Let us cross the ridge in the providence towards a Heavenly Japan!

The providence is greatly steering towards the firm establishment of a Heavenly and Unified Korea in 2022.

If the Adam nation had achieved the firm establishment of a Heavenly Unified Korea and established its status as the central nation that welcomed the True Parents of humankind, the next question would revolve around the existence of a Heavenly Unified Japan and its status as the Eve nation and whether it welcomes and serves the True Parents. The direction of the Heavenly Japan is now being questioned in order for both countries to establish their positions as parent nations centered around True Parents.

It goes without saying that the reconciliation between Korea and Japan is an urgent issue in order to establish the positions of the parent nations, but, at present, we cannot get rid of this sense of being “lost in a maze.” In particular, when trying to make progress on the issues of historical awareness, there is a major gap between the two countries.

This is what True Mother said. “We need to meet them even while walking down the path of death. Even if we have lost all of history and our own descendants, when we meet True Parents, we will regain the past and the future.” (Mother of Peace: And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Their Eyes, p. 273).

(Currently,) the issue of historical awareness is very tense between Japan and Korea. There are disputes over morals and ethics as well as international law, but today, I would like to consider the recognition of history that Japan should keep based on God’s providence, while observing the True Mother’s heart, who is calling for the Heavenly Unified Japan.

The root of Japan’s evil observed from Heaven’s providence

Even after Jesus’ tragic ending on the Cross 2,000 years ago, the Heavenly Parent (God) has not given up on human salvation. He established a part of Asia—the Korean Peninsula and its people—as the “chosen people,” and sent the Begotten Son and Daughter, as the True Parents of humankind, on this foundation.

Throughout its history, Japan, as an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, has always set its sights on the mainland for its survival. Even though it professed solidarity and peace with Asian countries, many of its efforts did not lead to co-existence and co-prosperity, etching a sense of invasion (in these nations) which left the roots of evil in history. The Korean Peninsula, which is the entrance to the mainland, was left with great wounds from these invasions, and the pain from these scars still lingers. There was a time when friendship was being built between the two countries, but we cannot overlook the history that forced many people to suffer.

It is true that several Japanese policymakers have given statements of apologies. However, it is also true that the hearts of the victims have not yet healed. Under the current difficulties surrounding relations between Japan and Korea, Japan has entered a maze and is now facing a deadlock.

Japan invaded the chosen nation designated by Heaven, humiliated its people, and directly put the True Parents of humankind—who finally appeared after 6,000 years—in distress. From the perspective of Heaven’s providence of salvation, it was indeed a great sin against Heaven.

The Heavenly Japan must first realize this transgression made against heaven. If this is a sin against heaven, forgiveness must be given by heaven for Japan to be free of its sins.

This providential sin is not something that can be overcome by human knowledge nor by clever means. As True Mother says, “You can’t wrap it in clean wrapping paper and put it away.” Only when Japan stands in heart with the Heavenly Parent and True Parents can they begin to see the path of true reconciliation. Only then will we see the Heavenly Unified Japan that would begin to serve True Parents.

Japan will only survive with Heaven’s forgiveness

How much of a saving grace is it for us that the victorious True Parents are still alive? True Parents, sent from Heaven, are the only ones that can forgive the sins made against Heaven, as they are the only ones that have the ability to forgive (these sins).

The only option for parents is to “forgive.” The reason is that both the perpetrator and the victim are their own children. In True Mother’s biography, it says, “To save her son sentenced to death, a mother will even seek to change the laws of her country. That is what the maternal heart is like.” (p. 191).

The biography also mentions what was said in a speech at the Tokyo Dome in 1992: “I practiced the speech in Japanese, my motivation being that the Japanese people should not remain orphans. I was determined to explain to them, in their language.” (p. 148).

Japan has left many seeds of evil throughout history, but True Parents still forgave and loved them. So Japan must become one with them, and especially in this current moment, we must stand in heart with True Mother—who is crossing the ridge in the providence as the Mother of humankind—and find a way of reconciliation between Korea and Japan on the basis of repenting before Heaven.

For the sake of the world’s children who continue to wait for the realization of the parent nation of humankind, let us aim for the firm establishment of a Heavenly Unified Japan.