Let us become people that are purer and brighter than crystals

On May 1, the “Embarking Service of Tama Tokyo District for Relieving Burden and Giving Cheongseong to the Consecration of Cheon Won Gung” was held at the Hachioji Family Church (Tama Tokyo District) with Regional Group President of Heavenly Japan for the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Bang Sang-il and his wife. In his sermon, he reported on the series of events he attended during his visit to Korea and emphasized the importance of a life without a shadow that True Mother hopes for.
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A new beginning for Tama Tokyo District looking to educate the treasured youth

Good morning, everyone. Nice to meet you.

This is Tama Tokyo District. When hearing “Tokyo,” you probably imagine the center of Japan. However, Kyoto used to be the center of Japan.

The Chinese character for “Kyo” (京 ) has been used to describe the center of the country. Hansung, the capital of the Joseon Dynasty, was renamed Keijo, or Gyeongseong, during Japan’s rule. Today, it is now called Seoul. Even the capital of China is Beijing (北京 ).

After the end of the Edo Shogunate, Tokyo was newly established as the capital during the Meiji Restoration. East means to embark because it is the direction where the sun rises. Also, if you look at the characters for “Tama,” it consists of “ta” (多い; many) and “ma” (摩; scar). The word “ma” can also mean, “to rub and polish.” In addition “tama” can also be written as “玉” (ball or sphere) so wouldn’t it be possible to say that the Tama Tokyo District is “a place to educate and polish many treasured young people and have them start anew?” In addition, the central city of the district is Hachioji, which means “eight princes,” so I feel this also has some kind of symbolic meaning.

In response to True Mother’s hopes, I visited Korea and participated in a series of events to commemorate the sixty-second anniversary of True Parents’ holy wedding. Mother was very busy during the event, but she is now visiting America for the first time in a year and a half as the COVID-19 situation has somewhat subsided. I believe she is arriving in Las Vegas as we speak. I heard that she will visit Hawaii and return to Korea in about a week.

In the past when True Parents visited America, they would take at least one month, usually three or six months, to lead the providence. This time, she will return to her country in just a week. I think most of True Mother’s thoughts are focused on the unification of North and South Korea and that the Heavenly Unified Korea be realized as soon as possible.

Don’t push aside the world’s problems as somebody else’s problems

Ladies and gentlemen, the Russian military invasion of Ukraine shows no sign of abating. The toll on innocent young children is increasing. Every time you see a horrific image on TV, your heart must be wringing just thinking how miserable it is. This tragic decision was caused by one leader, President Putin. It makes me think again how much responsibility a leader has.

We have welcomed True Parents, the Messiah of humankind that history has longed for, and the era of the creation of heaven and earth has arrived. A new heaven and new earth have already begun. Nevertheless, many people remain ignorant of True Parents, and remain in conflict. Ladies and gentlemen, we have been able to meet the True Parents before other people and have received the blessing. Don’t you feel the magnitude of responsibility that each of us have? There are various problems in the world including the conflict in Ukraine. Have you ever deeply looked into the cause of these problems?

True Parents established Korea as the Father Nation, Japan as the Mother Nation, and America as the Elder Son Nation; Taiwan, the Philippines, and Canada as the Eldest, Second, and Third Daughter Nations, respectively. Aside from these six nations, no other nation has a special providential status in heaven’s providence. If I were compelled to do so, I would say that the rest are “sibling nations.”

If the relationship between the father and mother is not good in the household, the children’s hearts will become unstable, making it easier for them to have quarrels between them. Similarly, if relations between South Korea and Japan deteriorate, conflicts will likely occur around the world. We must not take the problems of Russia and Ukraine for granted. We are responsible for the unification of Korea and Japan, and we must repent for failing to fulfill our mission.

South Korean President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol has expressed his desire to improve relations between South Korea and Japan, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has spoken about the importance of cooperation between the two countries. Both are faced with difficult issues such as historical awareness, but I hope that they will clear the hurdles one by one, come together as Parent Nations, and become the hope of the Child Nations all over the world.

Moved by the grandchildren supporting True Mother

I would like share about my trip to Korea.

