Events Marking the 9 th Anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension

The True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind proclaimed the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk through the victory of the Cosmic 7-year Canaan Course and opened the era of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. They are continuing to advance toward the establishment of a heavenly unified Korea and a heavenly unified world. In addition, as Mother prepares with sincere devotion for the anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension, she is asking blessed families around the world to participate with one heart in each church and each home in the “Events marking the 9th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.”

<Major Events>
1. True Father’s Holy Ascension Anniversary Gyeongbae Ceremony and Celebration
Date: 7.17 by the Heavenly Calendar (August 24, 2021)

2. THINK TANK 2022 Rally of Hope
Date: 8.6 by the Heavenly Calendar (September 12, 2021)

3. HJ CheonBo Special Great Works
Date: 7.14-15 by the Heavenly Calendar (August 21-22, 2021)

4. Heavenly Parent`s Holy Community Peace Festival
Date: 7.29 by the Heavenly Calendar (September 5, 2021)

5. Cheonbo Festival Commemorating the 9 th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, True Parent of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind
Date: 9.5 by the Heavenly Calendar (October 10, 2021)