The 3rd 40 Day Special Devotional Course of Heavenly Japan for the victorious offering of Cheon Won Gung, Cheon Il Sanctum

1. Period: March 23rd (Thu.) to May 1st (Mon) (40 days)

2. Condition:
1) HDH
Reading autobiographies of True Parents in each family and each church

2) Prayer
① Family Prayer Meeting: Offering prayers, with reading True Parents’ prayers for 40 days

② Church Prayer Meeting: Basically, conducting Cheon Shim Won prayer meeting, recommending holy ground prayer meeting at least once a week
※changeable according to church situation

3) The condition can be combined with the condition of special grace for CheonBo Registration in the Era of the Firm Establishment of Cheon Il Guk

3. Shimbang (visitation by pastor)
Pastors and church staff visit church members’ home as much as possible.