The Poem for the Eighth Anniversary of the Cosmic Seonghwa

The Cheonbo Festival Commemorating 8th Anniversary of Holy Ascension Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind
July 17th of the 8th year of the Heavenly Calendar of Cheon Il Guk
(September 4, 2020)
Jung Won-ju
Secretary to the President

Father gave birth to me and Mother raised me
Father gave birth to me and Mother raised me
If not for the two of you, would I have this body?
Where shall I repay the limitless grace the True Parents has showered upon me?
The divine will Father received at sixteen on Mount Myodu
He shouldered for his entire life, thereafter
And conveyed the new truth, he did, to the ends of the earth.
Life that was said to be alive but was as dead as mud,
By the grace of our Father, we were born anew!
With the “wedding feast of the lamb,” Mother—the Only Begotten Daughter—and Father became the True Parents.
With love like the Pacific, wide and deep, embracing and nurturing all of humankind
How can I repay the infinite grace of my Parents, endless like the rivers and seas?

Father, you never stopped spreading the word despite a life filled with blood, red as a live volcano
After conquering the providence and reaching the top of Golgotha, you were crowned King of Kings
You left the words, “I did it all! I did it all! I did it all!”
Revealing Heaven’s will before Heaven, Earth, and all humankind
Father, you kept the spark of life glowing with all your might!
You ascended to Heaven on a path filled with roses and lilies
For more than 100 years, Father, we thought you would be by our side, forever!
Since you’ve departed, how vast your vacant seat has been, we only now know.
Ruminating on days gone by, disloyal, I am filled with regret.

I confess, we were like weak nocturnal birds
At night, we shivered in the severe cold from the snowy Himalayan mountains
We were like nightingales, nesting in daylight, but continued to chirp throughout the night
For the first time since you ascended to Heaven,
We regret our unfilial ways and for deviating from the path of filial piety
I realized that I had become a nocturnal bird, chirping at night.

Mother, dressed in white (MAT), cried out in grief,
“I was left behind.”
“I will surely establish Cheon Il Guk in this land by the end of my life.”
Dearest Father, without time to make up for the inadequate parting,
Mother has shouldered the “tabernacle, ark of the covenant, and tablets of stone”
On her own, she bears the cross of the Providence, with Moses’ staff
and Aaron’s “budding rod” held high.

To fulfill the oath sworn over your deceased body,
Mother opened the gates to the “Age of the Heavenly Nations and Heavenly Continents.”
From Japan, Asia to Africa, Europe to South America, and to America,
Mother toured the world, over 133 thousand kilometers,
On the Cosmic Course to Restore Canaan to firmly establish Cheon Il Guk

Difficult were those days, for Mother was going on 80
Her mouth broke out in sores, and she was forced to strain so much she could barely stand
Eight years of climbing steep and rugged mountain peaks have passed
The Only Begotten Daughter, the Mother of the Cosmos, the Mother of Peace, did not hesitate for even a moment.

We have reached the highlands of Vision 2020! It is completed, concluded, finished!
To tackle the global crisis of the coronavirus and the vision of North-South unification,
We are equipped with an abundance of ammunition in Mother’s biography, “The Mother of Peace”
Once again, Mother will be the spearhead of “Vision 2027, the Pilgrim’s Progress”
Eight years ago, for you Father, we your children, were inadequate and immature,
But it must be a sigh of relief
When seeing Mother take stage with her hand in her grandchildren’s hand, instead of a cane.

We will not become nocturnal birds again.
Like the legend of the Little Cuckoo where he spat blood on azaleas throughout the night, not being able to hold back his love,
With a bleeding heart, with a firm heart, and a fervent stand,
We will brandish Mother’s greatest weapon, her memoir,
We are going to the battlefield with a firm step,
We will repay the debt of gratitude to our Parents in glorious abundance with filial piety.