Guideline for Ceremonies in the Era of the Firm Establishment of Cheon Il Guk as Indicated by True Mother

March 16th of the 9th year of the Heavenly Calendar
(April 27, 2021)

I. The pledge service will be a “pledge service for Cheon Il Guk, ” serving as a basic ceremony of dedicating hyojeong to the Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind when all of the world’s people return to Heaven’s bosom.

II. In pledge services before the Era of Firm Establishment, representatives had to stand with the subject (husband) standing in the front and the object (wife) standing in the back. However, during the Era of Firm Establishment, they will stand next to each other (subject on the right, object on the left). The representatives are the “completed people of Cheon Il Guk (Cheonbo families)” and will pay respect to their respective regional group leaders.

Men will wear formal Cheonbo attire (including gold or purple bow tie and handkerchief) and women will wear white or beige dresses.

III. In the Era of Firm Establishment, the (main) representative figures established by the True Parents (currently, the families of Moon Hyo-jin nim and Moon Heung-jin nim, whose families have established the cosmic four position foundation) will light the candles before all attendees sing “Peace Anthem (The Song of Cheon Il Guk)” and cite the Family Pledge in unison. After the representative prayer, True Mother will enter the stage.

The altar will consist of chestnuts, dates, persimmons and pears, which will be placed in the front. Chestnuts symbolize the unified body of the trinity between the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother (the Heavenly Parent), and True Parents; dates signify hyojeong that is unique and absolute (since they only have one seed); persimmons imply the conversion and settlement of lineage (since they are grafted and bred); and pears indicate the formulation of “the great cosmic family under the Heavenly Parent.”