regardless of the condition and the circumstances You are in at this time, as we welcome this new year, we know there are many people in lonely places facing toward this Seoul headquarters and praying with tears. Please give them hope. Please, Father, do not defer the day of hope that they are wishing for. We earnestly desire and pray that You will let them feel the grief of this Korean people, that You will let them become those who can surmount and go beyond the sinful history of this people, and that You will guide them under Your direct dominion. We know You are listening intently to the contents of the appeals we make as we continue to persevere, and we know very well that You protect us when we are lonely and miserable. We know that You reside there with us when we are persecuted and under duress. Since You do so, Father, please take control of each of our circumstances. We cannot express how sad we have made You. We sincerely hope and desire, Father, that You will enable us to avoid adding to Your sorrow this year. We sincerely hope that, at this time, You will let each and every one of us have earnest hearts, gathering and dedicating our sincere devotion to You, prostrating ourselves with humility, calling out to You and weeping endlessly in Your embrace. The Father we have been seeking has not been anyone else’s Father. Since we know that You are our Father, we earnestly hope and pray that You will once again embrace in Your bosom these sorrowful children, who are standing on the destined road of restoration where they need to create a bond with You, Father. I now stand before these people on this first Sabbath day of the new year, but what words should I speak to them? Please allow the heart of the one who conveys and the heart of the one who receives to unite. We hope that You will appear in our midst together with the power of creation. Please let this altar be one on which our hearts can be joined and offered as a single sacrifice, and please allow this hour to be one during which we can make an offering of the incense of atonement as representatives of all people. We beseech You, Father, to let us shed tears on behalf of all people and on Your behalf, and that You will make this a time when You can come and lay bare Your aching heart. Please let the glory and victory of all generations be with us during this year. Let them be with this people, with all humankind, and with all spirits. Earnestly requesting this, we humbly pray all these things in the name of the Lord. Aju! (January 2, 1966)

Day 15 (Dec. 9)
We hope for You alone, our Father, to receive the glory
Father, today is the Sabbath. On this day, Your many children spread out across this nation are gathering in front of their altars, bowing their heads and offering full bows, pooling their hearts together and offering devotions. So we earnestly hope and pray that Your boundless love and compassion will be with them. Father, we know that it is Your holy Will to establish us in this position and to resolve all grief through us. We earnestly hope and desire that You will allow us to become children whom You cannot be without and who give their full devotion to the Will through which You seek to resolve all grief. We know that our being here today is not because of ourselves. Since we know that You are the beginning and the end, and we have entrusted everything to You, please take dominion over us. Through us, please restore victorious individuals, families, nations and a victorious world. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and desire that by You realizing the victorious kingdom of heaven, You alone will receive the glory. At this time, we pledge that we will become children who are able to resolve Your grief without fail, and return glory and joy to You by taking responsibility for all the unjust circumstances You have faced, in which You became a sacrifice and an offering. Father, we know that the relationships of three ages are connected with us as the center. Our many ancestors, who have come and gone in the past, are earnestly hoping that they can be relieved of their grief through us. The people of today who are spread throughout the world are longing for a day of liberation. Our future descendants are also longing for the day of liberation. So please let us become people who are able to liberate them. And we hope and pray that You will allow us to become sons and daughters who are able to find and establish the dutiful way for humankind by upholding Your Will for heaven and Your Will for earth. Even as we speak, Your many children in the East and the West are waiting for the day of hope, longing for Korea, and offering devotions unceasingly for the Will. Please embrace them with Your deep love and protect them. We earnestly hope and pray, Father, that You will let them pioneer the one road of victory and become the unified, victorious living sacrifice that can bring all peoples around the world to prostrate themselves before Your Will. We sincerely hope and pray that You will let us become the cornerstone of life for this people, and become glorious high priests. Please bless us so that we will not be lacking in any way to play a leading role in praising You. May Your love be with the blessed families gathered here, and especially with the Unification Church, and also with Korea. Father, please share Your love with Korea, with all of Asia, with Europe, and with the whole world. Now, please embrace the entire cosmos in Your bosom, and allow it to be the stage for the activities of all Your children. Please thereby permit the glorious unified world You wish for to appear. We sincerely and earnestly hope and pray, our Father of love, that You will allow this to be a time in which we pledge to give all our loyalty and to persevere until that day, even if it means becoming a sacrificial offering. Earnestly hoping and praying that Your glory, mercy, and love will be with Your children going out to do Your Will, and with the world for all eternity, we pray all these things in the name of the True Parents. Aju! (October 19, 1969)

Day 16 (Dec. 10)
We pray that You will permit the world to become the kingdom of God on earth
Beloved Father, truly, truly, truly I offer my thanks to You for permitting this grace of allowing us to offer a full bow in celebration of welcoming a new month on this day, in attendance to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, with all things in the cosmos united in heart and body, here under the watchful gaze of heaven and earth. After the passing of a historic and great period of transition, we welcome the month of March when we can enter a new dimension in which national sovereignty can be established that fulfills the ideal of a new cosmos. Please grant that all the events that will be woven into this month shall work closely with the month of April to enable all rallies, which are planned in conjunction with the start of heaven and the new history, to be entwined within the core of the Father’s heart. Now the era has come in which we can welcome a sovereignty of love, under which we can sing the praises of a tranquil reign of peace in the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, founded in Your love, together with the True Parents and all things of creation on this earth. Father, I pray that You will be able to erase the memory of all the courses in history during which You, Father, were at the center, taking great pains to establish the standard of the eight stages, from the era of the individual to the cosmos, for the sake of fallen humankind on the earth. Let all the times of victory and the days of achieving the milestones through devotion in a realm of unity with the True Parents be connected in joy. Moreover, let all the courses and days of advancing toward the kingship of a peaceful, ideal world and a liberated world of peace centered on God’s ideal family in the heavenly and physical worlds be connected in joy. Please grant that the heavenly and earthly worlds form Your sovereignty of love, augmented with ardent hope spreading from Your victorious heart, erasing the memory of all the anguished moments, and passing and advancing toward the new, victorious month of April. Now, I pray that You will allow us to fulfill the way of loyalty and filial piety and the way of the family of a saint and divine child in the presence of Heaven, while we raise high the torch in the new age that begins from March, and renew our mind and body with inner fire. I pray and wish that You will transform this world into one in which the entire cosmos, as a united entity, attends God. Moreover, I pray that You will transform this era into one in which all people sing Your praises, in order to establish a foothold on the earth and serve and attend Heaven as citizens of the heavenly kingdom. I pray You will permit a world of love to unfold under Your victorious authority. I fervently pray and hope that You will permit us to take pride in the many victories, as seen from Your point of view, rooted in the ideal of creation, by having the blessed families in the heavenly world and blessed families in the earthly world now connect as one heart, one body, one mindset, and one nucleus. I sincerely pray that You will permit us to be proudly victorious from the viewpoint of Your original ideal of creation through connecting these families to the united realm of Your mind and body, and through attaining unity of heart even with all things of creation. As we honor and adore this occasion and offer an invocation across all nations, I pray that You will be with us on the basis of all the emotions we are preparing in our hearts for the commemorative day that approaches. I pray that this can be connected to the ardent wish of the unfallen Adam’s family — not fallen but gazing upon the authority of victory — in place of the day marking the commencement of Your creation envisioned at the beginning of time. Please forget all traces of the Fall and let the era of high noon settlement make way for the era of a sovereignty founded on love. By doing so, I sincerely pray that You will permit this to become Your era, Father, during which we can sing praises and glorify Your victory for eternity, and be proud of heaven and earth under Your independent sovereignty of love. I fervently pray that the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind can now complete their responsibility of bridging the spirit world and physical world, and form a higher, broader, and deeper point of convergence with Your heart. I pray that the glory and all manner of joy that enraptures You in happiness can converge, with True Parents’ heart, in this world through all spheres of human life, enabling the world to become a liberated kingdom of God on earth that is offered together with the entire universe, with joyous praise to the Father. I sincerely pray, Father, that on this day, You will permit the heavenly citizens who have been blessed by Heaven, who face toward the new world, to become one in heart in connecting with the Korean Peninsula and the world, just as the Korean people commemorate the March First Movement. All this I fervently report and proclaim in the name of the True Parents. Aju! (March 1, 2006)

Day 17 (Dec. 11)
Let us realize the victorious day of Home Church
Not even one person knew of Your sorrow, Father, as You looked upon the circumstances of the history that had ended in failure. Father, long ago You called the family of Jacob and began the providence. You kept in mind the now ancient nation of Israel, and subsequently You persevered through the time of Moses to the time of Jesus, and then through the bloody history of countless Christian martyrs and the miserable course of the Unification Church. Yet, You have allowed us to come to the point where we stand today, and to remain here without collapsing or going to ruin. Again we thank You. Our relationship with You remains intact and makes it still possible for us to prevail. I remember the time thirty years ago, when I struggled during my twenties to help Heaven. Memories of the smell of tears, blood and sweat from the ups and downs I experienced after having resolutely set out to establish the Will, in the face of ruthless winds and waves, appear in a panorama today. At that time I set the final conditions to establish this people and nation before Your Will, and I endured those who opposed Heaven, and who even trampled me underfoot as the lowliest person. Even when I was treated as the enemy of both the state and of the people alike, I endured, and preserved those experiences deep in my heart. Because You are alive, Father, whenever I was in a position where it was inevitable that I would perish, You extended Your hand to me, and saved me from ruin. For this, I can only be grateful. I am walking this path of crisis after crisis, resolved in my heart to follow the course of unfailing victory. This is so that I can realize Your Will without fail, and dedicate that victory to You before evening comes. Father, when I think about such unforgettable historical situations, I know very well that You fully understand the true intention of Satan, who wishes in his heart to be rid of me. I also know only too well that I have to follow the path You are walking, that the path I am walking is the path True Parents have to walk. Humanity will perish unless I walk this path. Father, even though people are taking steps towards Home Church in challenging personal circumstances, they are walking paths destined to intersect with crossroads of tears. There remain paths of tears on which they have to advance to link the home churches so that all homes can share the same heart. We know that Your helping hand will continue to be with us as it has been until now. We are also aware that You will enable us to overcome whatever difficulties we encounter in our environment. Our Father of love, please be with us. This morning, I gave an address entitled, “The Unification Church and I.” We and the Unification Church are on a path of destiny that will never be severed even if we wish it to be. We know very well that we will need to walk that path with sorrow in our hearts. No one knows the destiny of the fallen descendants, who need to go around by the long road, going through the course of indemnity to resolve over and over again the circumstances of restoration that remain from the sorrowful history of having lost the Parents. Therefore, Father, we earnestly hope and pray that You will give us Your blessings. Thank You for allowing us to stay here for the past few days. Even today, there is a direction of heart that Your Will desires once again. Please let us and our future generations go forward on the path of the Unification Church, the path of the Father, marching forward to the very end with mind and body filled with gratitude, giving all our heart, all our energy and all our devotion. We sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to become Your deep hearted partners and Your proud sons and daughters who can receive Your love. Since we know that the Unification Church will manifest as the glorious victor of heaven and earth, do not let us die or collapse before that day. Take dominion over us, so that we will become the children who can fight and prevail. Beloved Father, at this hour of the day all the sons and daughters of the Unification Church around the world are offering devotions for the sake of this place. Moreover, they also are praying for the situation of Korea and the situation of America. We hope and pray once again that You will find a way to accelerate our pace and shorten the path of those sons and daughters. Please let the glory of this day be with You, with the Teacher and with all of us, and bless us so that we can realize the victorious day of Home Church. We have prayed all this in the name of True Parents. Aju! (October 19, 1980)

