The events of THINK TANK 2022 will be held on May 8th and 9th. 1)Call to Action for the Launch of THINK TANK 2022 (10:00 on May 8th) 2)Launch of THINK TANK 2022 for the Establishment of a Heavenly Unified Korea (9:30 on May 9th) Go to Peacelink.

Get True Mother’s autobiography

I sent around 900 books of True Mother’s autobiography (English version) for international blessed families who are living in Japan according to the report from local churches.  This is a present from HQ.  I intended to give one book to each international family who can read in English.  If you think you missed this chance, please report to your church.  I will send another book for you from HQ.

Some may want to get more books to give others.  The autobiography can be purchased online from Kogensha.  Search “kogensha” on the internet and order as many books as you need.

Or you can call the following number of Kogensha directly.

03-3460-0429 (10:00~17:30)