True Mother’s Message at a Sunday Service of Hope in Heavenly Japan’s Sub-Region 1

February 7, 2021
Cheon Jeong Gung and Subregion 1 of Japan (plus Online)

Beloved Blessed families and leaders of Heavenly Japan, I love you very much. Today, especially, Regional President Bang Sang-il gave a sermon filled with grace and with determination t0 bring absolute victory. As I listened to the sermon I was so grateful, and I shed some tears. I was reminded briefly of True Father before his Seonghwa. Unlike those in my age group, True Father did not know many [children’s] folk songs. Among the folk songs that True Father knew well the Pasqueflower Song. I am sure you will remember this song. True Father sang and danced to the tune of this song many times when we had entertainment.

Pasqueflower, crooked pasqueflower behind the hill.
Were you already old when you sprouted, ho ho, white-haired pasqueflower?
[Note *: The pasqueflower is called the ‘grandmother flower’ in Korean because of its white hair and bent-over shape.] I reflected on why Father liked this flower. The meaning of the pasqueflower is loyalty. Loyalty! Loyalty at a young age, and loyalty in old age—unchanging loyalty. Another meaning of this flower is said to be ‘sad memories.’ From Heaven’s point of view, fallen humanity has had a miserable and sad past. If, however, because of True Parents, we emerge victorious, the way to our Heavenly Parent will open up. Through the unchanging loyalty we demonstrate through this process, we are linked with blessings. Isn’t this hopeful? [Applause] I remember that Father gave this song to Japan most probably because he wished you to advance with the spirit of a pasqueflower, with unchanging loyalty for God in relation to Japan accomplishing her mission as the Mother nation and Eve nation. [Applause].
The responsibility of Japan is particularly important. It is not that the time is always right. Having made your determination, you must be able to attain the high ground of the great victory of national restoration. I pray that, as the mother nation, you will become the politicians and blessed families of Japan that can show the world that, hand in hand with me, miracles can be accomplished.