Let us lead all second and third generation to heaven without exception


On July 28, the “Special Meeting for Directors of Subregion 1 of Heavenly Japan” was held with Bang Sang-il, Regional Group President of Heavenly Japan of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, and his wife at the venue in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Bang shared conversations he had with True Mother at Cheon Jeong Gung and called for efforts to restore the second generation. The following is the message he gave, as well as some of the content given by his wife, Kazuyo Fujinohara, in her welcoming remarks.

Editorial Department

True Mother devoting cheongseong towards the 9th year of True Father’s cosmic seonghwa

Good afternoon, leaders of Subregion 1. The rainy season has ended and scorching days continue every day, but I hope everyone is doing well.

True Mother wakes up early every morning and is devoting all of her energy to the fulfillment of heaven’s providence.

Last night, there was an online meeting led by Yun Young-ho, Director-General of International Headquarters, in which the regional presidents, chairs of Cheon Eui Won, and the Chairman of UPF all attended. Director-General Yun and Jeong Won-ju, Secretary to the President, told us about True Mother and how she is preparing for the 9th year of True Father’s cosmic seonghwa. True Mother is spending these days setting up conditions of cheongseong before heaven with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience.

Recently, we’ve only been able see images of True Mother, so some of you may be worried about her health. Don’t worry, Mother is doing just fine. Every day, Mother takes a walk early morning and visits the construction site of Cheon Won Gung to check its progress. There are times where she reminds the workers that it must be completed by 2023. People who accompany her on these walks admire her and are impressed with her. They even say, “In order to testify about the Heavenly Parent (God), Mother does this much to set up conditions of cheongseong…”

On August 24th (July 17th of the Heavenly Calendar), we will celebrate the ninth year of True Father’s cosmic seonghwa. About 50 days later on October 10th, the Cheonbo Festival will be held. About 20 events will be held during these 50 days, so there will be some kind of event about every two days. Preparations for events are not easy. It takes days just to prepare for one event.

Director-General Yun will be in charge of overseeing this series of events, but he will not be able to deal with everything all by himself. Ultimately, True Mother will be responsible for everything. I’ve been told that Mother gives detailed instructions to the respective leaders for each event. Ladies and gentlemen, women are more sensitive than men, right? Mother is able to feel the hopes of True Father, and with great sense, she is able to make the right preparations.

Heartistic experience of wanting to give more and more through the second generation

The spread of COVID does not seem like it will ever stop. The Tokyo Olympics are being held despite the gloomy news around the world. At the moment, Tokyo is probably the only place that is able to send good news to the rest of the world.

For any country, if one of its athletes wins a medal, it will be widely covered. There has been a rush of medals for Japan, so every day from morning to night, most of the news has been about the Olympics. I think all of you have been inspired by the performance of the Japanese athletes.

When the 1988 Olympic Games were held in Seoul, Korea, True Father gave a lot of McCol—the soft drink produced by Ilhwa—to the athletes from all over the world. Even as it ran out in stores, he ordered shipments of McCol be given to the Olympic athletes, and during that period, our factory was running at full capacity to produce McCol. Father displayed love for the Olympic athletes as if they were his own children.

A little while ago on May 15th, all of the events to commemorate True Parents’ Holy Wedding concluded, and I had two days to spare. I was visiting Korea at that time and received a lot of grace through the events that I wanted to share these blessings and tell people what I witnessed.

So I asked Regional Group Vice President Hiroaki Takeuchi how Japanese second generation in Korea—the students at Seonjeong Middle and High School—were doing. He told me that they were all cooped up in the dormitory because of COVID lockdowns.

Hoping to share the grace I received with the second generation who were forced to refrain from going out, I first visited the UPA cadets. Most of them were second generation from Japan, but as I interacted with them, they were actually giving me energy. When I met them, I understood why True Mother would call them “pure water,” “diamond,” or “treasure” and why she repeatedly continues to emphasize the value they possess. I felt that their glow was the future hope for the Family Federation.

The following day, I visited the Student Garden of the World’s Brothers and Sisters, the dormitory for Seonjeong Middle and High School. I played rock-paper-scissors with the exchange students and gave pocket money to the winner. It was actually prize money from a karaoke contest held to welcome True Mother. I gave the winner all the money I had, but I really wanted to give more to the students so I asked Mr. Takeuchi and Jeong Tae-seok, Subregional President of Taiwan, who were with me, to give more to the exchange students.

Next, I went to the dormitory of Sun Moon University, and in the same way, I asked the leaders who were with me to give some pocket money to the students there.

Through my time with the second generation, I was able to realize that this feeling I had of wanting to give more even after giving everything I had was exactly the heart of our True Parents.

“I am a second generation”: coming to understand True Mother

Two days later, I was called by True Mother and I visited the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum with Lee Song-man, Vice President of Family Federation of Japan.

When I met her, she said, “You have something to report. Talk to me.” I immediately answered, “Mother, I am a second generation.” She was taken aback by this unexpected report and to be sure, she asked, “Oh, so you’re a second generation, are you?”

With all the respect I had for True Mother, this is what I answered.