Day 18 (Dec. 12)
Let us all become one centering on Home Church
Our Father in heaven, center of the entire universe! You created the whole world to manifest Your ideal. Please bring about the completion of Your sacred Will to realize the home of love in this cosmos, the home desired both by You and by us — we who are the center of the entire universe through our connection to Your love. In the presence of our Father, You who strove to accomplish the work of creation with that objective in mind, our first ancestors, who were meant to fulfill their responsibilities as parents on earth, fell and wove a history of bitter grief. Your ideal was violated, and the world was nailed to the cross. Therefore, Father, we apologize on behalf of our ancestors in the face of Your historical endeavors. Not only did human beings perpetrate this, but they then spread out in this world. Today many people say You do not exist. They do not know You and so betray You. The expanding influence of communism, which claims that there is no God, is confusing the standard of goodness. It rages all about, claiming that everything is built upon falsity and injustice. Still, You looked with compassion upon the human race as it suffered the consequences of all this sorrow, and allowed us to establish the Unification Church. Our Father, You have worked hard on earth until now to bring the individual, the family, into order. You worked to bring order to the confused human condition, to tribes, peoples, nations, the world and cosmos. We hope You will forgive us for the fact that all historical sages and even Jesus, who came to accomplish that, came and went without being able to finish the task. Thus the True Parents have had to walk the path of suffering in the era of the Second Advent. Because we know and fear that the suffering of the present generation may be passed on to later generations as conditions of indemnity, we are making a resolution to go beyond the individual to the family, tribe, people and nation, and to march forward with full force centering on Home Church. We are truly grateful for Your grace that allows us to launch this initiative. We are celebrating God’s Day this morning with a new dawn lighting up this world. We sincerely hope that You will allow Your glory to be revealed and Your Will of victory to be abundant throughout the cosmos, so that our shouts of praise will ring out on earth and reach heaven. Please allow all these central families of the Unification Church, who have gathered here today from all around the world, to take on this mission and stand at the forefront to teach the heavenly traditions and practices to all the world. We sincerely hope You will permit them to race forward to be the vanguard. May they complete their responsibilities and fulfill their desire to create the environment through which the entire world can follow those traditions as well. Please accept today’s ceremony with gladness, Father. All religious leaders and believers within the spirit world, who pursue goodness on the basis of the four major religions, are observing us closely here today. All spirits under Christianity and Jesus, Buddhism and Buddha, Confucianism and Confucius, and Islam and Muhammad, are watching us. Since they are wishing for the embrace of True Parents in the hope of realizing Your one true purpose, please bless them so that the spiritual and physical worlds can be joined together. We sincerely pray that You will bless us so that the Unification Church can become one in heart with them, so that Heaven can rejoice and earth can be harmonized as we continue to indemnify everything in history. Father, please remember the members of the Unification Church scattered around the world. We sincerely hope and pray that You will bestow new historical blessings upon all the Unification communities who are observing this ceremony, praising the name of True Parents and venerating the family of Heaven, enabling them to reveal Your victorious glory. Please accept this occasion in Your holy way. On this day, we have pledged the victory of Home Church in order to make it possible for You, our Father, to become one directly with the earth as well as with all the good elements of the spirit world. The world that Satan organized was built up on the basis of evil forces holding the physical world under their domain. With the Unification Church’s Home Church activities as the starting point, we all wish to be united, transcending geography and nationality as we initiate the movement now destined to eliminate Satan’s world. Just as You, Father, are moving into the direction of the Home Church providence, please allow us to become one in heart on the basis of that providence on earth. Please allow us to fulfill our duties of filial piety before You so that we can bring joy to You and create an environment in which the spirit world can freely provide help. We earnestly hope that, because of our doing so, You will bless our efforts with the result that Satan’s evil world and even the evil communist sovereignty will yield and begin accepting the guidance of the conscience, transcending all national boundaries. We also hope that they will subsequently become part of the nation and family of our Father. We earnestly hope and pray that in this way You will permit us to establish the moment in which all nations in the world, following the lead of Korea, Japan, America, and Germany, can unite in praising Your glory with one accord. Please bless all that is accomplished on this day and please bestow Your blessings on the whole of this year. We sincerely hope and pray that You will allow this day, this month, this year, and the 1980s to be a time when we can sing in praise of Your victory. Please accept this ceremony with joy. Please permit Your eternal and everlasting victory to expand from this day forward and forevermore. We have prayed all these words in the name of True Parents. Aju! (January 1, 1982)

Day 19 (Dec. 13)
Please let us realize that daybreak is imminent
Beloved Heavenly Father, even in my dreams I was not aware that the sorrowful path of restoration was to be filled with so many trials and difficulties. You called an immature and uninformed young man, who now stands before You today reflecting on the hardships and struggles that You placed before me. I have come to understand that they all were expressions of Your love. During this long course, Heaven was heartless and ruthless. However, I realize that in each instance an absolute condition was required for You to bequeath to me something of greater value. For this I am grateful, and as a result today, the Unification Church has achieved worldwide renown. The time has come when the name of the child sitting here can be known among all the races, in every corner of the world. That name has first manifested itself in infamy, but even to this day I have continued fighting, knowing that it will become a name of good repute. Since You have supported me and guaranteed such a day, I know that such a world will undoubtedly be realized. Persecution has come and gone. The pitch black world of darkness has passed and daybreak is imminent. Now when I raise my head high, I see that I stand at the focal point of the era, able to see how this world will come to an end. Heavenly Father, through the Word, I have come to understand how precious the providence of Home Church is. I understand the truth that the liberation of all creation, our liberation as human beings, Your liberation, and the liberation of the angelic world are absolutely needed in order to restore the original world. I understand that this has always been Your heart. We wish to love the creation and other people on Your behalf, based on our heart. Should we fail to become subject partners of heart representing You, when we stand in the subject position to instruct and command the angelic world, then we will be only object partners. In that case, the future realm of hope, and our complete oneness with You, will remain unrealized. Please grant that, even if we go effortlessly straight to that realm, we will not fall in the ensuing battle, but will remain victorious to the end, not only meriting Your praise but, as Your sons and daughters, inheriting Your love. As we realize that the days remaining in this time period are urgent, we will seek to achieve outstanding results in the sixty days that remain, and to make short work in this period of what we have been unable to do until now. We will invest both our intelligence and best effort in the hope of presenting You at least with conditional results. I have spoken long hours this morning. May the Word not just flow superficially but rather, let it take root in these hearts. Please shine Your light of life and love at the center of our efforts. Let a harvest spring forth in our midst and let us become sons and daughters who advance from this place to revere You. We earnestly ask for all these things. I earnestly ask that You urge us along so that, when the day and time comes, we may stand tall and unashamed as heavenly princes and princesses. I pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju! (November 11, 1980)

Day 20 (Dec. 14)
Do not let the Unification Church forget its mission
Beloved Father, even if the smell is foul and the place is disorderly, when we sense the smell of the homeland penetrating the very marrow of our bones, we realize once again that our homeland is a good place. Father, when we consider the situation of South and North Korea, we realize that the cause of the division does not reside with the people of Korea. Rather, this division is part of a thorny path of historical indemnity caused by the failure of Christianity to fulfill its responsibility. The division of Korea was the inevitable fortune connected with its historical mission, but this people did not cause it. The Korean people had the mission to pay the price, shedding so much blood throughout history until the present. Now Koreans suffer in the turmoil of a complicated environment. We know from the Divine Principle that these maelstroms and ordeals will continue to rage on the path of our people until Cain and Abel can meet and stand together before Heaven. They cannot stand united based on fighting or trickery. Unity can be achieved only when we pave the way for a victory in which the Cain world voluntarily assumes the position of a debtor. Only in this way can we inherit the position of the eldest son. The world of heavenly principles shows but one path provided to the fallen world, but this fallen world lacks a historical point of intersection. So we come to realize once again that the Unification Church members have no choice but to engage in solemn self-reflection on bended knees before our Father. When I think of my former days in North Korea, and those days when I was persecuted in South Korea, I see once again how I have groped my way along a path unknown to anyone. I passed through moments of making appeals before Heaven with experiences of anguish seared in my heart, experiences that began in the Beomnaetgol Valley and expand beyond this nation. Everyone races forward according to their own desires but, unlike anyone else and unknown to anyone until now, Your son standing here has raced forward on the path to establish the Will centered on Your love. Whenever I was in a situation where I could collapse or could despair on the course of my journey, You held on to me and looked after me. Yes, there have been heavy considerations and grievous crises in my past. Yet whenever I think that Your path of grief was far greater than mine, and when I recall that the internal, historical situations You have faced are more mortifying and vexing than mine, I feel so ashamed that I cannot even hold up my face to pray before Heaven. I come to think once again that it is because of Your boundless love that You allow me to come to this realization. Throughout my sixty years of life, I thought it might all end up as a one way street of persecution. But now I see that there was a path laid out within this global maelstrom, from the beginning to the end. When I wonder to myself once again, in front of Heaven, how and when You made preparations and created such an environment, I can only be grateful. During the last year, there have been many changes in the state of affairs in Korea. We beseech You to take the lead, light the way for us to follow, and create an environment showing this nation and its people the way to go. Please let all the citizens of this nation unite and discover their better selves, learning as they do so to distinguish between right and wrong, to repent, and to take upon themselves the struggle to avoid shame before Heaven. We know that if Korea overflows with such people, who in unity pioneer freely the position of sacrifice and become a bridge of love for all the people of the world, then the world will give birth to a new dream, and the day will surely come when hope will surge. The bright rays of the sun will reach out to the world. We also know that today the Unification Church has to be the group whose efforts bring about the realization of this vision. Heaven is making effort in Korea in order to realize the hopes of this pitiful and wounded world, which is full of desert like valleys of dry bones. Based on this, You are seeking the realm of destiny where those dry bones can resurrect, don the clothes of love, and apply the balm of love. When we think about this, we sincerely hope and pray that You will allow the Unification Church to rise up to its mission to implement that destiny. We have endured until now for the sake of the established churches, even though they have treated us as an enemy. Since they continue to oppose us, Father, please be a peacemaker between them and us. We think of how great Your distress must be, and realize with a solemn feeling that Your will is for us to endure as we cherish the hope of establishing these churches tomorrow as our elder brothers. We are connected to them as brothers, so please save them by Your authority. Please let us remember how You labored for six thousand years while suffocating with a heart of lamentation and tears. Father, I came to Korea only to receive and experience Your love with this body of mine. Since I know that You are wishing for there to be an individual, family and tribe that can do so, I sincerely hope, Father, that You once again will reprimand me, as I am too ashamed to show myself. Also dear Father, please take pity once again on the Unification Church. Father, there is still work for me to finish. The task of fighting in America still remains to be taken on over the next three or four years. Father, I earnestly hope and pray that during this time when You are in charge of Korea, You will let everyone, from the church leader to all members, awaken anew and understand clearly that Korea has to be the base from which we can build a bridge of love that opens the Will to all parts of the world. I know that if this does not come to pass, there is no way for me to return here, even though this is my homeland. Father, because You know that Korea is the one place where this will truly come to pass, for five thousand years You deliberately had the Korean people weave the threads of a wretched history of blood as a people of indemnity and suffering. As we think about the fact that the purpose of this entire history was to make preparations for this time, Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will not let us forget the enormity of the Unification Church’s mission. Please let the mothers stand as mothers before their husbands and children. Please let the fathers stand as fathers before their wives and children. Please let the children stand before their parents. Please let the church leaders stand before their members, and please let the church members stand before their leaders in this movement where all accompany one another, showing Your love to one another. We request again dear Father that You will grant all the citizens to be united in heart through this group of pitiful people who have been chased and persecuted throughout this peninsula of Korea. Allow us to brace our hearts and renew our devotion, so that today’s words will be neither a condition for accusation nor a shameful appeal before that day to come, and so that the 36 couples, the 72 couples, and the 120 couples can take the lead in the second round of three seven year courses. Please let them know that they have the responsibility of becoming the standard-bearers, marching forward before Your people. These people should follow the path their teacher has walked. We know that no parent wishes to leave behind persecution for his or her children to suffer, and that no husband wishes to leave a path of hardships behind for his wife. But still, there remains the course of indemnity and the sorrowful path of restoration, in which the children need to be made to suffer in the stead of their parents and the wives made to suffer in the stead of their husbands. When we think about this, and then still say we do not wish to walk this path, it will block our way forever. We sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to know at this hour that it is our destiny to walk this path, grinding our teeth and biting our tongues. We earnestly hope and pray that You will not let us leave behind a shameful history in relation to our Home Church activities. Please establish within us one historical standard of heart and standard of indemnity, so that when all other peoples are overtaken by storms or swallowed in floods, we can be the one vessel with an anchor of love so that all who hold fast to us will be saved. Father, we sincerely and earnestly ask and pray that You will allow us to become such people. Please accept everything from today with joy. We pray all this in the name of True Parents. Aju! (October 16, 1980)

