The consecration of Cheon Won Gung (Cheon Il Sanctum) is heaven’s will given to the chosen people

In the period of the united kingdom, the kings established the kingdom of Israel around the Temple, thereby manifesting the ideal of Moses’ Tabernacle which was first conceived at the time of the Exodus. This was the image course for building the Kingdom of Heaven ruled by Jesus, which he would one day come to establish as the King of Kings. Likewise, in the period of the Christian empire, Charlemagne’s empire realized the ideal of the Christian state as set down in The City of God by St. Augustine—who lived when the Christians had just been liberated from the oppression of the Roman Empire, a time parallel to that of Moses. Once again, this was the image course for building the Kingdom of God, which Christ, as the King of Kings, will one day return to establish.

Exposition of the Divine Principle, p. 319.

The words “tabernacle” and “temple” appear many times in the principle of restoration. To erect these structures was the providential mission given to the chosen people by heaven. They had to go beyond the sphere of Satan’s false accusations and establish a foundation to receive the King of Kings and True Parents symbolically and figuratively, with an absolute mindset towards heaven’s mission. In other words, the purpose of constructing the tabernacle and temple was to build a kingdom on earth centering on God’s sovereignty, where God’s ideal of creation could be firmly established so that the True Parents of humankind could be welcomed as God’s substance in the future.

At the Ceremony to Offer Our Resolve to Successfully Dedicate Cheon Won Gung held on April 17, True Mother said the following:

“[T]here is content you must understand and thus be able to take responsibility for, and everything with regard to True Parents’ advent can be settled from the standpoint that we must welcome May 5, 2023, a time of a new beginning…Our lives on earth must be free of shadows. Everything that could cast a shadow must be thrown out. Our appearance when we ascend to heaven must be clearer than that of a crystal.”

She emphasized the importance of correcting our attitude and devoting ourselves to cleanse the “shadows” of our own selves, our families and our churches as we look towards the consecration of Cheon Won Gung (Cheon Il Sanctum) a year from now.

Cheon Won Gung is a temple with the Cheon Il Sanctum as its spiritual center. For the consecration of this Sanctum, the attitude that each of us possess is being questioned.

Heaven’s providence for regaining the country

Regarding the construction of the Sanctum, True Father had this to say:

“The first thing the people of Israel had to do when they went and lived in Babylon and came back was to build a sanctuary where they could lead the country from. What, then, would the Israelites have to have done by building a sanctuary? Their livelihoods were not the problem. They had to get their country back. The Israelites came to the land of Canaan in search of a country, to build their nation.”

The Pacific Rim Providence and Geomundo. Japanese ed. February 24, 1988. p. 56-57.

In Heaven’s providence, the construction of the Sanctum and the building of a nation cannot be considered separately. The purpose of building the Sanctum is to build a nation, and the Sanctum serves as a spiritual center to guide the nation. It will be the holiest place to turn the hearts of the people to heaven, as well as the holiest place for national policy makers to listen to the voice of heaven.

The consecration of Cheon Il Sanctum (Cheon Won Gung) is the providential act to establish the foundation for the Heavenly Unified Korea and to firmly establish the True Parents of humankind, who have established their position as King of Kings. It is the heavenly mandate given to us, the chosen people.

Cheon Won Gung, centering on the consecrated Cheon Il Sanctum, will be the head temple of Cheon Il Guk, where the position and values of True Parents will be made known to all people. There is no doubt that True Father in heaven and True Mother on earth will stand as the main authorities of the spiritual world and the earthly world as the True Parents of humankind, and through the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, the Sanctum will become the central headquarters to carry all human beings on the planet earth.

The consecration of Cheon Il Sanctum and the dedication of Cheonbo families

Restoring the nation through the Sanctum means restoring the people. We need a people who can inherit the tradition of the family ideal, centering on True Parents, where they serve God as the Heavenly Parent and establish a tradition of love for one another as brothers and sisters. This is truly the “flock” of the tribe and their communities led by the Cheonbo families.

Cheonbo families have the mission to tackle the issues of creating a nation, where the Heavenly Parent (God) is firmly established, wherein tribal messiahs stand in heaven’s heart and elect national leaders according to heaven’s will. The 430 families for every Cheonbo family are the symbol of the nation and the nation’s people, and they are the chosen people who will preserve the traditions of Heaven for eternity and pass them down to future generations.

True Mother said, “To become Cheonbo families is to complete the mission given to the people of Cheon Il Guk; and helping members to be registered in the Cheonbo families is to complete the mission as leaders of Cheon Il Guk.” (December 23, 2020)

From the viewpoint of heaven’s providence, the Consecration of Cheon Il Sanctum, the firm establishment of the Heavenly Unified Korea, and all blessed families becoming Victorious Cheonbo Families are the triune providence and cannot be separated.

Therefore, the Consecration of Cheon Il Sanctum will also be the dedication of Cheonbo families.