Keep the Victorious Life of True Parents in Mind

True Parents’ lives were a step toward fulfilling the calling from the Heavenly Parent (God), and they have led victorious lives. Every time we do eok manseis, we cheer, “Eok mansei to the victorious True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind,” but I would like us to ponder about the victorious life True Parents have led.

To crown a life as being victorious, there needs to be a clear mission.

First of all, True Parents’ lives started after receiving God’s calling. They had to embody themselves as True Parents of humankind, which the first human progenitors should’ve become. Then, they had to pave the way for all humankind to be reborn and to return to the position of being children of God. After that, they need to receive the seal of heaven and be crowned as victorious Parents.

True Parents’ lives began with the divine will of God—the father and mother. Every single person who knew the True Parents will testify that they fulfilled this will in their lives.

Secondly, True Parents’ lives were devoted only for God’s will. They cleared the thorny path of restoration through indemnity, where they made straight the path for humanity’s restoration; and they lived a life of obedience to God’s direction even in trials and darkness. True Parents were one with God’s heart, the Heavenly Parent, so there was no other option in their lives other than following the will.

God’s Will cannot change…There is only one way because God is absolute. There cannot be two ways.

Cheon Seong Gyeong: The Holy Scripture of Cheon Il Guk. p. 100

Thirdly, True Parents’ lives were carried out as the embodiments of God. True Parents are in the likeness of God, who exists without form. They are God’s embodiment and have lived their lives as the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind. They have shown us a life centered on the heart of God—one of “high noon,” casting no shadow.” God presides over the physical world through the eternal and only victorious True Parents; and in the spirit world, He appears to us, the children, in the form of True Parents.

Fourthly, True Parents’ lives were for God, humanity and the world. They dedicated their whole lives to liberate God, to save humankind from the fallen lineage of Satan, and to realize world peace. While doing so, they walked the path of blood, sweat, and tears.

Throughout my life, I have offered myself for the liberation of God, the one and only True Parent of heaven and earth, to restore to Him His rightful position as Parent, to save all human beings who suffer in the realm of death, and to return them to God’s bosom.

Convention to Proclaim the Word that Firmly Establishes the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

True Parents spent their whole lives showing us the meaning of living for the sake of others. As children, we are asked to inherit this tradition.

Fifthly, True Parents’ lives were to end the providential history of restoration. They restored all things through indemnity. The purpose of God’s providence of salvation was to establish the True Parents of humankind.

Now the victorious True Parents have opened the way for salvation, not only for people on Earth, but also for the millions of spirits in the spirit world. The previous era centered on restoration through indemnity has ended, and it has greatly transformed into an epoch of true love.

Sixthly, True Parents’ lives were to establish the ideal world (Cheon Il Guk). True Parents have fulfilled all their responsibilities and opened a new era of Cheon Il Guk. No one has been more dedicated to the cause of peace and has shown humanity a vision of world peace than True Parents. By expanding Cheonbo discipline—the family ideals regarding the original ideal of creation—the way has been paved to reach the regions, nations and world. The baton of establishing Cheon Il Guk has already been passed on to the children.

Seventhly, True Parents’ lives were to fulfill, complete, and conclude their mission. The history of restoration has been fulfilled, completed and concluded; and the original standard has also been fulfilled, completed, and concluded with the Heavenly Parent’s coronation. Even the path of liberating the spiritual and physical worlds has been fulfilled, completed, and concluded.

True Parents publicly explained about “eok mansei” on February 1, 2003, and we have been cheering eok mansei at every event since. We will cheer mansei forever to the noble Heavenly Parent; the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind; and for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk.

The victorious lives of True Parents will continue to be embraced and celebrated with eok manseis.