Day 21 (Dec. 15)
Thank You for letting us usher in the age of Home Church
Loving Heavenly Father, throughout the many different historical courses, so many sorrowful days have passed in succession. During this period of sixty years from the 1920s, You sent this unworthy child to this earth and raised and educated me. I was under Your protection and guidance until I became mature and You let me understand the new view of history and my mission. I remember once again how, after I came to know You and Jesus and to realize this, there could have been a day in Your history when You were welcomed and received glory. But because Christianity and the Korean people did not fulfill their responsibility, a history of sadness has been woven instead. But I am sincerely grateful to You, Father, for Your painful effort as You repeatedly walked the path of bloodstained struggle for so long, in order to celebrate this victorious day without fail. Furthermore, in the 1960s, the three seven year courses were begun in order to indemnify again the two thousand year history left unfulfilled by twentieth century Christianity, and the mission this nation did not fulfill. When I think of the day when Heaven set these three seven year courses, it seems like only yesterday. I think back again to the time when no one could imagine that today we would have such a historic day of victory. Now these three seven year courses have already passed, and in this year I announced the second set of three seven year courses. I am so grateful for this day on which, in Your presence, I could announce this historical period openly before the world, during my own lifetime. For this I cannot express my appreciation in words. From now on, we will assuredly transcend the national and the world levels and open the door to a new history. In this moment, we are bracing ourselves to begin with this year’s motto: “Home Church is my kingdom of heaven.” Father, please accept this motto, and please be with everyone in the Unification family, wherever they are praying under this motto. In this place in particular, eight hundred forty two couples of Your children, whom You allowed to form connections as new families of heaven last night, and many of the children from all over the world whom You remember have gathered together, so please be here with us. I am thankful that we are ushering in the new period of Home Church. We all stand on the frontline as representatives of families in our determination to be faithful and devoted during the next decade. I desperately hope and pray that we can become Your children who, no matter how much we gaze upon the chaos of Satan’s world, can still internally make a firm resolution before Heaven. And when we look out upon this world where evil is gradually disappearing, we can resolve to cherish a higher and greater hope as we march forward. I sincerely pray You will bless Your young children who are spread out in various places. Please bless Your children who are far away in Korea and Japan, and those who are scattered throughout 127 countries. Even though they are in different environments and circumstances, they look toward this place thinking of True Parents and Heaven. I know and believe, Father, that You will watch over them and protect them in such lonely places and circumstances, just as You protect my family and this church with Your benevolent love. I earnestly hope and pray that You will allow these people in such positions to become children without any shortcomings, who can make every effort and give all their loyalty to fulfill their given responsibilities to pioneer difficult environments, firmly believing that You are with them. Heavenly Father, once again we make the resolution to dedicate before You these busy days of starting anew as we usher in 1981, a year of hope. Please bless us in this flow of history so that we can make 1981 a year of which we can be proud. Please open a path so this country can take charge of new global historical responsibilities, from the day its new leader is established. I pray also, dear Father, that You will unfold a shining world of new dimensions in which Asia can connect to the western world. We pledge that we will devote all our loyalty for all the days that have been entrusted to us. So please accept with joy everything we have offered this morning for the New Year. I offer these words in the name of True Parents. Aju! (January 1, 1981)

Day 22 (Dec. 16)
Please look upon Korea with compassion
Father, a sorrowful era has passed. As an individual, I reminisce about the old days that I can never forget. I reminisce again about the time You were worried as You faced the providence that had to run on the uphill path against the flow of our tragic history, the reverse path on which I had to establish the family. Thanks to Your protection, we found that path and were not destroyed. In the course of twenty years, I established the foundation that can absorb America, the leading nation of the world. We knew that without doing so, it would be impossible to relieve You of Your sorrows and to liberate humanity. I dashed forward, struggling as I ran, to give everything with one heart. Now we can bring history to its final conclusion and go our way on this earth with a bold attitude, flying high the banner of hope and bringing all of providential history under Your protection. We are truly grateful for Your grace permitting us to walk this path. Please allow the members of the Unification Church standing here at this moment to become one with the True Parents’ family on the family level, so that they all can form a unity as strong as an impregnable fortress. Let us sing of Your love and of the liberation of all people. Let us rejoice, celebrating the realm of liberation in our garden. Please bless them to become a group of people who can deal with any difficulty that comes their way with joy and gratitude, and flourish through their connection to inspiring environments. Please remember them and visit them. Extend Your hand, the hand that protected me each time I crossed the high and precipitous mountains. Please watch over the path these people will tread. The destiny of tribal restoration centered on the Home Church providence remains a common requirement that all people, who are in the process of realizing the kingdom of heaven on earth, still need to fulfill. We have entered a time of jubilation rather than persecution. The time has come when the name of True Parents can be revealed with honor in heaven and on earth. We have come to know the path we will follow, together with the good name of the True Parents. This is not a path of suffering any longer, but a smooth and level road. Since this is the case, we should become people who are grateful when we face the front, and who are grateful when we look left and right, up and down, or forward and back. We should struggle to build a home in our realm of daily life, the victorious haven where You can rejoice. We have clearly understood that, by assuming such a beautiful attitude, we can show ourselves to be the people who love our nation, love the world, and love our Parents. We sincerely hope and pray, Father, that You will allow this time to be one in which we can inherit these relationships in the center of our hearts. Father, upon my return to Korea, I am advising these people to cultivate this mind and heart. Please connect this love to the forty million people living in South Korea as well as to the hearts of those living in North Korea. Since North Korea is ruled by the Communist Party, please let the good ancestors in the spirit world connect to earth through the base of South Korea. Please let these ancestors transcend time and space so they can touch the hearts of their descendants without suffering any obstruction from Satan’s world. As we enter the era when such a historical mission can be carried out, we know that the time will come soon when, through these ancestors, we can bring the second generation members into unity so that they can direct their steps toward the Unification Church. Please let the benefits of Your grace reach them. We sincerely hope and pray that You will bless the second generation members so that they can prepare the starting point from which South Korea and North Korea will achieve unity. Please let the devotions we offer and the sound of our prayers become like words of a new broadcasting system of life in all of heaven and earth. Please let our words reach the original hearts of all people in heaven and on earth. We sincerely hope and pray, Father, that You will bless us so that we can listen to the words of the new gospel as the directions by which we can return to the original homeland. We pray we can follow these words to form bonds in our lives that help us find our path to the original homeland. I know all too well that the path of destiny remains to be completed, which I must follow with my life no matter what anyone may say. So I have struggled to follow it throughout my life. We are grateful once again that, in Your grace, You have allowed this blessed position to be given to humanity, to this nation, and to our Unification Church. We should not become a pitiful group that violates the precious merit of the age. Since we should not become followers of the way of immorality, if there are any blessed families who have ever harbored wrongful thoughts, Father, please forgive them with a compassionate heart at this time. Please place Your hand of blessing on them, so that they can inherit Your kingdom through their successors or through their children. You do not take us on the path that leads to ruin. The path You provide is the path of truth and of Your providence. This son of Yours knows that the reason You worked through me to establish the Unification Church was not so we would perish, but rather so that we may actualize Your Will, which is Your earnest desire to liberate humanity and free even those who are in the pitiful realm of death. So please enshrine this prayer of Your son in Your heart and look upon Korea with pity. Please extend Your hand of blessing on the path of Your young children who are struggling and coming forward to take responsibility for the Korean people. Since I know that it is only then that You can be liberated before this nation and this people, I sincerely ask that You will receive my prayer and guide us to that path. Father, during the remaining three days we should kneel down and repent in light of history. Since we, as the families who were trained on earth with a connection of heart to our True Parents, pledged to become a qualified and worthwhile group of people unashamed to face You, our Heavenly Father, our True Parents, Jesus, Moses and Jacob, a people in whom You can take pride, we request again and again, our Father of love, that You will remember us and give us every encouragement, guidance and direction so that we can stand in this position. Please permit us to become people who are not ashamed before the era that has been given us. We offer all these words in the name of True Parents. Aju! (December 29, 1985)

Day 23 (Dec. 17)
Please grant that we may inherit faith, hope and love
Beloved Father, we thought that You were responsible for a world where the hidden heavenly Will was not realized, but we have learned that that responsibility lies also with us because of the Human Fall. We have come to know that as long as Your eternal hope remains, eternal hope also remains within us today. And as long as Your Will for eternal faith remains, the Will for eternal faith remains within us as well. We understand that as long as the practice of Your eternal love has not been realized, the responsibility for realizing the embodiment of eternal love also remains with us today. In order to inherit the history of indemnity on this day, we need to inherit the hope of four thousand years and manifest it as the hope of six thousand years, we need to inherit the faith of four thousand years and manifest it as the faith of six thousand years, and we need to inherit the love of four thousand years and manifest it as the love of six thousand years. Since there still remains our responsibility to establish the love of six thousand years as eternal love, please forgive our present insufficiencies and inadequacies. Please forgive our present disloyalty and lack of filial piety. Please forgive us for having raised ourselves high. Now the time has come to bring to fruition the hope of all people, and the faith of all people. It is the time when the love of all people must manifest in one incarnation. But where has that one substantial embodiment appeared? We are unworthy, but please awaken us to realize that we are to adorn ourselves anew as brides. We know that only at a time like this can the history and toil of Jesus Christ, who achieved spiritual perfection, be brought to external fruition substantially through us. Only at a time like this can the ideal of the Second Coming be made into reality and a tangible history unfold. Today we know that the believers living at the time of the Second Advent in these Last Days must take charge, taking the central role in heaven and on earth. You want to entrust Your eternal hope to such people, but we are concerned about whether they are the people in whom Your hope should be entrusted. You want to entrust Your eternal faith to them, but we are concerned about whether they are the people in whom Your faith should be entrusted. You want to entrust Your eternal love to them, but we are concerned about whether they are the people in whom Your love should be entrusted. Since we have been entrusted with all these things on the Lord’s behalf, we now have to stand as the people who have become the tribe of eternal hope, the people who belong to Your love, who are in an eternal, unchanging relationship with You. We have to stand as the people who have become the tribe of eternal faith, and we have to stand as the people who have become the tribe of eternal love. Please allow us to realize that such a responsibility has been allotted to us. Today, each of us as individuals is to accomplish the purpose of Jesus Christ, who is the victorious central person of the chosen people of Israel. In other words, we have to prepare ourselves as the embodiments of hope, the embodiments of faith, and the embodiments of love that represent the whole. Now that the Second Advent has occurred, we need to embody and represent everything Jesus did after he came to earth. We must become the embodiments of the hope of Jesus Christ. We should become his successors in faith and his successors in love. Please allow us to understand this clearly. Now, faced with the course of restoration through which we have to overcome the Fall, we need to say, “Father, we will take charge of Your hope, faith and love,” and we should be able to do so, to return that hope, faith and love to You, our Father. Furthermore, we ought to be able to stand as the center of unchanging love in front of all people. We know that we will be qualified people, able to represent the final glory of the Last Days, only if we are able to receive love in Your presence. Therefore, please allow us to become the people about whom You can say, “You are the ones I have hoped for, the people I can trust, and the people I can love.” Moreover, we earnestly hope that You will lead us to become victorious children who can receive the grace of the judgment, proclaimed before every created entity in heaven and on earth, and establish the condition of unity. That is why Your joy should translate into the joy of this earth, Your love should translate into the love of this earth, and Your hope and faith should translate into the hope and faith of this earth. Please permit us to bring to You, our Father, this horizontal joy of upholding the ideal of the Second Coming, and please work through us so that the glory of achieving Your Will through us can focus on the earth and manifest throughout the world. We should be able to sing the glory of Moses each day, and throughout our lifetime. We hope that You will allow us to unite through the love of Moses. Since we know that the achievement of Your Will, Father, is the only thing about which all 2.4 billion people of the world plus the millions of believers in the spirit world can boast, we beseech You to allow us to establish hope for that achievement, faith in that achievement, and love for that achievement at the center of heaven and earth. Let this be the condition in which we can eternally take pride. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Aju. (June 6, 1956)

