As a child coming face to face with parents’ hopes

The destiny that True Family has taken on

Hyo-jin nim once spoke about the suffering of the True Children. When church members in America were ridiculed as “Moonies,” True Parents were in the midst of persecution, and their own children suffered in the same way, or even more so.

They were faced with conflict and anguish in their schools and relationships, which I really can’t put into words. In addition, even at home, it was very difficult for them to meet with True Parents. Even when they were able to meet after such a long time, they were always surrounded by True Parents’ inner circle, and there was really no room for them. Even if they had found time to meet with True Parents, there was a language barrier since they grew up in the United States. Even though they were parent and child, they felt frustrated that they could not fully communicate with each other.

As they grew up, they were faced with another struggle: they had to accept their own father and mother as “True Parents.” When children can call their parents “Mom” or “Dad,” both parent and child can grow closer in heart. However, the more they called them, “True Parents,” the more distant they felt from their parents.

For those of us born from the fallen lineage, the more we call them “True Parents,” whether in prayer, when making decisions, or when meeting them, the closer we get heartistically and the more we experience a deeper state of love, warmth and forgiveness. However, for the Children born from the real blood lineage, it is exactly the opposite. The mental process of reaccepting one’s own parents as the True Parents of humankind is a harsh path of destiny that is accompanied by feelings of sadness and loneliness.

Absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience required of them

It is a well-known fact that True Parents have invested more in and spent more time on us, who are from Cain’s realm, sacrificing their beloved children. It may be easy to say that this is the principle of restoration through indemnity. However, the path of the True Children is not something we can go through, and I believe it is a world where we would hesitate even talking about lightly.

We have studied the word; heard about the life of True Parents; accepted them as the Messiah, Savior, and the Lord of the Second Coming; and walked with them since. Through the blessing, we have been allowed to stand in the position of children, and we challenge ourselves daily in hopes of restoring the hearts of the True Children. The goal is to restore the heartistic realm of the eternal parent-child relationship, in which the word “faith” would not be required. This is precisely the restoration of hyojeong.

I believe that True Children are required to go through a process that is completely opposite to ours. Instead of calling them “Abba, Omma” (Dad, Mom), they were forced to accept their parents as “True Parents of humankind,” who shoulder indemnity, and stand before them as children.

The figures in front of them are not just parents, but the True Parents of humankind that walked the path of indemnity, the Savior and Messiah. I believe that True Children bear a much heavier heart and cross than the ordeals that we had to go through.

Pursuing the standard of True Children

On October 13, 1997, True Father established (named) “hoon dok hae.” At that time, Father expressed pity for having sacrificed his children in the position of Abel. He said he had only loved the Cain realm and was victorious in establishing the standard of indemnity. On that foundation, he said the time had come were he was allowed to give words directly to his children. Behind the scenes in the providence, Children from the Abel realm were offered as the sacrifice True Family had to make to alleviate the conditions for Satan’s false accusations against humankind.

During this time, the Children wanted to have a heartistic relationship between parent and child, but they were required to maintain the providential relationship between True Parents and True Children. They were also required to maintain the standard of faith of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience towards True Parents. As a result, it is extremely unfortunate that some have fallen short of that required standard of faith and have turned their backs. It goes without saying that this is the heartache that True Parents carry.

Nevertheless, it is a great hope that there exist the eternal and unbreakable blood relation between True Parents and True Children as real parents and children. Let us fulfill our providential mission as children and pray for the day when True Parents will settle in the hearts of the True Children as the one and only True Parents of humankind, along with the restoration of the lineal, heartistic relationship.