Schedule related to 2nd Generation Blessing

(Listed in the Schedule Column)

[Preparation Workshop for 2nd Generation Blessing]

・This is a workshop for 2nd generation to be certified as blessing candidates.

・The period of the certaification is 2 years according to the international regulations.

・If you attended a workshop at least once, the certification can be renewed at your church.  Feel free to ask your church staff about the detail.


◆Sept 26 (Sat)~27 (Sun) Hotel Sekia (Kumamoto) <5th Region>

◆Oct 3 (Sat)~4 (Sun) Isshin Special Education Center <1st Region>

◆Nov. 14 (Sat)~15 (Sun) Sakunami Training Center <2nd Region>

◆Nov. 28 (Sat)~29 (Sun) Isshin Special Education Center <1st Region>

◆Dec. 12 (Sat)~13 (Sun) Takarazuka Training Center <4th Region 4>


[Matching Convocation] 

Meeting to help search a partner of blessing


◆Sept. 26 (Sat) <2nd Region>  Encounter Square for Blessing

An online introduction program to promote the blessing of the relam of 2nd generation

※BFD staffs and parents introduce children through the internet at churches

【AM】2nd generation in faith&1st generation 【PM】2nd generation


◆Oct 17 (Sat) <2nd generation Realm Blessing Promotion Center>

Elders (28 years old and over) 2nd generation blessing online convocation

※ communication by internet

Targets:Blessed children and their parents, men’s 2nd generation in faith and their parents, men’s Korean 2nd generation and their parents


[Departure Workshop of 2nd generation family] 

The Workshop which they attend before starting family

As it is difficult to hold the workshops, net seminars are distributed online.  Please ask your church.



※Please ask your region and area through local chuch about the application and participation on workshops and matching convocatios etc.

※The schedule and venue might be changed.

※We may limit the number of participants according to the size of venue.