Day 24 (Dec. 18)
Please grant that we may attend You in the center of our hearts
Beloved Father! We know that if we keep ascending in search for You, we will surely arrive at the point where we can meet You personally, Father. If we consider the final, decisive words that You might speak and that we might affirm, they would be, “You are my sons and daughters,” and “We are Your sons and daughters.” We know that those are the words of hope humankind has pursued, as well as the conclusive words with which You will meet humankind whom You have sought. This is not to end things by merely meeting with You as Your sons and daughters; rather, those sons and daughters, should be the bone of Your bone and the flesh of Your flesh, and should be able to stand representing the inner hope springing from within us. The individual desire that springs from within us should also emerge in a family, and the family’s desire should go beyond the society and nation, and beyond all the people of the world. It should become an emotion felt by profoundly experiencing Your innermost heart, and it must be able to overflow at a universal and global level. We know that such a world is the world of hope You are seeking and the unified world humankind is looking for. From this viewpoint, we will need to check and see whether there is in reality a group of people who are looking for this path in today’s historical era. We must reveal the origin of the truth taught by Jesus and all the saints, and we must analyze and critique how much our sense of self-worth acknowledges the value of Heaven and in what position we should stand in relation to Heaven. We must now understand that we need to stand in a decisive position that gives no other choice before all the people, the entire world and the new trends of thought, establishing a standard of truth that can settle all these. Trueness is something that existed in the past, exists in the present, and will exist in the future. It is something that cannot be conquered or denied, and can transcend everything. Because of it, even fallen people yearn for the love of a parent, yearn to marry as husband and wife, and try to leave their wishes for the future through their children. We know that this family life system can be the original source that can bind together the hearts of people in the fallen world, and that it can be the foundation for human ethics and human emotion. Similarly, in order to bind together heavenly ethics and human ethics, and bind together heavenly emotion and human emotion, the one victorious family system will need to be established on earth that can bind together the standard sought after by the saints with today’s human ethics. In light of this fact, it is not acceptable for those men and women born in this time to be like the men and the women of the past. Father, we must have faith that You are able to demonstrate that we are Your children, and we can vividly testify that we are Your sons and Your daughters. We should be able to demonstrate, both by faith and from a position of profound experience, the fact that You and we have a relationship of front and back, and of left and right. And we should convince ourselves completely that we have been eternally together, that we now are living eternally together, and that we will continue to live eternally together in such a position. We have realized that this is the true path we need to follow. Father! Now we must attend You, who are more precious than anyone, in the center of our hearts. If we can attend You, the Absolute Being, in that place in our hearts that cannot be invaded by anyone, and if we can lead lives in which we can discuss together with You, discover and live the multidimensional nature of our own infinite value as an object partner together with You, our Father, as the subject partner, from a position of correspondence with You, then no matter how evil the world is, we will be able to discover something different that can lay a new foundation for the creative works that can double our infinite value, even within this evil world. When we think about this, we come to understand that the suffering such a person experiences is not suffering; rather, it can be understood as happiness, and a person living on this earth where the waves of death are overflowing is not an unfortunate person, but rather a person who is living in happiness, for the sake of happiness. Because we members of the Unification Church knew that we needed to follow such a path, though the path we have walked until now was a path of suffering, persecution, and loneliness, each time we stood at the crossroads where persecution and loneliness intersected, it was clear to us which path we had to take. In order to plant the connection of value that people need and the connections of goodness that can flow, not only in their paths of life, but even to those intersecting paths that extend in all directions, the Unification Church has continued to struggle to make progress in every sphere. When we think about that historical reality, even though we were miserable during its course, we thank You that You have placed us in the position to have hearts of gratitude, which others do not know about. From such a position we will put down our roots and train ourselves to prepare a worldwide foothold and, bursting with hope, we will have the hearts of national patriots, who are able to dream of one new world looking beyond Asia and the current world. Not only that, we will also go forward searching for a higher level value, seeking to learn the duty of filial piety and loyalty, and we will live with patriotic hearts, centered on Your love, for Your kingdom and Your family which no one among the people of the world has embodied. Therefore, please personally reach out with Your blessings, and be together with us eternally on the path we are following. May Your compassion and love be even more present with our people, who are continuing in the knowledge that the value added in such a life is of such a high level that it cannot be compared with any other value of those people living centered on the two dimensional world of today. We know better than anyone else that we must not be weak. The good subject power that must lead this evil world should be stronger than any other, no matter how evil the world may be. We know that even when we feel lonely, as representatives of Your power and might we should not feel lonely. We earnestly hope that You will allow us to become people who can influence the world around us. Through the words spoken this evening, please honor the value of these people highly, and please allow them to be determined as new men if they are men and new women if they are women, who possess truly principled value, established in accordance with the highest level that cannot be pursued by anyone. The people of the Unification Church of this age today are those who feel more strongly than anyone else that we must become families, peoples, nations, and the people of the world who can be connected together in a unified world that cannot be divided by anyone. There is a movement occurring where all family members of the many races of various colors can live together with brotherly and sisterly affection, which has never been found and cannot be found within any peoples. Even when Japanese people, who were the enemy of the Koreans in the past, come to be called “family members,” they become our brothers and sisters. That kind of movement is laying a foundation on the earth today and is rushing toward the stage of actual practice. Therefore, we earnestly hope that You will look on us with compassion and add Your infinite power and might. Moreover, while moving toward tomorrow’s victory, permit us to become warriors of heaven who march straight forward bravely and courageously, emerging as victors rather than as petty cowards. We dedicate everything of today before You, our beloved Father, and we request again and again that You will govern us during the remaining time in accordance with Your Will. We have prayed all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju! (February 11, 1971)

Day 25 (Dec. 19)
Be with us with boundless mercy and love
Beloved Father, since we are descendants burdened with historical debts as we stand before Your high and noble Will, we realize that we should repay these debts. We should go forward, shouldering the responsibility of a high priest to indemnify the sins of the era, even if it means leaving bloodstains on our white clothes. Please let us be Your children who know all this, with boundless mercy and love for all eternity. In so doing, allow us to become the sons and daughters who remain unchanging before the hope of tomorrow. We should become true people, we should become true families, and we should become a true church and a true nation. We should establish a true world. Please allow these people to understand this clearly. An evil environment, standing opposed to trueness, surrounds everything on this earth. Even in such an environment, Father, we sincerely hope that You will protect us so that we can become Your children who, with the passion of trueness, can continue to show our unchanging selves as pure and strong people. Please let this hour be one in which we can pledge to fulfill our duties of filial piety and loyalty before You, with the resolution to fight and sacrifice ourselves to uphold You and to reveal Your glory as we carry out all the plans of Your Will henceforth. We pray that Your divine protection will eternally be with Your children. Sincerely requesting that You will embrace and protect, with Your vast and deep love, those of Your children who are in South Korea and scattered through various parts of the world, we have prayed all these words in the holy name of True Parents. Aju! (November 1, 1970)

Day 26 (Dec. 20)
Let all people belong to the heavenly kingdom
As we look at this world of death that does not know that the passing age is summoning true people, we, who proudly possess the realm of liberation, know that even though the north and south are estranged from each other, they will be liberated without fail. We know that, though the east and west are divided and their cultural backgrounds clash, all such walls will break down and collapse on the foundation of unified blood ties rooted in true life and love. However great the gap may be between the rich and poor in the south and north, because we know we are brothers, we know that it is only proper that the people who have more should share what they have with hearts of love. We have come to understand the amazing path that can assimilate, through Your love, Father, the good conditions set by this people who have their root in life, in building a world of peace through love. We know well that we should thank You sincerely that all this has arisen thanks to our connection with True Parents. In this remarkable age, when we are seeking to create the world of a new culture now coming from You, God, and from True Parents, we know it is true that the time has come when all the standards of victory are seeing the light of morning. Since the age has come when we can see who is right or wrong, and who is evil, we ask and hope that You will lead all the people of the world to overcome and go beyond the standard of liberation by treading upon and going over the realm of life and death. And we earnestly hope and desire that You will bless all people, enabling them to belong to the heavenly kingdom as citizens under Your rule. Since that time and hour is at hand, we ask again and again that You will guide and encourage us to become a group that will not be ashamed for having failed in the responsibility that we must fulfill as liberators. We pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju! (October 4, 1987)

Day 27 (Dec. 21)
Please hasten our footsteps as we move forward
Beloved Father, in coming to Korea and witnessing such an environment that would only elicit curses from the beholder, I am once again compelled to praise Your greatness, Heavenly Father. I have discovered that You had no choice but to forget this, turn around and advise us to love, and that You are truly a Father worthy of our sympathy. Many years have passed since the day I declared the unification of the entire world, while departing the land of my hometown with resolute determination to uphold Heaven’s decree, but it seems like yesterday. No matter how long and distant history is, the past affairs of those who roamed in search of the path of love can be felt within the realm of the moment. In the same way, I charged through the later years of my life, which was an era full of youthful vigor overflowing and charged with energy, continuing until I was well past seventy. However, I am often saddened when I reflect upon the road that is still ahead. Unable to take any rest, I am reminded of how much there is left to do before I am able to come to You, Father. When I think about how I am filled with bitter sorrow for being unable to witness the reunification of North and South Korea even at this age, and when I think that You, as well as me, and all the blessed families of the Unification family have these thoughts, I know that everything You promised will surely come to pass. Yet still, we should heighten the level of our loyalty to shorten that period and liberate the land of North Korea, which is like hell on earth. Without embracing and uniting with these people, who are like our older and younger siblings, the base of the kingdom of heaven cannot be laid in this nation. We who know this serious fact have discovered the position where we need to take on a heart rending struggle to digest the circumstances of a thousand years within the scope of a single day. As unfortunate as it is, the position that each of us is placed in is something that we should regard with appreciation, because it is a position where, while investing for the sake of Your providence of restoration and of re-creation, we can comfort You, Father, in Your situation in which You console Yourself over the heart wrenching circumstances. Father, I sincerely pray and hope that You will bestow blessings so that You do not forget the heart of Your children who pledge to live for tomorrow, for a month, and for a thousand years as they have lived on this day. I am reminded of the historic calling that pushes us to fulfill a historic mission, and that its purpose awaits us at the end of this road. We renew our determination as we walk this life course. Though sorrowful this life course may be, we should sprint through joyfully with urgent heart, knowing that Your love, Father, is waiting for us. As we raise both our hands and swear at this hour to once again resolve ourselves to a busy life, please allow us, even though we must become a group worthy of sympathy, to struggle onward through this long, long course with such a heart. I pray that the footsteps of those setting out on this day, together with the words spoken today in this historic time, do not end up becoming conditions for judgment. The people living in the land of South Korea should offer their utmost devotion and loyalty in loving the people in the land of North Korea in the same way that we learned to love Cain. Please enable them to resolve in their hearts to love the people of North Korea more than they love their own children, their own relatives or their clans. The people gathered here understand that without doing so they cannot break down all the walls that block North and South Korea. Thus, we have received the order from Heaven to carry out the responsibility of mobilizing North and South Korea. Hence, we should not become a group of people who leave behind on the path a trend of mutual distrust as a result of acting imprudently in carrying out that mission. While solemnly resolving to keep tomorrow’s promise, I sincerely pray and hope that You will prepare a framework of love, like that of a sacrificial offering, which at this time can bequeath a condition that will assure a thousand year history. Beloved Father, almost a year has passed since proclaiming “The Unification of My Country.” Now we have some forty days remaining in this present year. During this time, I sincerely pray and hope that You, Father, can carefully prepare these people, enabling them to become valiant soldiers who can quicken their footsteps with an urgent sense of resolve as they move to bring about the unification of our country, which in the future can connect to the starting point of global unity. I pray that they may remain free of shame in those final days and that they remember the fact that they each stand on a competing course under a horizontal and common goal, based on their own families and tribes. These are variously positioned to lay the foundation for the kingdom of heaven, together with their blood relatives, in this way establishing a family in the original form. Father, I sincerely pray and hope that they become Your children who strive to follow their path, invigorated in the spirit of a filial child, patriot, saint and divine child for the sake of Heaven. Just as You protected, blessed and guided me on this path, I once again request that You accompany and walk together with these people. All these things I bless and pray in the name of True Parents. Aju! (November 18, 1990)

