The Blossoming of the People’s Will Sought by a Society of “Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values”

At the “9th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind” (August 24), several overseas VIPs delivered memorial addresses.

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, thanked True Parents for their great dedication to the peace movement and expressed his support for their myriad peace efforts saying, “President Hak Ja Han is once again building a framework of peace for all humanity through a global movement,” and he expressed high expectations for this peace movement led by True Mother.

A new framework of peace

In his message, he introduced the concept of peace promoted by True Mother as a new “framework of peace.” This framework can be understood as a “order” or “system.”

I believe that government officials and leaders of the world are beginning to grasp, albeit vaguely, the concept of peace that has been advocated and promoted by True Parents throughout their lives, which is reflected in their responses to the providence led by True Mother.

When leaders from all walks of life look at the new framework advocated by True Parents, they cannot help but be amazed by this unique undertaking in history and ask:

• Why are there many leaders from different cultures and races gathered here?
• How is it that these leaders can sit at the same table?
• How is it that this place can transcend ideology and bring hope to building peace—something that many people have given up on?

We have the duty to articulate this framework for a peace movement led by True Parents. True Mother emphasized this responsibility that blessed families should undertake at this ceremony, and said:

Blessed families who attend the Heavenly Parent (God) must become one and resolve matters with True Parents on Earth. We must educate and guide the 7.8 billion people as “one human family” to serve the Heavenly Parent and live as the original image of creation who are loved by the Heavenly Parent. Shouldn’t those who know this truth rise up? Never again shall we go the way of impiety, causing the Heavenly Parent to suffer and grieve.

Ideology of peace in the Cheon Il Guk era

Our vision for peace is based on the principle of “interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values.” It can be called “one big family-ism” and this is far superior to the framework of false peace that cannot even rise above self-interest.

Reverend Sang Hun Lee (36 couple, ascended in 1997) made a comment on this point and said, “Human relations of the future ideal world will be referred as familial relations of brothers and sisters centered on the parents of humankind. In future society, we will all worship God as our common True Parent. People in these societies, will live in love building brotherly and sisterly relations based on mutual love as children of parents of unconditional love.” (Chuwa Shimbun, 15 October 1990.)

According to the Exposition of the Divine Principle, it states, “[I]n the Kingdom of Heaven, God’s direction will be conveyed to all His children through the True Parents of humankind, guiding everyone to live as one.” (p 36.)

Indeed, the framework of peace advocated in the providence of restoration, that has been led by the Heavenly Parent, is a concept centered on the True Parents of humankind. To be more precise, it is in brotherly and sisterly relations in line with the heart of True Parents that will enable us to embody a system of peace.

The Exposition of the Divine Principle also states, “Democracy is based on the sovereignty of the people; it is government of, by and for the people. Its purpose is to destroy the political monopoly of monarchy, which had deviated from God’s Will, and to establish a new political system capable of accomplishing the goal of the providence of restoration, namely, to receive and support the Messiah as the King of Kings.” (p 340.)

In the process of establishing Cheon Il Guk, if there were no wholesome people without proper authority, a distorted version of democracy would be created. Populism, “country first,” and authoritarianism, all come from distorted versions of democracy. If the “will of the people” that places True Parents at the center of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values does not blossom, Cheon Il Guk will end up being a tower in the sand.

The mission entrusted to us is to nurture the “people of Cheon Il Guk” who will properly serve True Parents, the fruit from the history of the providence of restoration. This mission is the great hope of True Parents entrusted to the blessed families as well as the Cheonbo families.