CheonShim Won Special Prayer Hall Ceremony to Bequeath Grace

※This is one of the of True Parents’ Special Directives announced on the First Day of the 9th Year of Cheon Il Guk.

1. Schedule for CheonShim Won Special Prayer Hall Ceremony to Bequeath Grace
A. Schedule: This will be held during 2021 Spring Hyojeong CheonBo Special Great Works in Commemoration of the 61st Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding. (The Great Works are scheduled to be held at the end of April.)
B. Eligible Participants: All 2,400 churches around the world.
C. Bequeathment Process: First, Cheon Jeong Gung International Headquarter will bequeath the Grace to each Region (or subregion) and then each regional (subregional) headquarters will bequeath it to each nation, district and church.
(Order of Bequeathing: IHQ →Regions (and Subregions) →Nations →Districts, Churches)
D. Who Should Attend the Ceremony of Bequeathment (in Person): Regional representatives

2. Holy Items Bestowed by True Parents (Prepared at the Training Center)
A. Official CheonShim Won Portrait Photograph of True Parents
B. Official Photographs of Hyo Jin Nim, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim
C. Eight Holy Candles
D. Cheon Il Guk Hyojeong Won for CheonShim Won Special Prayer Hall

3. Conditions for the Bequeathing Ceremony
A. Conditions: Any condition(s) can be offered; fasting, vigil prayers, hoondok, bowing, or other kind. Please choose something that suits your church while you do your Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities.
B. Period: “CheonShim Won Special Prayer Hall Ceremony to Bequeath Grace”
– 1st Condition Period: 21 days (April 5 – 25, 2021).
– 2nd Condition Period: 21 days (April 26 – May 16, 2021).
* For those who are not able to do the 1st condition period please offer it during the 2nd condition  period.
C. Donation Standard: Will be announced later.

D. Order of Ceremony

4. Administrative Information
A. In order to hold the “CheonShim Won Special Prayer Hall Ceremony to Bequeath Grace,” churches need to receive this new Hyojeong Won.
B. Please use the newly received portraits, photographs and other items that True Parents will bequeath through this ceremony to create CheonShim Won Special Prayer Halls in your locality.
C. Each item will have a unique serial number.
(Example: Korea K-001, Japan J-001, USA A-001, International I-001)