Day 28 (Dec. 22)
May everything progress daily within Heaven’s Will
Beloved Father, I know that by the work of Heaven a beginning, a process and a purpose of creation were established for the realization of an ideal. Due to the failure of our first ancestors to complete this Principle based course, all things in Your created world were entrapped in the snare of bitter sorrow that was unwanted and unrelated to Your ideal for creation. I know numerous situations were left behind in the course of history that people should not have experienced. I know how sorrowful it is that Heaven could not avoid experiencing these incidents, and how this fallen reality has become the basis of resentment in relation to everything. People have had to endure such a position because they could not be connected to True Parents’ lineage that is based on True Parents’ true love and true life, thereby establishing the foundation of conscience. I know very well that the sorrowful providence of restoration has aimed at reestablishing this, restoring this, and achieving the original standard. I know You had to go through great troubles in order to achieve the original standard that was lost. Such a standard should have made possible the liberated realm of a true family, true people, true nation, true world, true cosmos and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth rooted in the chosen clan of True Parents. I know how great Your effort, Father, was in having the True Parent come to earth — through the history of restoring the right of the first son, and from the time of creation until now — to establish the right of the parent, liberate the position of Jesus from the position of the first son, connect the tribal foundation that Jesus needed for fulfilling the Will to the national foundation, and lay a bridge to connect the national foundation and worldwide church in order to prepare the standard of a nation as the soil in which Heaven’s cosmic blessing can take root. In order to prepare the family and church and in order to prepare a place for the nation to take root on this earth once more, the cultural sphere of Christianity should have inherited this foundation centering on the coming Lord. However, I am reminded that due to the failure to accomplish this, the True Parents alone went through a forty year course of suffering in order to connect the family foundation, church foundation and national foundation. True Parents have come and broken down the wall of Heaven’s bitter sorrow, True Parents’ bitter sorrow, and the sorrow of all the spirit people in the heavenly world and the religious people belonging to religious circles in the earthly world. Heaven was with them during this process and now we have welcomed a time when we can go beyond all this and enable the true family, true church and true nation to take root. If Korea is unable to fulfill Your Will, the True Parent is thinking of creating the form of a single nation founded in Brazil that connected to South America its Catholic and Protestant churches, its people of African and Asian descent, and everything that was divided, in order to connect Uruguay and Paraguay and empower these nations. To this day, I have been defusing the confrontation involving the people of Portugal and Spain in order to unite the Catholic and Protestant churches that constitute the cultural sphere of Christianity, and connecting Europe and the United States to Asia. Father, You and the Parents of Heaven and Earth intend to prepare the standard for the nation of Korea, on which the heavenly world and physical world can be established, focusing on the goal of bringing liberation to the homeland. The North and South Korean summit will be held at this time when Your wish, Father, and that of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, could take root. I have assigned national messiahs for the purpose of settling all accounts for that unifying and new foundation based on True Parents’ bloodstained course of suffering. May the national messiahs accomplish the task of the liberation of the homeland centering on Korea and bring all this to conclusion in the United States, the eldest son nation, thereby ending the conditions that divided the nations and the world. In doing so, I sincerely pray that You bless us so that we may have the hope that, moving toward the foundation of liberation, a new world shall commence where we may be infinitely free in light of Your will, Father, and everything can break down the walls and go beyond them. I sincerely pray that You will permit Japan, the United States, China and Russia to completely unite and settle as one and that they may attune themselves to the fortunes and footsteps of Heaven focusing on Korea. For this, a summit conference will take place today that can bind China with Russia in relation to the United States, bind the United States with Russia in relation to China, and bind China with the United States in relation to the Russia, under the bonds of brotherhood rather than as enemies. May everything that is presented to the realm of the fortune for unifying North and South Korea be aligned before Your Will, Father; may it be united within the hearts of the True Parents and the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and may it become a protective shield of victory in the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. I pray that You will allow us to establish a standard of victory, enabling victory to be determined unilaterally, founded upon that standard. In this way, knowing that it will not matter whether or not North Korea takes heed, I sincerely pray that You will allow us to welcome a great time of transition and change through which we can establish and enter into the unified, ideal homeland. Now I ask Your permission that everything that is looking ahead and progressing toward an era in which it will be necessary to newly register a new nation engrafted to Korea, may make daily progress according to Heaven’s will. Father, I pray that the conditions of a victorious and glorious shield be established in this place and that You receive with joy this time of establishing conditions to ensure that all things can be accomplished without turning back, according to Your Will, regardless of whether Satan’s world responds or not. Father of love, I sincerely pray that You permit us to discover and return with the standards of Korea and this world that can be firmly established as a landmark of victory. I sincerely request that You permit this time to be one of establishing the conditions of victory throughout the history of the cosmos. I hereby proclaim the standard of victorious settlement in the name of True Parents. Aju! (June 12, 2000)

Day 29 (Dec. 23)
Let us advance toward the era where harmony and unity can fully take root
Beloved Father, today is the first day of July in the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk. Half a year has already passed since we began this year to honor the motto “Let us complete the realm of the ideal family in the internal and external Cheon Il Guk.” We have passed a climactic watershed and after fourteen years we are celebrating the fifteenth Chil Il Jeol (7.1 Day), which is connected to world history. In this age of being able to commemorate the era of God, we have welcomed a new morning in the new month, marking the fourth day after spending three days touring New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Los Angeles. Going beyond the critical dividing lines that are national borders, stepping beyond the boundary lines marking each person’s ownership, truly at this zero point we are commemorating Sam Chil (3.7) Jeol that newly represents the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age. I offer thanks for Your grace of permitting us who are on earth to commemorate a great transition through Chil Il (7.1) Jeol, with the participation of our ancestors in the spirit world together with our descendants who will be born in the future, during this period of commemoration that is being held in attendance of True Parents. For this purpose, please let our minds and bodies be united as we make a fresh start toward an open world of peace where we can live in any location within the realm of protection determined by the Abel UN that You designated centering on the World Peace King Bridge. A time of commemoration could be established by blessing again everything related to the unity of husband and wife, through which all members of the family are united, establishing a model for our future children. After proclaiming the present era as Your era, we have welcomed the time when all existing beings in the universe, who are in a joyful and glorious state, can advance toward Your ideal kingdom of heaven by going beyond the bitter course of restoration through indemnity, and be made equal in the eternal heavenly world. Thus, I pray that You will permit us to invest our entire being in creating a broad highway that has eight or more lanes, a bridge and a tunnel that will enable us to make a circuit around the earth, allowing for a time when You, Father, can join in sharing with us at every point that our hobby centered life resides within Your realm of dominion, including the spirit world. I sincerely pray that You will allow us to advance toward a world where we can welcome a new heaven and new earth in the Era after the Coming of Heaven, which is the liberated kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, and enjoy an unchanging tranquil reign of peace for eternity. As our predecessors desired, I pray that You will give us special permission to fish and to seek a life of gratitude, while experiencing the deep realm of heart in the heavens and in all of nature, where the snow covers the summit, the trees and plants grow in mid slope, and flowers blossom at the foot of the mountain. I sincerely pray that You will allow this day to become a day of commemoration through which a new culture and tradition can be established and advanced in the name of a family of filial children, loyal patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters, who can bestow upon all things in the universe the right to participate with You and accompany You, and offer to You, our Father, the whole of creation as an existence with the value of liberation and complete freedom. I sincerely pray that You will bless the blessed families and the blessed leaders, whom You love, who have gathered this morning from the six continents of the world so that they can advance toward the era that safely establishes victorious liberation, complete freedom, harmony and unity, centering on one heart, one mindset, one body and one nucleus. As we now commemorate this Chil Il Jeol (7.1 Day) anew, Father, I pray that You will accept this offering. All this I sincerely, sincerely, sincerely offer and proclaim in the name of True Parents. Aju! (July 1, 2005)

Day 30 (Dec. 24)
Please let this be the time when we can inherit the era of the kingship of love
Beloved Father, today is May 3, the first Ahn Shi Il we observe this month. This place, where heaven and earth can become one through the blessed families, shall become a focal point. As such, may the entire universe orient itself in a single direction, according to a single bond, originating from a single motive centering on this focal point, and firmly establish itself as one resultant world! Let all matters in providential history that attempt to establish one point of settlement for the ideal of creation be aligned with this single focal point. Your embodiments have become Your counterparts in heart, aligned with that point of origin, purpose and direction, and have grasped the sovereignty of Your victorious love. They have been established by being connected with the single sovereignty rooted in love that is the origin of life for all existing beings and eternal life. These substantial beings remain as Your counterparts that can become one with You at the center. Please let all the points of origin be recovered through Your hard work. Please let flowers bloom and bear fruit upon that recovered foundation. And please let the era of the kingdom of peace be formed in which the entire universe can be ruled for tens of thousands of years through a kingship that is unrelated to the Fall. Please permit us from now, in the capacity of an owner for all eternity, to embrace, love and appreciate all beings — from the smallest to the largest groups in the universe — as beings of value established through the ideal of creation, and to proclaim that everything is completed! Now the blessed families and all the people of the nations connected to the United States on the earth are faced with the final goal of hope, which shall be fulfilled as a single goal through the United Nations. It is my desire during this year to focus on and connect to that hope, which is that You can take Your place on Your throne, based on the new Abel UN. Thus, I pray that the King and Queen of Peace, the peace kingdom corps and the peace kingdom police can be united under True Mother and be brought to ultimate fruition. In this way, I sincerely pray and wish, Father, that You will bless us so that we can advance toward Your kingdom on earth and in heaven in which everything turns out as we wish and where we can freely assert ourselves while maintaining the beauty of a sovereignty rooted in love. I pray that the content of all kinds of actions that we should present, focusing on Korea in connection with the world, and everything that has been proclaimed on this day, be integrated so that everything can become prosperous. I sincerely pray and wish that You will render Your guidance so that all of the angelic world will come down to the earth, enter the realm of eternal liberation and complete freedom, connect the family foundation centered on God with the tribe and nation, and realize a world that is the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. I entrust everything that will unfold after this time to You, Father. Please allow all people to pledge to fulfill these instructions, which True Parents are conveying to the world, in their clan and nation with one heart and as one body. I sincerely pray and wish that by advancing toward this goal You will permit this era to become one when we can inherit the era of the kingship of love. These teachings, which shall now spread from this day to Korea and throughout the world, constitute Your Word, the Word of the living God. May they become the center of the entire spirit world, have the value of bringing the sphere of religion on earth into unity centered on the Unificationists, and may this be offered to the Father. I sincerely request that, according to the value of what is offered, You will permit this world to become Your liberated kingdom of God on earth and in heaven under which we too can receive the protection of Heaven. All this I fervently report and proclaim in the name of True Parents. Aju! (May 3, 2006)

Day 31 (Dec. 25)
Please achieve everything through us
Before You came to this Korean peninsula, we know that You toiled throughout history on a course stained with tears, sweat and blood. Our Father, who loves the pitiful Korean people among all peoples, please let the day come quickly on which You can demonstrate to the world Your heart of love for this them. We know that, unknown to others, You chose this people and drove them into a pitiful situation due to the Will of Your mighty providence. We also know well that, in front of all peoples, we must attend You as our Father. Please allow us to realize once again that each time this people walked a difficult course in history, You were the Father of sorrow. You are the Father, our Father, who has endured endless pain and suffering; and You are the Father, our Father, who held and wept over Your many children as they died shedding blood and tears. You have personally reached out to us with Your own hands of life and love, in order to find Your sons and daughters. You are the pioneer of pioneers. You have personally carried out Your work as the King of pioneers, yet today the 30 million people of this nation do not know You. They should have become a people who looked forward to the day when they could attend You, but thus far they have not done so. Still, please bear with them. We know well that, from the past to the present, the people that You have called have left behind a flawed history, in every age. Please forgive this people. The more we repent for the course of history, the more we should be able to uphold Your heart. Yet that is not the case with this people. Hence, the more You toil for this people, the more we feel that we cannot even lift up our heads before You. This is because we know how great Your efforts have been to find this people. Father! Now that You have formed a bond of life with this pitiful people, please work through them. Please grant them the ability to take pride in having been a pitiful and suffering people before all humanity. I earnestly hope and desire that You will let the day come quickly when this people, who had no one and nothing in the world to depend on, and so little to be proud of, can finally take pride in the fact that they are together with Heaven. Now that Your sons and daughters gathered here have come to know the Will and their mission, please pioneer the course of restoration through them. We know that we are the people who must become living sacrifices to welcome that one day of the Sabbath and attend and comfort You, our Father who has endeavored until now to find this people, even if it means our blood is shed and our flesh is shredded. We know that this must be done within a generation. Since we represent this people, this world, heaven and earth, and the many spirits who have fallen down while following the path of righteousness, we earnestly hope and pray, Father, that You will guide us to make a new resolution and determination at this hour. Even though all things in the world should have sung together within Your heart, and all created things should have harmonized together with Your heart, we know that they lost their original position and status due to the Fall, and thus have grieved and lamented for six thousand long years. We are also aware that, until this very hour, You have fought Your way out, You have continued to endure, and You have persevered to bring about the one day of the realization of Your hope, even when You were facing sadness, difficulty or even death, without losing the heart of restoration. Henceforth, we, who are attending You, our Father, must build the garden of peace, love and joy from within our hearts. However, we know that the conditions of our environment do not permit us to do so because there are still many evil forces in our way. Nevertheless, we are aware that we have the responsibility to serve You with our whole hearts. We must create an environment connected to the entire cosmos, in which we can live our lives so as to return glory to You, Father, and bring joy to Your heart as our original ancestors should have done. Please let those of us present here today reflect on ourselves and consider whether we have become the kind of people who are able to welcome You, Father, without hesitation whenever You personally appear before us, summon us or command us. How much have You yearned for such sons and daughters! How much have You waited for such sons and daughters to bow their heads before You and receive Your blessing! Please allow us to whole heartedly attend You today as our Father. We sincerely hope and pray that You will be here with us at this time, and allow all heaven and earth to offer praise and glory to You. We cannot fathom how hard You have toiled, Father. There have been numerous ancestors that have followed Your Will, but they were not able to resolve the sorrow of the Fall and they faded away in the chapters of history. When we come to know that they are looking down upon this unworthy group on earth at this hour and waiting for the day of liberation from their sorrow, we cannot help but feel how important our responsibility is. Please let us realize once again today that we do not exist solely for our own selves. Enable us to understand that heaven and earth, our ancestors in the spirit world and our future descendants are all linked together through us. We say that human history is the history of restoration through indemnity, and we know that we have the responsibility to set conditions of indemnity to alleviate the sorrow of history. Please let us know that any wrongdoing on our part will bring grief to Heaven, grief to this age, and grief to the future. Please let us realize that our current position is the same as that of Adam and Eve when they stood before God. Please allow us to become sons and daughters who can prove ourselves worthy offerings to You, our Father, as people who have embraced Your Will. By doing so, please allow us in this hour to lay down sufficient foundation for our past ancestors to be liberated and the many peoples of this present age to be liberated, so that future generations of descendants can be embraced by our Father as His beloved sons and daughters. Please also allow us this morning to prepare the foundation and the way forward for a new promise that can light up this period in time. We sincerely hope and pray for all this. Father, at this time, more than a thousand members are scattered in different places throughout South Korea. Father, we know that, in this age, many people put things aside to fight for their own happiness, but very few people will put everything aside to fight for the one day of Your Sabbath. However, Your young sons and daughters are spread out in various places and are fighting because they wish to stand close to Your heart of anguish, as You continue to unfold the ideal that can bring the global mission to a conclusion. Even at this hour, are there any members who are lying face down on their beds, shedding tears? Father, please be with them. Since I know that You are the Father who guides these lonely people and stands with them, and the Father who looks after us when we are about to fall down, I believe, Father, that You will be with us at this hour. Please personally guide us and hold fast to us. Father, I sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to become pioneers who can fulfill the new mission and responsibility that we have been given. Please guide this people who do not know how to enter Your embrace, and permit us to shoulder the responsibility of high priests as Your sons and daughters, in order to liberate even a small part of Your heart, which harbors excruciating pain. Since You know that there are members, even in faraway places abroad, who are waiting for this hour and praying with tears, Father, I sincerely hope and pray that You will fulfill Your purposed Will so that the day may quickly come when all people may proudly proclaim that they are Your blood relatives, rooted in Your life, and may be embraced in Your bosom. Let this be a time in which those of us gathered here today can promise to begin anew with fresh resolve and determination. I will endeavor to take responsibility for what remains to be done, and I ask that You will entrust us with Your Will. Please accomplish everything through us. I humbly pray these things in the name of the Lord. Aju! (January 1, 1961)