I arrived at Cheongshim Village in Cheongpyeong on the night of April 13.

The next morning, Vice President Lee Song-man told me that True Mother was coming to the nearby HJ Magnolia Nice House to see the daffodils, so I went there in a hurry. That place has changed quite a bit. There is shop on the first floor, a cafeteria on the second, and on the third floor there is a cafe decorated with daffodils.

When I got to the Daffodil Cafe, world leaders as well as church leaders from Japan were drinking coffee, and I was able to take a quick photo with True Mother. One Japanese leader was elated with joy saying it was his first time to be able to take a photo this close with Mother.

At 5:00 in the evening on the 15th, the Hyojeong Cheonbo Special Great Works was held at the HJ Garden Hall (Main Hall of Cheonseong Wanglim Palace). There, I had the responsibility of offering the HJ Dedication Paper, to heaven, that brothers and sisters from all over the world had dedicated with cheongseong.

At 7:00 the next morning, the Cheon Il Guk Pledge Service to Celebrate the 55th Heavenly Parents’ day and the 63rd True Parents’ Day was held at Cheon Jeong Gun Museum. There was an altar in front of True Mother which had a lot of fruit. The smaller she looked, the bigger the altar seemed to be. I wondered how it would look in 10 years.

On behalf of True Family, Mr. and Mrs. Moon Shin-chul and Mr. and Mrs. Moon Shin-heung, offered a bouquet of flowers to True Mother. They were blessed two years ago, and I feel that they are growing rapidly every day.They are very gallant, and every time I see them, I am reminded of Hyo-jin nim.

From 9:00 in the morning, the 2022 Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Festival Hosted by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind was held at HJ Global Arts Center (Cheongshim Peace World Center).

At the Holy Water Ceremony, Moon Shin-yeo nim and Moon Shin-wol nim assisted True Mother, and they were really beautiful. Also, the youth and students of our church, along with Little Angels, gave a performance, which was very gorgeous and inspiring. Mother has a deep knowledge of the arts. I believe she is giving detailed guidance regarding performance and production.

The hope that this be the start of the world of one human family under the Heavenly Parent

Next, I’d like to share the key points of True Mother’s benediction.
First, she mentioned there were 2,100 couples participating from 70 countries. About 350 brides and grooms attended the ceremony in person, and the rest joined via online from 70 nations all together. Most of the participants at the venue were Korean, but some were Japanese, who had to apply tenaciously for visas at the consulate by telling them they desperately wanted to attend in Korea.

These participants pledged to fulfill “the responsibilities and calling of the people of Cheon Il Guk. …(and) build a household that constitutes a filial son, filial daughter and loyal subjects.” In addition, they pledged that “through our family, clan and country, we will accomplish the ‘dream of one human family under the Heavenly Parent (God)’ in the world.” True Parents wished happiness to each person in attendance, and called on them to make this a starting point for the ideal world of one human family under the Heavenly Parent. There are many important church events, such as the commemoration ceremonies of the eight major holidays, but for individuals, the blessing ceremony is very significant. We cannot be reborn unless we receive the blessing from True Parents. The blessing is the only way to change our lineage from Satan’s to God’s, and a new world centered on the Heavenly Parent can only be built around blessed families. Let us realize heaven’s dream by passing down the blessing tradition to the second and third generations.

True Mother expressed her joy, saying, “In the most glorious of golden ages in our lives, we are able to participate in the great works together with True Parents.”

There were much more second generation members who attended the blessing than first generation.

The 6,500-couple blessing ceremony was held at the McCol factory in Ilwa. We had to line cardboard McCol boxes along the wall of the factory, which we used as beds to get a night’s sleep. But the concrete floor was cold—too cold—to get any kind of rest. Moreover, my hair was sticky because I couldn’t take a shower, and I couldn’t even wash my face before attending the ceremony.

For this year’s blessing, True Mother encouraged male participants to wear tuxedos and offered advice on the brides’ dresses. Tuxedos are very cool, after all. The venue was filled with colorful flowers and a celebratory atmosphere. It made me fully realize how the times have changed.

