Pave the Way for Tomorrow by Allowing the Realm of Second Generation to Bloom Without Dropping a Single Seed

Last year, True Mother sent us a message for the Special Assembly of Japan-Korea Blessed Couples. Her words were filled with hope and great expectation for cross-cultural blessed families, and her message concluded with the following words.

I’d like to ask one last thing of you. What I sincerely hope for, even beyond the achievement of True Parents, is to nurture the realm of the second generation, which will be established for eternity on the monolith of Cheon Il Guk lasting millions of years. They are the hope of the Heavenly Parent (God), as well as the torchbearers of the future who will realize the ideal of True Parents. Your children are the pure water of Cheon Il Guk. I hope that you (nurture them) so they grow to be mature leaders who can shoulder the future of Cheon Il Guk.

Special Assembly of Japan-Korea Blessed Couples, 18 Jul. 2020, Sub-region 1, Heavenly Japan.

These words made us ponder about the (importance) of second generation born from all blessed families, not just the cross-cultural blessed families.

The pure water of Cheon Il Guk

Water is the source of life. Life in all of creation is made to live and grow from the grace that is the water of life endowed by heaven. When True Mother sees the second generation standing before her, she sees the future of Cheon Il Guk and envisions them as the source of life that will lead all people.

What does “pure” mean? It can be interpreted as “purity” or “chastity”, but I think a more concise definition would be “not mixed” or “not dirty.”

What does “second generation” mean? From the grandparents’ point of view, they are the third generation, but we still call them second generation. That is because there is significance behind the first generation of parents.

Then, why are (the parents) called the first generation? It is because they are the first generation that were reborn into the lineage of the Heavenly Parent through True Parents; thus, they are called first generation.

Therefore, the root of the life for second generation is True Parents. The second generation were given life by the True Parents, and they are the fruit of God’s 6,000-year providence of salvation. Without True Parents’ realm of victory, they would not have even been born. The second generation are the “pure life” that overflow from the fountain of true love from True Parents.

The title of “pure water” can only be given when “pure heart” and “pure lineage” are protected. In addition, the “pure heart” and “pure lineage” must be passed down to and inherited by the third and fourth generations. The most important element to passing this down is the power of filial piety. A heart of purity towards parents is the driving force that will propel “pure water” to be the source of life.

Therefore, we need to treat the title of “pure water” as a term that expresses great love and hope from parents to children.

Don’t give up on even one life

In True Mother’s biography, it says, “Even if there is only one person waiting to receive me, I consider it my mission as God’s mediator, the only begotten Daughter, to go to the ends of the earth to meet that person and open for him or her the gate of salvation.” (p. 247)

(If there were a hundred sheep and) ninety-nine of them were safe but one of them were lost, it would be the parents that would search for the lost one, even if they had to separate from the ninety-nine.

In the arduous path of the providence, there have been many second generation who have not been able to receive the love they deserve and who are wandering in search of love. If a precious life—born from heaven’s blessing under heaven’s will—is stranded in a maze and continues to cry out in search of its identity, we must be able to hear their cries and bring them to the fountain of life.

The Heavenly Parent will not give up on even one life. Parents can never give up (on their children). That’s because life lasts forever. When (the children) are healed with the fountain of life, they will flourish again as pure water. So let us swear that we will never give up! And that we will let all the second generation bloom (to their full potential). Let us look forward to what kind of flowers will bloom tomorrow.

When I think of the 7.7 billion people who still do not know True Parents, we still have a long way to go on the providential path. But I will never get frustrated. I will never be disappointed. That is because I have a very powerful heavenly weapon.

I have the weapon that has been hidden by the Heavenly Parent, which is stronger than anything in the world, more precious than any treasure in the world, purer than any water in the world. That is all of you. So you are my hope and my future.

True Mother’s special message. JTGY Reunion, 1 Aug. 2020, Sub-region 1, Heavenly Japan