Day 32 (Dec. 26)
Please shine the light of Your love even in hell
Beloved Father! This son of Yours knows well that the history of restoration is a history that has been marked by tears. From the day I groped for and found the world of heart that no one knew, I have come to this position while longing for the day of hope, which I could not speak to anyone about. We are at a new historical point where the tides that have flowed down must flow the opposite way. Father, at this hour I offer my gratitude to You for having worked so hard throughout the ages of history to recover the original standard according to which we can be proud of our right of inheritance centered on Your love, through the unity of Adam, Eve, and the angelic world based on Your ideal of creation. I have come to think that You called and raised this young, unworthy child from among the Korean people and made him grope his way along a twisting path in hopes of finding the one day of glory. I look back on my personal history, over decades, which leaves nothing but a heart of sorrow because I was unable to comfort You during that time and I was unable to prepare the one day of glory for You. However, You have let me usher in this day without letting me die or come to ruin; I thank You for Your love. Now, in unity with the spirit world under Your name and that of the True Parents, I am making a new proclamation that defends against accusation from Satan’s world. So, Father, we earnestly hope and desire that You will receive this day joyfully. Since I have proclaimed that, among the people of the Unification movement, those who follow the way of the Divine Principle and who know this content and can clearly explain it, will be armed with the means of defending themselves against the accusations of Satan; please permit this to come about. Through that, please grant us a special pardon today, through which You can shine the light of Your bright love and the light of the love of the True Parents even in the dungeons of hell. We earnestly hope and desire that You will guide that world to also praise You. Since we forgive with love and forget all the sorrows we experienced during our course of history, we ask that You, too, please embrace all people of the world, even the nation, the Christians and communists who opposed us. True Parents earnestly hope and desire that You will please bring them as one and let them remain in Your love; and especially, I ask You to forgive them. I thank You for allowing us at this time to open the gates and enter the ideal kingdom of heaven which can be governed by the sovereignty of Your goodness through which to realize one extended family, one nation, and one world in human history. Hoping that You will willingly accept this historic hour, I proclaim this and thank You in the name of True Parents. Aju! (February 23, 1977)

Day 33 (Dec. 27)
Please allow us to establish the unified nation
Beloved Father! Today is the ninth anniversary of Children’s Day. Please let Your love dwell with the children who are sincerely praying for this day throughout the nation, facing this place. As You look at the Unification Church members, please be patient with this nation and its people who have caused You to feel sad. Please command the members to carry out a new historic mission; may they become a people who are not inadequate to serve as the laborers for a new age. We know that with us lies the responsibility to realize, without fail, a day of victory, a day on which You can gain direct dominion over all nations spread throughout the world, centering on Korea. Father! Please bless all the people by reaching out to them with Your holy, loving hands through this special opportunity today. And please bless not only humankind here on earth, but also the numerous people who followed Your Will and the countless people in the spirit world who have died for the Will in the course of history up until now. I know that they are destined to go the unavoidable path that still remains ahead of them, the course of indemnity that must be walked through returning resurrection on earth, and please let them make connections with us from behind the scenes, based on the activities of the Unification Church and our own actions today. By so doing, we earnestly hope and desire that You will allow the many people in the spirit world to unite with us, and even their descendants to unite with us substantially, so that we may establish the unified nation that You desire. All Your children scattered around the world are also commemorating this day. So, I earnestly hope and pray that, through them, You will carry out Your direct initiative and work in the nations where they reside, and thus establish the authority of resurrection and set the condition of victory through which to embrace all peoples in Your bosom. As of today, please allow Your desired Will to spread out across the world in earnest, through the horizontal route based on Korea. We sincerely hope and pray that You will establish this day as the one day of glory, one day of pride, and one day of joy, and allow it to be a day on which Your children can receive Your Blessing and be embraced in the midst of Your grace. There are some of Your children who cannot be present today, so we sincerely hope and pray that You will bless them as well. We earnestly hope and desire that You will personally lead the work of liberation for our numerous ancestors, who have lived and died while taking responsibility during the course of restoration, through which they sacrificed themselves for Your Will, Father, and thereby allow what is realized on earth to be realized in heaven as well. I hope and pray that You will allow all Your children to become true children based on their relationship to True Parents, to build true families based on being true children, and based on those true families, to expand into true tribes, true peoples, true nations, a true world and a true cosmos. Please guide us, so that we can race forward more energetically on the course of indemnity that remains for the rest of this year. In the 1970s, permit each and every one of us to fulfill the important mission we have been entrusted with, that is, our mission toward our people and our responsibility as Your children. I sincerely hope and pray that You will guide everything to go well according to Your Will. I earnestly hope, Father, that on this day, You will place us at the center of Your Will and protect us. As we begin this first hour, please guide us in glory until the last. I have sincerely prayed in the holy name of True Parents. Aju! (November 10, 1969)

Day 34 (Dec. 28)
The time has come to declare the liberation of humankind
Beloved Father, I desire to offer, in front of You, this occasion where national messiahs and other leaders from around the world have gathered now, on this Day of All True Things, we are having this celebration to offer all creation as the living offering from the position where the whole world is equalized by Your full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and almighty power. Now, from this day, which marks its thirty sixth occurrence, I shall unfold the standard of a historic paradigm shift of returning all things of creation to Your ownership in the names of the family messiah, tribal messiah, national messiah, global messiah, cosmic messiah, and in Your name. At this gathering, forty people from Japan, twelve people from Taiwan, twelve people from the Philippines, twelve people from Canada, and forty people from the United States are participating, and they stand as a living sacrificial offering that settles all accounts. Until now the sacrificial offering was divided into two. However, everything has been brought to order since we have now come to an era to establish Your kingdom on earth and in heaven, and to proclaim the advent of the kingship of the heavenly nation with the authority of the family messiah, tribal messiah, national messiah, global messiah and cosmic True Parents. Thus, I will conduct a ceremony for this solemn and historic Day of All True Things, through which everything generated from the false parents in the earthly world, and all the falsity in the heavenly world, must be cleanly eradicated through True Parents. Please permit today’s ceremony be the Day of All True Things that settles the accounts for the entire history of indemnity, just like the foundations established for True Children’s Day, True Parents’ Day and True God’s Day. All the attempts to create one unified world through the Christian cultural sphere, through which we were to attain the kingships of the family messiah, tribal messiah, national messiah, global messiah and cosmic messiah, were prolonged to this day. However, we have now come to a time when I can proclaim the liberation of humankind as the True Parents bless 360 million couples. Up to the present time, the spirits representing the spirit world centering on Christianity were unable to receive the Blessing. Therefore, centered on the True Parents, and with their Abel like authority, I wish to establish one beginning point for a unified world by designating the United States, in the position of Cain, and blessing it with the right of the eldest son. We are rushing busily toward the day when we can proclaim the establishment of the sovereignty of the heavenly nation through the path of uniting all of Christianity in the United States as well as in all other nations, bringing together all religions, and uniting all people. I pray that everything will be fulfilled according to Your desire, without any mistakes in the process in front of Heaven. Now we are about to offer this solemn ceremony to You. Thus, on the occasion of the Day of All True Things, I pray that You can accept in joy everything in the position of the Owner, from whom emanates full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and almighty power, and who can make the global proclamation of the restoration of the kingdom of heaven, which was not realized due to the Fall of Adam in Eden, and that You can have the authority to rule within that liberated realm. This I pray and proclaim in the name of True Parents. Aju! (May 26, 1998)