Towards the end, True Mother stressed the newly weds to “become one with the Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother, and to become proud sons and daughters of blessed families who will fulfill the Heavenly Parent’s dreams and the hopes of humankind.” I believe she congratulated and gave encouragement to us all, not just the newly weds.

On behalf of the leaders of Korea, Japan, and America, Ju Jin-tae, Joint Regional Group President of the Heavenly Korea (Singyeongin-guk), Yong Cheong-shik, Regional Group President of the Heavenly America, and I concluded the ceremony.

The three countries of South Korea, Japan, and America fully realize their missions and responsibilities

At 10:00 in the morning of the 17th, a special stage was set up at the construction site of Cheon Won Gung where the Ceremony to Offer Our Resolve to Successfully Dedicate Cheon Won Gung was held. From what I’ve seen, Cheon Won Gung is more than twice the size of Cheon Jeong Gung Museum, and the exterior looks pretty much done.

Representative prayers were given by the Chairs of Cheon Eui Won from Korea, Japan and America (Lee Ki-sung, Cheon Eui Won Chair of Heavenly Korea; Eiji Tokuno, Cheon Eui Won Chair of Heavenly Japan; and Kim Ki-hoon, Cheon Eui Won Chair of Heavenly USA), respectively. From this, it was clear that True Mother hopes Korea, Japan and America unite to complete heaven’s providence.

True Mother is standing (at the forefront of) the will, and she asked us, “Can you now get a sense of (the greatness) of this holy temple?” She went on to mention that there was great joy and sorrow that could not be adequately expressed on the occasion of that historic day where the holy land was established to serve the Heavenly Parent on earth. She stressed, “Our lives on earth must be free of shadows. Everything that could cast a shadow must be thrown out. Our appearance when we ascend to heaven must be clearer than that of a crystal.” To put it simply, “shadow” means “sin.” It is Mother’s hope that you clean your shadow and become more transparent (pure) and gleaming (bright) than crystal.

Together with Hwang Bo-guk, Joint Regional Group President of the Heavenly Korea (Sinkyowon-guk), and Yong Cheong-shik, I made a statement of determination on behalf of the Cheon Il Guk leaders and blessed families of the world. Cheon Won Gung will be completed on May 5 of next year. There’s exactly one year left. We, the blessed families, will come together and make every effort to contribute to the victorious dedication of Cheon Won Gung.

An unveiling ceremony was also held for the Heavenly Victory Tower, a symbol of Cheon Won Gung. In order to ensure that the whole world be linked to the grace from this structure, a model of the Heavenly Victory Tower was granted by True Mother to representatives of each region. Heavenly Victory Tower is a very tall structure, and at night, it will be lit up from below. Many tourists will likely come to see such a beautiful night view.

At noon on that same day, a special luncheon was held at the HJ Global Arts Center. Each regional group presented gifts, and Japan dedicated a painting titled, “Eternal Light.” This was drawn by a second-generation sister who did not sleep for two months. In addition, Park Young-bae, Joint Regional Group President of the Heavenly Korea (Singyeongsang-guk), and Park Jong-pil, Subregional President—both representing the 5th Sub-region of Korea and Japan—presented a cross-sectional model of the Korea-Japan tunnel.

On the platform, a seat was prepared for True Mother. Next to her was Moon Hoon-sook nim’s seat, and my seat was next to hers. The seating order was decided by True Mother, so once again, I felt that Japan is a great country with a great mission and responsibility. I was so nervous that I couldn’t even afford to eat.

There was a performance by baritone vocalist Kim Dong-gyu, a dance performance by the students and youth, and a performance by popular singer Cho Han-jo. For the finale, everyone in attendance sang “Saranghae True Parents.”

On the morning of the 18th, leaders from Japan’s First, Second and Third Subregions gathered for a breakfast meeting at the Daffodil Cafe.

True Mother is now trying to change the culture of food. We have to liberate mothers who struggle to make meals in their households. I think it’s the same in Japan, but in Korea, mothers prepare meals from early in the morning. True Mother wants to make it easier for mothers and help ease their burden in mornings by having simple breakfasts of bread.

