Announcement of the results of the CheonBo regular and special evaluations and Guidelines on a Special 21-day Period of Devotions

Through the grace of True Parents, the historic 2020 CheonBo regular and special evaluation has been completed. They should participate in the 2020 CheonBo Ceremony. They are requested to offer a 21-day period of devotions to be completed as internal CheonBo couples who reflect the meaning and value of CheonBo.

1. Announcement of CheonBo Evaluation Results
A. Method by which to check CheonBo evaluation results:
1) Login to the evaluation website (
2) Go to “My Page” and view the “Decision” button at the end of the evaluation buttons.
If you have been registered (inducted), it will be pink and your registration number will be written on the right.

B. Method by which to report an objection to the decision:
1) The candidate couple consults with the church leader of their affiliated church.
2) The church leader files a report to the person in charge in the regional group.
3) Time period: By October 4, 2020

2. 1st CheonBo Ceremony Details
A. Date and Time: October 10, 2020 (Saturday), 10:00 AM (Korean Standard Time)

B. Venue: HJ Cheonwon and regional group headquarters, churches and homes

C. Target Participants: CheonBo couples and other church members

D. Attire: CheonBo couples – CheonBo holy robe; Other church members – formal attire

E. Method of Participation: Regional group headquarters and designated churches will have interactive online access, while other CheonBo couples and members will participate through online streaming services.

3. The Significance and Value of CheonBo
A. The Significance of CheonBo: Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission victor; one who has
attained citizenship of Cheon Il Guk

B. The Value of CheonBo: The value of having attained citizenship of Cheon Il Guk

C. True Parents’ Grace for CheonBo
1) Induction into the CheonBo Won
2) Participation in the CheonBo Ceremony
3) True Parents bestow CheonBo gifts (CheonBo Award Box, CheonBo Holy Robe, CheonBo card, CheonBo Medal and Certificate set)
4) CheonBo Seonghwa Ceremony (after one pass into the spirit world)
A) A subregional-level Seonghwa Ceremony should be held for CheonBo members in Heavenly Korea, Heavenly Japan, Heavenly USA (North America).
B) A national-level Seonghwa Ceremony should be held for CheonBo members in other regional groups.
C) Standardized guidelines for the CheonBo Seonghwa Ceremony will be
announced later.

4. 21-Day CheonBo Condition
A. Time Period: October 8, 2020 (Thursday) ~ October 28, 2020 (Wednesday), 21 days

B. Purpose
1) True Mother’s health and safety
2) The realization of a Heavenly Unified Korea and a Heavenly Unified World
3) Resolution to achieve internal perfection as CheonBo

C. Content
1) Condition: Decided by each CheonBo couple
2) Offering of CheonBo donation of gratitude
A) Significance:
(1) Gratitude for being registered (inducted) among the first CheonBo in history
(2) Gratitude for being granted the value of having become a Cheon Il Guk citizen
(3) Gratitude for being granted the CheonBo gifts (CheonBo Award Box, etc.)
(4) Gratitude for being permitted a CheonBo Seonghwa Ceremony upon
B) US$2,100 or more for Heavenly Korea, Heavenly Japan, Heavenly USA (North
America), Sub-region 1~4 of Heavenly Europe
C) The method for offering the donation and the period
Through your church to HQ, until the end of October
(Other details will be announced later)

5. The video of CheonBo Evaluation Results and 21-Day CheonBo Condition
Go to the following link.