Day 35 (Dec. 29)
Let us be sons and daughters who are not ashamed
I know that so few people have ever traced Your footsteps through the flow of history. No one ever knew that, for You, when night came it was a night of sadness, when morning came it was a morning of sadness, when the shining rays of the bright sun reached Your heart they were a light of sadness, and when the full moon rose in the eastern sky at night, that round moon was the scar revealing the wounds in Your heart. We are aware that countless people have remained at a standstill in the history of struggle and have tumbled into the valley of death. Many have disappeared without trace while crying out for justice at the crossroads of life and death, and have faded away into the back alleys of history, lamenting after failing to build the bridge to the world of Your heart. It is an amazing fact that, from this place, like the valley of dry bones, the Unification Church today has thankfully taken hold of the historical connection to You after undergoing indescribable hardships to find the new way. Through this connection we have been able to resolve the origins of the bitter sorrow of the world throughout history, find the truth of Your heart, and build the bridge of heart from the bottommost pit of hell to the highest throne in heaven. We know that this hour is an hour of joy for You, and that this hour is also the basis of hope for all people. Long ago, when I was still immature, You called me. Ever since, while I have run around as if I were crazy, arrows from my enemies have flown at me from all directions, mercilessly. Yet I have realized only now that those arrows hit You before they reached me, and You have been covered with wounds. After returning to Korea this time, reflecting upon the sixty years of my life which have been filled with many bitter pains and sorrows, I feel grateful for the fact that I can be remembered as Your son. When I had occasion to shed tears, You made me shed tears for Your beloved sons and daughters, and when I had occasion to receive blows, You saved me through Your many children. I am grateful for Your grace. Members of the Unification Church, spread around the world in 127 nations connected to Korea, Japan and America, are thinking of this place with reverence and waiting for the day of my return as their teacher, longing with tears for that hour to quickly come. I know that, not only in this free world but even behind the iron curtain, pitiful groups of Your children are hovering on the brink between life and death for the sake of Your Will, being trampled upon in their underground existence, unable to live for even one day with ease in their hearts. Since You know that I cannot forget them when I am comfortable and I cannot help but remember them even when I am resting, I hope that You will remember them on my behalf and protect their environment, Father, so they will be able to go to the kingdom of heaven as they desire. That is, by resurrecting their enemies, they can leave behind names they can be proud of, and You can pin glorious nametags on them as Your sons and daughters. Sometimes they came to visit me but circumstances did not allow them to meet me; and even when they were able to meet me, they said that the next time they would meet me, it would not be on earth but in the spirit world. I saw them vividly as they were leaving. I have made many appeals to You, suppressing my gasping heart. I am not dead yet and I still have energy left, so I hope You will not worry about the path I need to go. Instead, You will watch over their paths, both before and behind them, so that someday the day of glory will come in the communist world, and all peoples’ shouts of liberation will spread, beginning from North Korea and overflowing across this entire planet. I pray that You will remember all those who have faded away as flowers of this long cherished hope of bringing about that day. Father, thus far, people who have knelt down or stood in Your presence did not know that You are the one who is in the most pitiful situation. Yet, as Your son, I learned that You are the Father of such great sorrow, who cannot stop weeping even after having shed tears for tens of thousands of years. You know that I wanted to forget all the personal matters I could have complained about, and even my entire suffering path. That being the case, I am grateful for Your grace in that, even when I could have perished, I did not perish; and even when I was ridiculed, I did not collapse but remained steadfast. Now that I have returned here to Korea, Father, please love Korea and protect these people as they walk this path in the future. I know only too well that the holy quest of realizing the unification of South and North Korea still remains to be achieved in Korea, through the Unification Church. Father, please encourage this entire nation. I know that You are wishing for the day when not only the Korean Peninsula and Asia but the entire world will open wide the gates of blessing and will serve and attend You, our Father, and Heaven, with cheers of gratitude. We, the Unificationists who have gathered here today, are clean and well dressed, and have come to offer full bows before You. Because we know that the call from Heaven, Your summons, is still with us, Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will push and spur us along that path, even if we end up being pitiful and miserable people who will have to resolve, again and again, to go forward. I know that if we do so, we will not perish. So please allow these people to become young men and women who can endure that path. Even if all our flesh rots on that path, and even if our faces become wrinkled along the way, our rotted flesh and wrinkled faces do not represent sorrow. We know that blessings will remain with our future descendants, and that the right of inheritance to the global culture, which will be able to sing of the shining happiness of youth, will remain among our descendants. Hence, I earnestly hope that You will guide us to become people who can show reverence and gratitude while walking that path. We have now come to know clearly what it is to be reborn, through Children’s Day, Father, and I sincerely and earnestly request and pray that the more we understand how hard You have been toiling, the more You will allow us to realize how insufficient we are. Let us push ourselves to dream of becoming sons and daughters with hope for tomorrow, pressing ourselves again and again to march forward so that we can influence our environment and become children whom You can bless as those who are worthy to be loved by You. Please bless us again and again so that we can be sons and daughters who are unashamed before the days to come, and before the world. I pray all this in the name of True Parents. Aju! (November 8, 1980)

Day 36 (Dec. 30)
Thank You for this era of unity and liberation of the cosmos
Dear loving Father, this is the fifth anniversary of Chil Pal Jeol (7.8 Day). True Parents inaugurated this holiday on my seventy seventh birthday, at seven minutes and seven seconds after seven o’clock on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of 1997, and concluded the providence based on the number seven. In so doing, I broke down the barriers to this number, which was to be completed for the ideal of creation. Due to the fact that humankind fell at the level of the number six and could not go up to the number seven, the realm of the Sabbath, True Parents overcame this and established a new boundary line. Through our life, centered on the conditions for the completion of the number seven representing Heaven and restoration through indemnity, You have been able to proclaim the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth, Chil Pal Jeol. We are truly grateful, Heavenly Father, for Your being able to do this in keeping with this age. Throughout the history of suffering in which humankind has had to overcome so many hills and valleys of indemnity, the altars linking the bloodstains sustained by the many religions and people of goodness have been brought together beyond the level of individuals, through the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and the world. As the offering, in the Old Testament Age all things were sacrificed; in the New Testament Age the children were sacrificed; and in the Completed Testament Age, Parents were sacrificed. By passing through this process, we were able to break through the blockade that besieged us on the hill of the sorrowful grievances caused by Satan, and set up the number eight, completing the number seven through Chil Pal Jeol, a new day marking a boundary line in the providence. Thus, You have given us the grace of creating the era in which we can go on into a new world, a world of the completion of the providence, for which we are truly grateful. Throughout history, many founders of religions and men and women of conscience sacrificed themselves for the righteous causes of loyalty and filial piety in their nations. After paying our debts to those saints and sages, who made tremendous sacrifices even at the risk of their lives, we ushered in Chil Pal Jeol centered on the blessings of new liberation. Thereby, through establishing kingship on the levels of the family, people, nation, and world in the spirit world, You connected all humankind, beginning from the 3.6 million and 36 million couples to the 360 million couples and beyond, directly to the authority of liberation by which You can embrace us in Your bosom. For this, we are grateful to You, Father. We are also grateful to You for bringing together all the saints, centered on the blessed families and the liberation of the heavenly world, and allowing them to pioneer the mainstream path based on Your new sovereignty in the spirit world. At the same time, we thank You for bringing about this cosmic age of grace, in which we can receive the benefits of the age through which the grace of the Blessing lost in Adam’s family can be reestablished in the earthly world, the rights of the Blessing of all the Cain side ancestors in the spirit world can be brought together to set the one mainstream direction in the spirit world, and the one mainstream direction on earth can lead to the completion of the realm of unity from the individual to the cosmos. Now, all that is left is for us to bring to fruition all that we have been preparing, based on the establishment of Your kingship. We thank You for allowing us to declare the liberation and unity of the cosmos on January 13, 2001, through the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God. Now, based on Your love and work of full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and almighty power, You, our Heavenly Father, can overcome all the obstacles in the evil world, and we can serve You as the Owner who reigns over the universe from a position of freedom and independence, and serve the Parents of Heaven and Earth as the King and Queen of the family, nation and world. We are truly grateful for this grace You have permitted in order to usher in this era, wherein we can create an environment for serving the Parents of Heaven and Earth. I am especially grateful to You for allowing many young members of the Unification movement to celebrate this day together, by their attendance at the fourteen day workshop on Jeju Island. Further, I am grateful that while walking the path of the Will, You have enabled us to overcome all difficulties that people have been unable to resolve to this day. Thereupon, You have allowed us to establish the family foundation on earth with authority as Your liberated sons and daughters, and thus we can inherit the realm of Your victory. I sincerely pray and ask that You will allow us to become heaven’s citizens through our alignment with Your heart, and establish the central tribes, central peoples, and central cosmos based on our families. At the same time, with Your blessing, we will become the families of heaven and earth who can inherit Your lineage and Your kingship. As we are in the era of transition, in the position of liberated owners, please allow us to become owners of love who are worthy before the universe, by inheriting all things created through Your love. I beseech and wish for You to bestow the blessings of heaven upon this earth so that we can become individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations who can follow Your path as central figures without shame. We are even more grateful for this day of celebration. We will welcome everything that will occur from this day on with rejoicing hearts. I wish and pray that You will allow us to make the transition to the world of the era in which we can offer this progressive victory to You. On this day of celebration, I earnestly desire that Heaven’s grand blessing will be evenly bestowed on all the people on earth as well as in the spirit world. Thereby, as the absolute individuals, families, nations and cosmos centered on love, all of us will march forward, forward and forward toward the world of absolute victory, victory and victory! I pray all this in True Parents’ names. Aju! (August 25, 2001)

Day 37 (Dec. 31)
May we welcome a liberated and peaceful era of Your kingdom on earth
Beloved Father, on this day commemorating the enthronement and coronation of Your kingship, five years have already passed since January 13, 2001, although it seems like it was yesterday. It was the day when all of heaven and earth could coincide with the Will, and Your realm of victory could mark a new beginning. The complex and critical moments in history, up until the present, have been resolved on earth, and we have made a beginning enabling the expansion of a foundation on earth upon which You, God, on behalf of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, can freely act, centering on the original point of the vertical love based on the horizontal standard. During the past five years, I have settled the remaining indemnity conditions that Satan was demanding, and overhauled and expanded this foundation so that Satan could never again come near Heaven’s sovereignty. Thus, in this era I need to establish the Abel UN and connect it to Your arena of activity. Jesus came and attempted to resolve on a national level what Adam was unable to fulfill in Eden. Yet the people of Israel, who cooperated with Rome, failed to fulfill their responsibility as Abel, and Your Will, left unfulfilled, was prolonged until the time of the Second Advent. I beseech You that You forget the painful and tedious era in history during which all the saints and sages who have gone to the spirit world, and who had centered on You and Jesus, have been looking to You and, more than was demanded, to the earth, and who have been so anxiously waiting until this day of True Parents’ victory. From this new year on, for the ideal world of peace and liberation in heaven and earth, may You stand in a position of autonomy, taking a step beyond the era of Adam, who failed in the family, and taking one more step beyond the level of Jesus, who was unable to reach the national level, and attain victory on the world level. We have spent the final hectic hours to connect the original standard of Your kingship not only to the United Nations on earth but also to the United Nations in heaven. In 2005, we, True Parents, toured 120 nations, proclaiming a providential message entitled, “The Era of Settlement of the Providence as a Model for the Ideal of Peace in Heaven and on Earth,” based on the standard of the model family, model nation and model world for the realization of the ideal of peace in heaven and on earth. As indicated in that speech, we have now ushered in a demanding era in history, when we must achieve the victory of the realm of the Abel UN based on Your ideal family. By passing through that path, we have come to the point where all the programs initiated by Heung Jin and Dae Mo Nim in Chung Pyung can be united with True Parents and concluded. Thus, by virtue of offering to You the victories True Parents have accrued by overcoming the course of indemnity on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, based on the realm of the Abel UN, I pray that You may receive in joy the commemorative service for the coronation for Your kingship, which is being offered on this day that inherits the era in which Heaven can have dominion over everything. I also reclaimed all the rights of ownership that had been taken by Satan until now. Consequently, we have entered an era of great reorganization where we can expand and overhaul horizontally and vertically from the focal point marked by the great victory of the Lord of the Second Advent. On that foundation, we have ushered in an era where the realm of the Abel UN can be proclaimed along with the coronation today. You led the Israelites through the wilderness with a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud, had them make the tablets of stone twice for the benefit of those who violated the law, and proclaimed the way for the Israelites to go based on the Ten Commandments. In the same way, the returning Lord has now taken responsibility and proclaimed the triumphant entry into the blessed land of Canaan, which the Israelites failed to do. All the good clans on the earth, the Cain and Abel clans, are united as one, and they are recognized as the realm of the chosen people. In this way, the returning Lord has paid indemnity for what Jesus was unable to complete in his lifetime, by breaking down all the fundamental barriers, including national borders, on earth as well as in heaven. On that foundation, a new Abel realm UN was established, and an era in which You, the Father, can freely do as You desire is prepared and offered to You. Thus I sincerely request that You connect all this to the blessed families, so that everything that You lead can be fulfilled as You wish. From the position of True Parents, we plan to make this time of commemorating and offering the Enthronement for God’s Kingship a supreme condition of victory. I pray that in years to come, the entire cosmos will advance forever more into Your realm of love as a harmoniously united world, and usher in a peaceful era of liberation of Your kingdom on earth. I sincerely wish and pray that You receive this liberated authority founded upon the coronation with joy, and that everything can be united and fulfilled according to the wish of the True Parents. Aju! (January 3, 2006)

