The first thing to do is witnessing, the second thing is witnessing, and the third is witnessing

On June 1, the Family Federation of the Heavenly Japan set sail under a new organizational makeup. We have begun a 210-day course (June 1 to December 27) under the banner of “total witnessing” riding on the heavenly fortune of the consecration of Cheon Won Gung and Cheon Il Guk Sanctum, while promoting church reform.

The consecration of Cheon Won Gung and Cheon Il Guk Sanctum was triumphantly held on May 7. Although there were some inadequacies, True Mother swore they would be completed by the entrance ceremony and expressed her deep appreciation. She then offered the following prayer of consecration:

I hope You (God) accept this joyfully. There have been many difficulties leading up to this day, but even so, I can not express in words how elated, excited, and grateful I am to be able to consecrate the Cheon Won Gung and Cheon Il Guk Sanctum on this day, in the midst of heavenly blessings, which exalt the glory of the Heavenly Parent (God).

How much were we able to share True Mother’s realm of heart?

When God’s dream comes true

During a series of events to commemorate True Mother’s 80th birthday, Mother referred to “God’s dream” several times and added it in her prayers.

While addressing the world leaders and heads of state attending the international conference (May 3), she said, “The Heavenly Parent’s dream is to share the life of heaven on earth with the good and blessed children through True Parents,” and “through True Parents, the Heavenly Parent’s dream, which He had been waiting six thousand years for, and the hopes of humankind, can now be fulfilled. Today, the Heavenly Parent has directly consecrated the Cheon Won Gung and the Cheon Il Guk Sanctum, where He can live together with us!”

The consecration of the Sanctum is in no way unrelated to the recent great commandment of “total witnessing.” Now that things have been put in place and we have come to welcome the Heavenly Parent on earth, where are the children who will receive Him? It took six thousand years to restore His lost children, and finally the way was prepared to send the True Parents of humankind to the Korean Peninsula where all of His children could be welcomed back into His bosom.
Nevertheless, only a small number have returned to the presence of the Heavenly Parent. The pain in God’s heart is also the pain in True Parents’ heart.

God and True Parents’ arduous life-course of regaining the position of Parents

True Parents’ life-course was a struggle to restore the position of parents and offer it to God. Yahweh, the Lord God, the God of Judgment, the God of Sorrows, the Heavenly Father…humankind has looked up to the God of heaven from a position far removed from the true image of God.

However, in order to liberate God’s sorrow after knowing God as the parent and coming in contact with His heart, and to bring every single human being back to His bosom, True Parents exerted all of their efforts in the flesh, spanning their whole lives, to teach that God is the Parent with a parental heart.

True Mother gave the great command of “total witnessing,” but we must realize that this is a sincere cry from the single-mindedness of the Parents to bring the children back. The goal of witnessing is to help people realize that God is truly their parent. When that happens, religious barriers, national barriers, and language barriers will all disappear.

Therefore, in addition to the Unification Principle, we must correctly convey True Parents’ life-course when witnessing. Behind their lives, in which they risked everything, lie the heart of parents. Only when we look at it from that perspective can we arrive at the truth.

True Mother tells us, “If you know that God is the parent, all of your problems will be solved.” She also says, “A righteous person must first be able to hear the voice of Heaven.” No matter how powerful and capable we are, if heaven’s blessings are not there, our aspirations will one day crumble.

The second half of the year 2023 will be about, first, witnessing; second, witnessing; and third, witnessing. Let us lead as many lives as possible to the parents’ bosom.

I know that all of you have gone through many hardships. I myself, even when I was in a really difficult and helpless position, I look back and realize that Heavenly Parent was always with me. I believe that all of you have had such experiences. So let us all do our very best! (May 8, Victory Banquet)