Additional Informaton of 2020 Special Blessing Ceremony (tentative title)

1. Rescheduling

Original schedule: September 5, 2020, at 10:00 am KST

New schedule: October 10, 2020, at 2:00 pm KST


2. Detailed Information Regarding the Blessing Participants

A. Single Candidates: Couples that fulfill the requirements for single Blessing candidates

1) 1st generation couples, 2nd generation couples: Only couples that have fully prepared, based on their Regional Group HQ’s guidelines, may participate.


2) Couples where one is of the 2nd generation and the other is of the 1st generation: These couples will be considered 1st generation couples. (Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is uncertain when the HJ Heaven and Earth Cheonbo Training Center will reopen for the 40-day workshop. Therefore, even if a couple that wishes to be considered a 2 nd generation couple fulfills the rest of the conditions, they cannot be eligible for this Blessing.)


B. Couples married outside the Blessing: 1st generation or 2nd generation members who married without receiving the Blessing

1) Legally married 1 st tor 2nd generation members must participate together (in person) with their spouses both in the Holy Wine Ceremony and Blessing Ceremony.


C. “Married couples” are not eligible for this Blessing.


3. Information on the Special Grace that is Limited to Blessing Participants

A. Those who can receive the Special Grace: all couples participating in this Blessing Ceremony

B. This Special Grace is given through participating in the Holy Wine Ceremony and the Blessing Ceremony


4. Information Regarding the Cheon Il Guk Registration Blessing

To Whom it Applies: Participants of this Blessing Ceremony