Day 38 (Jan. 1)
Please grant that we may bring the ideal Adamic culture to completion
Beloved Father! Today, December 9, 2001, we are observing the second Sabbath in this month of December. Here, under the watchful gaze of heaven and earth, we are holding a new pledge service in attendance of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who are the object of interest to all of Heaven and to all of Cheon Il Guk. The blessed families in the spiritual and physical worlds, and everything bound to them, in their attendance to the True Parents, have become one in heart and in body, fulfilling the way of the devoted child in the family, patriot in the nation, saint in the world and divine child in the cosmos. They are perfecting the realm of liberation for the Parents of Heaven and Earth in the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, the entire universe and all people. Now we have ushered in an age in which we can bring everything that Adam lost to fruition, and have it protected and offered in victory by the True Parents on the earth. In light of this, I have proclaimed Cheon Il Guk to both earth and heaven. I dedicate this to Heaven in the name of a nation of an individual, in the name of a nation of a family, tribe, people and country, and in the name of the nation of the world and cosmos. Father, You blessed the glory of that day that brought order to the fallen world. Thus, this year, in which I concluded the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God centered on a family of love, I proclaimed the establishment of Your homeland centered on Korea, and even proclaimed Cheon Il Guk. We are now in the process of giving the Blessing to the ambassadors for peace and proclaiming the start of the new nation of the world for the sake of a liberated world. Let all those who have come together amid the challenges and chaos, representatives of the religious circles representing all the blessed spirits in the spirit world, and blessed families of the Unification Church on earth, become one in heart and in body within Your Will and Your protection. I sincerely pray and request Your permission to allow them to fulfill the way of loyalty and piety attending Heaven, and to become faithful servants attending You, the Heavenly Parent. In this way, please permit us to perfect the culture of a single tribe connected with the true love, true life and true lineage rooted in the heart of a completed individual, family and people centered on Your sovereignty and an ideal Adamic culture. We have the victorious power of an individual who can complete the mainstream ideology of the ideal of creation as a tradition. From it may we form the authority of the Parent of Heaven and Earth, based on the liberation of the cosmos and the Enthronement Ceremony of the kingship of the heavenly nation. May we rectify all the false things on the earth and then connect them to a new world of peace on earth and in heaven that has no trace of Satan. This is the age in which the Unification Church, centering on blessed families, can connect the realm of the third Adam to the world. It thereby expands the unfallen, original realm of unity throughout the world, and establishes one unified world together with Your kingship, centering on Cheon Il Guk. What remains now is a time for national and global victory, enabling us to offer to You, once again, this universe that was lost. In the name of the True Parents, we will bring to a conclusion in unity all advancing matters, and bring order and closure on Your providential path, Father. Thus, I sincerely pray and request that You will allow all matters that are advancing toward this purpose to attain the glory of victory with Heaven, so that we can offer the joyful liberation of all humankind to Heaven. We have ushered in an age in which the Unification Church members in the spirit world, united in heart and in body, can educate the spirit world. This will enable all the saints and sages to rise up together and obtain a liberated nation that combines everything from the individual to the family and nations, for the sake of Your kingship. Thus we establish Your nation centering on the unified mainstream ideology, and offer it to You. Please bless all the saints and sages centered on the four great saints in the spirit world, and have them return to the earth so that they can build Cheon Il Guk in the Abel position. I sincerely pray and request that You permit the spirit world and physical world to cooperate, enter into a bond of brother and sisterhood, and go beyond the standard that perfects the original ideal. With the dawn of the Pacific Rim era, I have come once again to Hawaii. Now, before I depart for Korea, I sincerely pray that You will take the lead in uniting all paths, all matters and all relations that reside in this place with Your Will. May nothing be lacking in any way in bringing the joy and glory of victory. I pray that You will receive with joy this morning’s full bow, which You have permitted Father, I sincerely pray regarding everything that should be brought to order in December, that it will be completely and fully brought to order with Your permission. Please protect, nurture and guide everything so that a victorious Cheon Il Guk can advance. All this I pray in the name of True Parents. Aju! (December 9, 2001)

Day 39 (Jan. 2)
I desire to share with You the joys and sorrows on the path that lies ahead
Beloved Father, I announced this year’s motto, “May the Absolute, Unique, Unchanging and Eternal Will, which is the Subject Nature of True Love, be Accomplished through the Liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth and Children Uniting in One Mind and One Body,” and proclaimed that I would achieve Cheon Il Guk, the heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven. Your ideal of creation, centering on True Parents, maintains the authority of the liberated Owner in a position where the family, nation and cosmos takes root through the perfection of the children, centering on True Parents. In the original concept of the process of creation, this is the substantial realm of the purpose of creation. However, the first ancestors of humankind erred, leaving behind, in a single day, unending bitter sorrow. I have come to know the greatness of the wounds and scars inflicted upon Your heart. While bearing these scars throughout the course of history, You desired people who could center on the kingship rooted in the ideal of the kingdom of heaven and a world of love. When I think about what has come on the basis of that desire, I realize that human beings have been so unfilial to You. They were unfilial in the family, disloyal to the nation and unforgivable in their world level actions. They even stoned the divine sons and daughters of heaven and earth. They filled history with great and bitter sorrow. The religious circles on the earth failed to uphold the hope for the manifestation of the True Parents on the earth, which had lasted throughout the years of history. They did not resolve the mass of accumulated resentment that people had to endure as they waited for the time of the Second Coming. The True Parents cleared the course of re-creation from the very bottom of hell on earth and to the heavens and, following Your lead, proclaimed the Enthronement Ceremony for God’s Kingship on their victorious authority. I pray and hope that the Father can embrace the Korean Peninsula. It is from here that we can proclaim the establishment of Your homeland and also Cheon Il Guk in the Completed Testament Age, centering on the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. My resolution was to look for the one day of victory and place it before Your Will. With it, I achieved everything that You intended in relation to true love’s subject nature, and proclaimed Cheon Il Guk, the establishment of kingship, the homeland and the liberation of everything that You had desired on the earth. Now we hear humanity’s cry of jubilation in the new year. The time has come when the people of heaven and all people on the earth who can reenact the glory of the Parents of Heaven and Earth can become one in heart and in body and dedicate this offering to Heaven. Though such a time has come, we are greatly sorry to You, Father, that these tired members of the Unification Church have not yet been able to complete preparations to serve and attend You, who worry about this world. Father! I am the child who was unable to attend You peacefully. You have endured everything to this day. It is true that this family and clan failed their responsibility, and the moment passed for the Catholic and Protestant churches to unite. Such unity would have brought the unification of Korea, centering on Christianity, with the True Parents after World War II. Heaven and earth would have crossed paths. But, harboring the bitter sorrow of having lost that moment, I passed through my youthful years during my thirties and am now moving beyond my eightieth year. I was supposed to fulfill the Cheon Il Guk ideal with You in my forties, yet fifty six years have passed since the liberation of Korea. At this time, the start of the fifty seventh year, I have to proclaim a new Cheon Il Guk in this dedication ceremony. Therefore, please forgive all the children who received the Blessing of the Unification family, all the children who received the Blessing of the heavenly world, and all the unfortunate souls whom Satan’s world kicked around and prevented from following Your desired path. Heaven stood as a Parent who had to bless both murderers and saints in the same place. Heaven was in a position where it was forced to be such a Parent. That is why I sincerely pray and wish that You will erase from Your memory all the mistakes the blessed families committed. Please take pity on these people, for they are trying to attain an individual, family and nation that can cultivate the original heart and substantial entity centering on Cheon Il Guk, the kingdom of love. Please share their joys and sorrows with them on the path that lies ahead. We are at an important time, welcoming the month of December that brings closure to the first year of the third millennium. Centering on Jesus, You ultimately had to decide the standards for Cheon Il Guk. With its proclamation, You bequeathed to the spirit world and physical world the privileges and benefits of national and global affiliation. Despite all this, I realize the fact that as of tomorrow, we again will see the new Cheon Il Guk from the position of not having a nation. Please understand the bitter sorrow in the heart of Your unworthy child, who was unable to establish the things that should have been arranged in the name of the True Parents. Please suppress the indignation and exasperation in Your heart, and allow me to look for Your assistance along this child’s path. With You, may I attain and move beyond the liberation of heaven and earth, which is the pinnacle of the ideal of Cheon Il Guk, and even beyond the ideal of the kingdom of heaven. We have to dedicate and offer to Heaven a family that, united as one mind and one body, fulfills the will of true love’s subject nature, which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. On that foundation, we have to offer the nation centering on such families, a world centering on that nation, and the liberated kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. In order to attain Your authority that enables this, I proclaimed the establishment of the kingship, the homeland, and Cheon Il Guk. May You embrace all these things in Your heart. I pray that You will exert Your sovereign power and, from the original position You cherished, draw all nations, all generations and all of heaven and earth into the realm of Your reign. Please allow the victorious kingdom, which I have announced to the entire world with a liberated and free heart, to be formed. I pray that this nation can become Cheon Il Guk, Father. After the turn of this year, in the next couple of days, we will usher in the second year of the third millennium. During this time, may everything that You intend expand beyond the horizontal plane, beyond all nations, and take the form of a sphere that represents the directions of up and down, front and back and right and left. I pray that, centering on the axis of Your love, the axis of the family, nation and world can recover all of heaven and earth and be used as the basis for Your ideal kingdom of heaven. Today, marking the third day before welcoming the new year, I pray that with Your permission we can achieve everything that I have spoken before You. Doing so, we shall greet this day. Father, please have pity on us. I sincerely pray that You will have pity on us and, with a forgiving heart, bless us. May earth and heaven connect to hope and glory, which shall be the path we take from now, and be a foundation of shining glory. All this I sincerely pray and report in the name of True Parents. Aju! (December 30, 2001)

Day 40 (Jan. 3)
We have proclaimed the settlement of Your homeland and Cheon Il Guk
Beloved Father, in accordance with Your desire, Your providence has triumphed and united the spirit world and the physical world as one in body, mind and ideology. Centering on the completed settlement of Cheon Il Guk on earth, we have come to an era when we can celebrate. We have arrived at the time of great transition, when You can manage and lead affairs here on earth through Your omnipresence, absoluteness and complete authority, with victorious supremacy. I offer thanks, Father, to You, who have labored for so long. My wife and I have taken responsibility for the goals of the providence and have borne the title of True Parents here on earth. Despite that, I cannot help but regret that we have been unable to fulfill the duties of loyalty and filial piety and the duties of the saints and the divine sons and daughters on a higher level in attending You, our Heavenly Parent. Nevertheless, we now have arrived at an era of transition in the providence. Centering on Korea, we have proclaimed Cheon Il Guk, the settlement of Your homeland, and the completed establishment of Your kingship. We also see the beginning of a world of peace and the installation of ambassadors for peace, who can govern and lead the world of peace. Here on earth we have declared Cheon Il Guk, which can advance the common purpose of all nations and embrace all people. I thank You, Father, that You have led us to pursue this goal and arrive at an age when we can proclaim the complete liberation of Your Will, for the sake of building the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Moreover, here in Hawaii, the center of the Pacific Ocean, we declared the age of the Pacific Rim and, centering on this, returned the ocean to You, returned all the land to You, returned the ideal of creation to You, and returned the entire kingdom of heaven to You. With this declaration as a foundation, all the things we have planned have brought us to this place, where You have prepared for the Will’s transition into the origin of a new world. The time has come, as Your providence heads toward Your ideal realm of Cheon Il Guk, when You can become one in mind and body. It comes as You establish the direction of the entire kingdom of heaven, transcending the nations of this world and investing all Your strength in that one mainstream direction. Father, I thank You for Your grace that allows us to make this proclamation at this time. All the earth, from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation — symbolically, the entire world — can become one in body, thought and heart as the object partner of the spirit world. It can perfect the duties of filial children, loyal patriots and divine sons and daughters in serving Heaven. Thereby it will transition into the world in which we can establish the kingship of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Father, we pray that You will liberate all the beings in the cosmos, from the tiniest microorganisms to all the beings You created in the spiritual realms. We pray for all of our ancestors, who did evil and did good, and who came and went on the earth, from the borderline of hell to paradise, to form a realm of liberation that enables them to go directly to Heaven. By so doing, Father, we long to see You push away the barriers between the nations here on earth, and advance toward the world of sovereignty that Heaven can rule and guide with one heart, one body and one thought. The True Parents, representing all the people of the earth, support You. They declare that they, together with all our ancestors in the spirit world, will support You. Therefore, I ask that You guide us personally, from a free and self-sufficient position, in this age that advances toward the goals You have purposed and administered. Now in Korea we have proclaimed the establishment of Your kingship, the settlement of Your homeland and, on that foundation, Cheon Il Guk. We made these proclamations centering on Korea, Japan and America and, together with the establishment of ambassadors for peace across the globe, we are opening and advancing the way through the ideology of Cheon Il Guk. At this point in time, centering on this day, we pray that You will become the Parent who can govern the entire universe from the position of King of kings, centered on the sovereignty that represents heaven and earth’s united absolute authority and omnipotence, and guide us as our King. I thank You that this day we could proclaim our new resolution to advance toward the world of peace of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. We will do so by following the way of Heaven and completing the way of filial children, loyal patriots and divine sons and daughters. All peoples and all the created beings of the universe are united today in mind and body. We hope and pray that, centering on this joyous day, we can advance from the new age of the Pacific Rim to the liberated era when the kingship that can connect the land and the entire cosmos is established. Representing all created beings, and standing in the center where heaven and earth are united, we declare in the name of True Parents that we all support the kingship of Heaven. So, Father, please become the center and rule over us with the sovereignty of love. By liberating heaven and earth, as You have desired, please become the King of kings centered on Your sovereignty, and the Parent of all peoples. Please advance toward the glorious kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, where You can reign over the entire universe. We dedicate and proclaim this in the name of True Parents, and may Your Will be done. In gratitude for these things, I report all this to You. Aju! (January 26, 2002)