I said, “True Parents married in 1960. So, can’t you say that all children born after 1960 are second generation? Blessed second generation were born receiving heaven’s lineage, so of course, they are second generation. But since True Parents came to save all humankind, I think those born after the Holy Wedding should be considered second generation. Therefore, I am a second generation.”

Then True Mother said, “Oh, that’s what you mean. Alright, you are the same age as my Ye Jin (born December 11, 1960 of the Heavenly Calendar).” Then I joked, “I was born a few months before Ye Jin-nim, so that makes me her older brother,” and she smiled.

After that exchange, I reported that I had visited students from UPA, Seonjeong Middle and High School, and Sun Moon University, and told her that I was very happy and went there to share the grace I received from the events.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t you think that when True Mother presides over an event, no matter its scale, she always shows a firm expression, probably due to nervousness? I think we don’t really get the opportunity to see Mother fully smile at one of these events. However, when I made this report, her expression was one of gentle tenderness that my heart was completely liberated and I felt, “She is my real mother!”

During this meeting, True Mother said, “From now, it will be the second generation’s fight. Take good care of them!” I said what was on my mind and confessed that I was sorry because there have been many second generation born in Japan, but many do not come to church. I then declared, “From this moment, I will seek out the second generation, the children of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and bring you happiness.”

She encouraged me and said, “That’s right. Definitely, bring back the second generation.” She then asked me if I knew of a certain second generation in Japan. When I told her I didn’t know of that person, she asked Lee Son-man. In the end, both of us didn’t know this person so she expressed some disappointment and said, “I even remember this person and yet you don’t…”

I was surprised, but yet deeply grateful for True Mother who is interested in every second generation.

Increased consultations regarding second-gen. education

Gathered here today are pastors, women representatives, youth leaders, witnessing directors, and family department leaders that represent the members of Subregion 1. I think many of you are also receiving advice about our children’s education from members of your churches. Strange to say, I’ve been asked more questions about second generation these days, especially from Korean leaders in Japan.

These leaders have come to me in tears. They say:

“My child is in this kind of (unprincipled) situation. I am not qualified to be a leader because I can’t properly educate my own children.”

“I don’t have the confidence to lead my members. How can I tell them to visit the second generation who don’t come to church, or to guide (the second generation) to the blessing?”

I tried comforting them and told them that it wasn’t just their families (that were going through these things). I told them that if leaders, who were not able to properly raise their children, all had to quit, there would be many leaders that would have to step down.

We have been promoting this movement of creating true families and shouting out, “Let us build true families!” But it is difficult to testify about this from the depths of our hearts if our households are not happy families centered on the love of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. However, it’s never too late. Even if some of our children have married without receiving the blessing, there is always a way to bring that child back to heaven.

The second generation are God’s children who have inherited heaven’s lineage. They are the children of the True Parents. No matter what situation we may find them in, we should never give up on them. Heaven will always consider them precious and cherished; this will never change.

Establish the foundation where members help protect each other’s children

I meet with subregional leaders on a regular basis, but most of the time these meetings end with them giving their reports. They don’t take that long. However, when one of the meetings started with me asking the leaders to talk freely about what could be done to bring second generation back to church, the usual morning meeting went on for a whole day and didn’t finish until the evening.

These subregional leaders asked me to visit each subregion and share True Parents’ heart of wanting to restore the second generation, so I have decided to tour the country.

Ladies and gentlemen. Many of you have one, two, maybe three or more children. Do they listen to you? I think many of them don’t listen (to us, parents). But many of them do listen to their friends. Strange as it may be, some children never listen to their parents but they do lend an ear and listen to stories told by their neighbor’s grandmother.

That is why you shouldn’t keep your worries strictly to your household. You’ll never find a solution to these problems (alone). Instead, we should build a foundation where members help each other protect the second generation. This is the time we are in.

I have said this many times, so many of you may already know what I’m about to say, but I would like to ask this of you, once again. Once a week, public leaders and the women representatives should visit a second generation who hasn’t come to church. Youth, witnessing, and family department leaders should meet at least one person every day. Just as you love your own children, please invest your heart into these people.

If they prefer not to meet at their living quarters, you can meet with them at coffee shops. You could even go out and eat ramen together. Anyway, listen to their worries, their concerns, what they’re struggling with.

When you ask them why they don’t like church, you’ll find that many of them don’t find the church interesting. If that’s the case, find out what can be done to bring them joy and act on it. If you want to use church facilities for the second generation, or if you need a certain budget for events and gatherings, consult your leader or women representative. I’m sure they’ll be willing to help.

I am well aware that you all have a lot of things that you need to do to become victorious Cheonbo families, such as taking care of new witnessing candidates and serving your tribes (relatives). But how painful would it be if there were no children from victorious Cheonbo families? I ask that each of you pray and ask to understand True Mother’s hope.

True Mother is taking the lead and has begun the second 7-year course. In seven years’ time, she will be 85. How would we be able to tell her, “We weren’t able to bring victory in the second 7-year course, so please lead us in the third 7-year course”?

