2021 Summer Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works

2021 Summer Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works

The 2021 August, “Hyojeong CheonBo Special Workshop” will be held as the “2021 Summer Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works Commemorating the 9th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

1. Date: August 21 (Sat) ~ August 22 (Sun), 2021

2. Registration Deadline:
Ancestor Liberation and Blessing Registration for Individuals:
→ August 16 (Mon) at 15:00
Workshop Participation Only Registration for Groups and Individuals:
→ August 18 (Wed) at 15:00

3. Schedule (Current Plan for the Great Works: Schedule and time is tentative.)
August 21 (Sat) 17:00~21:00 at Cheongshim Peace World Center (Live Broadcast)
Pre-event Ceremony
Part 1: CheonBo Chanyang Session (Ancestor Liberation Ceremony: 1-430 Generations) Part 2: Unison Prayer for the Heavenly United World together with True Parents (Hyojeong Offering Presentation Ceremony)
Part 3: Special Gathering with True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind
Part 4: Ancestor Blessing Ceremony 1-430 Generations and Blessing Ceremony for Unmarried 1st Generation Spirits

August 22 (Sun) 17:00~ 21:00 (Live Broadcast)
Re-play of the Great Works Event held on August 21

* If you have liberated until 430 generations by September 2021, after Great Works, it will be possible to register the blessing of ancestors until 430 generations.
*This Hyojeong Offering Presentation Ceremony does not have the same grace of the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for Restoration and Hyojeong Offering Holy Burning Ceremony. You will not receive the grace of expunging your blessed ancestors’ past records through this ceremony.