Let us establish the realm of second and third generation that can provide hope and future within the church and to the world

Inaugural Address

Hiroaki Takeuchi

Regional Group Vice President

Heavenly Japan, Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community


The inauguration ceremony for Hiroaki Takeuchi to Regional Group Vice President of Heavenly Japan for the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community was held at Japan Headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo on November 25, 2020.

The ceremony began with words from W-CARP, Japan President Katsumichi Motoyama as the emcee, and after welcoming remarks were given by (Japan) President Tomihiro Tanaka; Chairman of UPF, Japan Masayoshi Kajikuri; and Regional Group President of Heavenly Asia Pacific 2 Masaichi Hori, Regional Group Vice President Hiroaki Takeuchi gave his inaugural address. After that, Regional Group President Bang Sang-il gave a short message.

The following is the address Regional Group Vice President Takeuchi gave at the ceremony.

I am Hiroaki Takeuchi, and I have been appointed as the Regional Group Vice President of Heavenly Japan of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. Thank you very much.

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Heavenly Parent (God) and the True Parents, who have given me this important role of Regional Group Vice President.

In spite of the coronavirus crisis, Regional Group President Bang Sang-il, President Tomihiro Tanaka, Chair of Cheon Eui Won Eiji Tokuno, and Chairman of UPF Japan Masayoshi Kajikuri, thank you very much for preparing such an event. I would also like to thank all the staff of other affiliated organizations centered on Japan Headquarters, and also to those attending this event online, especially to the pastors, the women representatives, and all the public officials, who are working hard nationwide.

President Tanaka, Chairman Kajikuri, and Regional Group President of Heavenly Asia Pacific 2 Masaichi Hori, who’ve just given welcoming remarks, are my seniors and comrades whom I have the utmost respect for for having greatly influenced my life, and we have all walked together on this path.

It was 30 years ago that I followed my parents’ faith and came to Korea. With the guidance of Professor Lee Yohan (36 couple), I was able to travel to Korea and study at Sun Moon University. I was able to learn the heart of attending heaven and the world of heart towards True Parents.

There, I was able to meet five men and two women, including Chairman Kajikuri and Regional Group President Hori, who were the first students of the second generation studying in Korea on behalf of Japan. As I spent time together with them, I realized I had found my companions, that stood in the position of Abel, to fulfill Heaven’s hopes, such as (establishing) the world of heart that yearns for Heaven and True Parents, the Cain-Abel relationship taught in the Principle, and the foundation to receive the messiah. It was there that I made the determination that “we will fulfill Heaven’s hopes because there are people with such a deep heart for heaven.” At that moment, I put aside everything from my past and started anew.

After returning to Japan, I took on a public role. The second gen. education in Japan was such a wonderful means of education in which second generation brothers and sisters, who began their lives with True Parents, led the younger brothers and sisters with a culture of heart at their core. Further, while President Tanaka served as the Director of the Youth Department, he brought the youth of the first generation and those of the realm of second generation together, which began a new era (of second gen. education). As a result, youth education, that was streamlined into one according to the hopes of heaven, emerged.

However, if we consider the true meaning of “hyojeongrang” desired by heaven and True Parents, the current situation is that we have not reached that stage.

In the past during the wilderness course, it was our parents—the first generation—who had no choice but to walk ahead and prioritize the affairs of heaven and the world over their own familial issues, as they carried such a deep burden to fulfill the mission of the Mother Nation.

These days, we say things like “bright” second generation or (youth) that have “hyojeongrang,” and we can now witness filial sons and daughters that live centered on True Parents who are filled with hope. However, when I look around Japan as a whole, I realize that there is no family that does not have pain and sorrow, and (I also understand) the sacrificial path parents of the realm of first generation have had to endure.

Under these circumstances, it is regrettable that the precious second and third generations have not been able to learn about the church’s visions and have not been able to walk with hope.

Even though I was one of the figures responsible for leading the second generation, I was not able to fully do so and would like to apologize (for these shortcomings).

While cultivating young people to carry a strong spirit for the will (of God), we should pay attention to the hopes of Heaven and True Parents, who have devoted true love to Japan to the extent that 50,000 second generations were born, despite (Japan) being the enemy nation.

In the past, there was a good tradition of elder second generation guiding the younger brothers and sisters in parts of the Family Federation for a Heavenly Japan. However, as I have been appointed as a Regional Group Vice President of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, I would like to go beyond (that tradition) beginning today. As a movement on the whole, I hope we can leave behind the tradition of Cheonbo families, the tradition of the people of Cheon Il Guk, as given to us by heaven. I am determined to establish the eternal connection with Heaven, the eternal relationship between father and son, even if the True Parents were no longer to be on Earth.

As we’ve entered the era of settlement and firm establishment, it is the hope (of our True Parents) that we lay the foundation envisioned by the True Parents for this movement to exist in perpetuity within these next 7 years.

Currently, there are about 1,500 third generation in Japan.

The day before yesterday was Shin Chul nim’s birthday, so I contacted him. I told him, “There are many second and third generations in Japan. Let us fully understand the promises True Mother made before True Father and the Heavenly Parent, and create a movement full of true love.” I also said, “We will be the pride of the Heavenly Japan that will help realize those contents (of Mother’s promise) together with Shin Chul nim and Shin Heung nim.” He replied, “I myself would like to live up to the hopes of True Parents. There are still shortcomings, so please help me. And let’s do this together.”

To the public leaders working with the youth and the student field, let us all work hard together.

For the next seven years, let us work as one and strive to lay the foundation for the first, second, and third generations that can continue eternally, which is the the hope of heaven, as well as, strive to build the foundation that can allow the True Grandchildren to stand in the position sought by heaven.

Let us carry a solid foundation of faith, centered on the hope of our True Parents. With that, I would like to, once again, make the determination to become a substantial body of heart, for all to see, which heaven wanted to leave behind here on Earth in the form of “hyojeong.” Please accept my resolution through this words of greeting for my inauguration as Regional Group Vice President.

I am sure that I have many shortcomings, but I hope we can join together so we can move things forward together as one body, which is one of my deepest hopes. I will put my life on the line in order to do so. Let us do this together. Thank you very much for today.