If any of you have an 85 year-old grandmother in your family, I’m sure you’d have her rest at home. As the True Mother of humankind, Mother has walked the path of carrying all kinds of the world’s problems. How tired must she be? Her body probably has a lot of aches and pains. We must do our very best to make this year worth a thousand years (of achievements) so that she can rest.

The 10th year of the cosmic seonghwa next year will mark great changes in ceremony formalities

In 2022, we will celebrate the 10th year of our True Father’s cosmic seonghwa. According to Yun Young-ho, this year’s 9th year of the cosmic seonghwa will conclude the formation, growth, and completion stages. Formalities of all ceremonies will drastically change for the tenth stage, the tenth year of the cosmic seonghwa. True Mother has not revealed exactly what changes will be made, but changes will come. True Father’s ascension to the spirit world was not a sad thing, but a wondrous thing, and I think the time will come when he’ll be glorified and we’ll testify more about his great achievements.

At the Cheon Il Guk Commemorative Gyeongbae (Pledge) Ceremony commemorating the 61st year of True Parents’ Holy Wedding, there were changes in attire and the types of offerings. In human terms, the 60th year marks kanreki (one’s sixtieth birthday), so (surpassing this number) felt as though a new era has arrived.

This is not the time to celebrate the Holy Wedding of the True Parents as a wedding of just some founders of a religious organization called the Family Federation. We are living in a moment where the Heavenly Parent is alive on the earth. It is the time for religious leaders from all over the world to visit Korea and worship True Mother. Therefore, the gyeongbae ceremony was not held at Cheon Jeon Gung Museum but at Cheongshim Peace World Center, where two of Korea’s leading religious figures took part and bowed to Mother.

The age of third generation is right at the doorstep

As you can see, times are changing. What needs to change the most is us, the members. From the first generation to the second generation, from the second to the third generation, we must pass down the heavenly tradition.

I just told you the story of how I told Mother that I was a second generation, but Mother blessed Mr. Takeuchi and me—who have been appointed as Regional Group Vice President and Regional Group President of Heavenly Japan of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, respectively—placing each of us as representatives of the second and third generations. Her hope is for the love and heart of Heaven to flow from the first to the second generation and from the second to the third generation.

In February 2020, True Mother blessed Shin-chul nim and Shin-heung nim. Shin-chul nim’s spouse is from a Korean-Japanese family and Shin-heung nim’s spouse is from a Japanese family. They both have roots in Japan. Therefore, Japan has received great blessings (through them).

The age of the third generation is right at the doorstep. All over the world, there are second generation who are testifying about the value of True Parents, supporting the True Grandchildren, and advancing God’s will. Now is the time for us to protect these second generation members.

As soon as I close my eyes, True Mother appears and gives me revelations

According to Kunio Sano, Cheon Il Guk special itinerary worker, about 500,000 to 600,000 people have learned the word at the Chiba Central Training Center so far. Most of them were young people at the time they attended workshops. However, most of them are removed from the church. I’m sure many of you know of people that you walked the path with in your youth, but are not connected to the church anymore.

Recently, I had the chance to visit Yamaguchi Prefecture. There, I was told of a lady who had not been to church for over 20 years, but in one night she read Mother’s biography, The Mother of Peace: And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Their Eyes, and was moved to come back to church on her own.

This lady said, “True Mother has been walking such a phenomenal path, but what have I been doing? I feel terrible.” When a woman representative explained the course of the world providence over the last 20 years, this lady told her she did not want to be indebted, and the following day she made a donation to the world providence.

Recently, I’ve been feeling something strange, like a warm breeze. Until now, I would see True Father or True Mother in my dreams about once a year. However now, as soon as I close my eyes, True Mother appears in my dreams and she would give me many revelations. I think there is something she wants me to realize.

One thing I feel is that (she wants me) to take hold of the second generation. Therefore, here I am appealing to the whole country to restore the second generation.

To all of the leaders in the church beginning with the subregional leaders, how much have you invested in calling members (towards this cause)? This is a huge undertaking, so we will not be able to overcome the current situation unless we unite in heart. This is the age where the second and third generations need to be at the forefront, so let us devote ourselves as much as we can that no second generation be left behind. I am confident that if we work together, all the second generation will come back to the church.

Be convinced that people will be reborn through the word and invest in second generation

Japanese second generation are very pure. You must have heard testimonies about second generation being transformed heartistically after partaking in 21-day Hyojeong Cheonbo workshops at the Chiba Central Training Center. One such second generation did not even know that he was a second generation but was moved by the word and decided to lead his brothers and sisters (to the church), and other second generation have made similar determinations to help bring back those that have distanced themselves from the church.

Ladies and gentlemen, the word is God’s, so please be convinced that it has the power to change people. The pure-hearted second generation whom God loves will always be moved by the greatness of the word, so if we are able to provide a place where they can learn and experience the word, they will come back to church. (That’s when) they’d be able to offer hyojeong to True Parents and rise for heaven’s will.

Therefore, let us create momentum to lead the second generation before the 9th year of the cosmic seonghwa. Please convey what you’ve felt today with your districts and churches. Don’t ever forget that hope lies in our church, so let us combine our efforts and do our best.