Our Mission and Responsibility in a Providential Turning Point

Ten years have already passed since we sent True Father to the spirit world. As the Commander-in-Chief of the spirit world, I can only imagine how hard he must be working in leading the affairs of the heavenly world, while being connected to the providence on earth.

Especially, as the heavenly world is closely related to the providential path people on earth take and their cheongseong toward God’s will, we cannot help but feel sorry how little of a positive impact we are able to provide the heavenly world.

Immediately after sending True Father to the spirit world, True Mother had to suppress the pain in her heart while declaring “Progress without Interruption” (September 17, 2012) to her broken-hearted children and giving us encouragement.

I would like to use this starting point of the beginning of the year to make new resolutions as we look back on the past ten years and reflect on how far we’ve come and been able to fulfill the four hopes contained in that message.

“First, we must absolutely regard the traditions established by True Parents as vital, and we must ensure that they are inherited by and handed down to our descendants for all generations to come.”

Through a life of living for the sake of others, True Parents established the traditions of true love and heart, the tradition of an absolute standard in the word and worship, and the tradition of a culture of heart centering on hyojeong. In particular, the tradition of hoondokhae—where the gems of God’s words would be read, which were founded upon a life dedicated to the providential course of restoration through indemnity centering on the Heavenly Parent (God)—must become the foremost tradition in each family, church, or assembly.

In addition, he clarified the tradition of the heavenly order. He taught us that we can only build unity that is in perfect order by centering our lives on True Parents, who have completely united with the Heavenly Parent, as described in the Divine Principle.
For this purpose, we must seek a “heavenly heart” and welcome it into the center of our familial communities. The life of practicing a heavenly heart is the core of our life of faith.

“Second, we must perfect the ideal of the blessed family—those that heaven has blessed.”

The place where God’s ideal of creation touches down is the family. It is the starting point for true love, true life, and true lineage, as well as where these are inherited. We, the blessed families, were given permission to establish our families in the position of sons and daughters of the Heavenly Parent through a unilateral arrangement from Heaven.

Can we declare with certainty that our families are the foundation of true love, the foundation of true life, and the foundation of true lineage? Are husbands and wives united in absolute love? Are we raising our children correctly and guiding them with God’s words? Are we exemplary families worthy of the Heavenly Parent’s praise? Have we established the tradition of heart, vertically and horizontally, based on the standard of high noon?…

If we reflect on this with a sense of self-caution, I think the common sentiment would be a sense of remorse.

Nevertheless, as a blessed family, it is our destiny to realize God’s original desire on earth, and it is a goal that we must always strive for.

“Third, you have received the blessing of tribal messiahship, so you must fulfill your mission and responsibilities until Cheon Il Guk is completed on earth.”

All blessed families are striving to achieve victory for Cheonbo families, but the essence of this victory will be the victory of heavenly tribal messiahs. The only way to inherit True Parents’ realm of victory as their children is by being victorious in heavenly tribal messiahship. This is what True Parents spent their lives instructing us to do, and our victory was also True Father’s last will and testament.

True Mother has set up the Cheonbo registry as a goal so that all blessed families strive to become heavenly tribal messiahs, and she has shown us the path to achieve this victory through Cheonbo training. As a blessed family, this path of training is something we cannot avoid.

“Fourth, we must all build communities of harmony and unity with a culture of heart centered on True Parents and the True Family.”

Cheon Il Guk is a community where the culture of heart centering on the Heavenly Parent and True Parents is in full bloom. The culture of heart between brothers and sisters, centering on parents, embraces conflict and struggle and brings harmony and unity. This is because it is the nature of children to answer to the heart and wishes of their parents.

We are now living in a miraculous age, or a providential turning point, where we can participate in the providence together with the True Parents of humankind. We are standing at the forefront in the history of the providence of humanity’s salvation centered on God, and we are seeing the same providential landscape as True Parents. It depends on our own choices whether we end up being mere witnesses of providential history, or whether we stand as the masters of the providence and bear witness to the victorious footprints of the True Parents of humankind.