Mother supervises the entire menu of the Daffodil Cafe, including the bread and soup served there, and she teaches the world leaders how to prepare breakfast. I’ve learned a lot during this trip, so I’m going to have a piece of bread and a cup of coffee for breakfast so my wife can rest from now on.

True Mother put more weight on attaining inner integrity than the meetings

From the 19th to the 20th, the Special Education of Cheon Il Guk World Leaders Supervised by True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, and the Special Dedication of Cheonshim Won


(all-night prayer vigil) was held. A meeting for leaders from all over the world was originally scheduled, but True Mother wanted us to offer more internal cheongseong.

During this time, there were lectures given at HJ Garden Hall from 9:00 AM. Rev. Kim Jin-chun gave five lectures on the value of True Parents, and Rev. Lee Ki-sung gave three lectures on Cheonbo.

At night, an all-night prayer vigil was held at Cheonshim Won until 3:00 AM. Participants were also asked to pray as diligently as time allowed between the lectures.

We are currently on a 60-month course until 2027. As the 6,000-year providence of restoration will come to a close at that time, all leaders are asked to cleanse their hearts and offer cheongseong so that their “shadows” be removed completely. I think every church in Japan will need to hold all-night prayer vigils in their special Cheongshimwon prayer rooms. Let us recommit ourselves for this 60-month course together with the leaders who became one with True Mother and embarked (from the special education).

From 10:00 in the morning on the 21st, the 30-year anniversary ceremony for Women’s Federation for World Peace was held at HJ Global Arts Center.

World President Moon Hoon-sook gave the welcoming address, which was followed by the congratulatory address given by World Chief Vice President Moon Sun-jin (via online from America), and a message of encouragement from UPF Chairwoman Moon Yeo-ah. True Mother, then, stood up and emphasized the role of women for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk.

Japanese leaders received a lot of love from True Mother

At 1:30 the same day, the World Leaders’ Special Meeting was held at the HJ Garden Hall to conclude the two days of special cheongseong. True Mother asked all of us to have our spirit bodies be like crystals and rectify our lifestyle. To Japan, she encouraged us to revive all the second and third generation members.

Then, I was suddenly chosen to share my impressions of these events. I felt as if I had been shot in the chest. I testified about all of the grace that I had received, and at the end I made a strong statement of determination.

True Mother then asked me how many people had come from Japan, and I answered sixty-nine. She then called all of us (from Japan) to come and sing a song. We sang the “Fight Song of God’s Will” with all our hearts as we waved our arms. Mother then gave all leaders neckties as a commemorative gift.

When the leaders of Japan were holding a meeting at Cheonshim Won on the 22nd, I received information that True Mother was coming down to the training center. When I went outside, Mother was already there and she took a photo with us, with the azaleas in the background. Later at Buheung Department Store, she bought neckties for the district leaders and clothes for the presidents.

Of the 33 district leaders from Japan who applied for visas to Korea, 17 were able to obtain them. After they were awarded their visas, and also when their PCR tests came back negative, the members were just as happy as they were. In this way, it was difficult just to get to Cheongpyeong, but the cherry blossoms were in full bloom when we arrived. I believe all of us felt that (Cheongpyeong) was heaven indeed.

Is everyone aware that there is a project going on for a tour boat to sail between Cheongpyeong and the location of Winter Sonata in Chuncheon? The tour boat under construction can accommodate about 350 people. We hired the company working with us on the project to charter a boat, where we spent about an hour visiting the location. It is said that 3 to 5 million people visit there annually. True Mother wants all the tourists to visit the holy land of Chyeongpyeong and be filled with the divine spirit.

On the 24th, I visited Sun Moon University (Asan City) to interact with the Japanese students. We had time to worship and held a rock-paper-scissors contest. We had a great time eating pizza and fried chicken, as well as dancing on the campus lawn. Among them, there were 15 brothers and sisters who participated in this year’s blessing, so I gave them congratulatory money.

Although activities may be limited due to the continuing pandemic, I look forward to the growth of the Tama Tokyo District. Let us do our best together.