Special 3-Day Dedication for saving the nation and the world

As you know, distressful incident that shakes all over Japan occurred on July 8th. True Parents have always instructed us all to unite and pray when the nation is in a crisis. Therefore, we have decided to pray for the special 3 days from 10th as follows. At the time of Sunday Service we had a moment of silence prayer for former Prime Minister Abe as the starting point. By all means, let’s move forward with all the members are united in one heart, overcoming this time, and setting the conditions of sincerity for the peace of Heavenly Japan the salvation of the nation and the world.

1. Period: July 10 (Sun) ~ 12 (Tue), 2022
2. Participants: All members
3. Purpose:
・For the victory of the movement of saving the nation and the world
・To restore peaceful and safe nation and protect all the people living in Japan
・For the peaceful world True Parents wish
4. Condition: Prayer (more than 12 minutes)